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As a Wilderness Survivalist, I will help you learn techniques that are vital to survive in the wilds of the world. Fire can be used to purify water, to cook with, to keep warm, to ward off dangerous animals, to dry clothing, to harden wood implements, to smoke meat, to keep you company, and give you piece of mind to name, just a few. One of the most important things to aid in your survival is to have a supply of drinking water.
One of many ways  to purify water is to make a container to boil water if you do not have one in your survival gear. A quicker way to purify water is via the transpiration method if you have clear plastic bags in your survival kit. Food can also be acquired through making primitive traps and snares if you have wire or rope or natural cordage. Your new girlfriend comes over for the first time, and when she walks into the living room, the first thing she sees is your CHL regulation Man sized target with 50 holes in the chest area. The local supermarket manager knows to go ahead and open up the back dock doors when he sees you on a shopping trip. All the local restaurants know to save you all their 5-gallon buckets on Mondays and Thursdays. The magazines on your coffee table include American Survival Guide, Guns and Ammo, Soldier of Fortune, American Rifleman, Shotgun News and 4 -Wheeler.
The power fails in your local movie theater, and you pull your flashlight from your belt and show yourself the way out. You can recognize the sound of a generator from four blocks away, but you also can tell the brand, horsepower and kilowatts per hour that it is putting out.
Your To Do list includes changing the batteries on the seismic ground sensors surrounding your home. Your scanner includes the frequencies of every law enforcement agency within 100 miles, including the ones that don’t officially exist. Those maps on your wall have every bridge marked in red, with an alternate path marked around it. You can’t put your groceries in the trunk of the car because its already jammed full with emergency kits, first aid supplies, and fully-stocked BOBs. You have emergency rations for your pets, and view your pets as potential emergency rations.
You’re convinced you’ve been exposed to so many chemical-trails, you consider it a form of birth control. You’ve ever bought antibiotics for human use through a vet or grains for human consumption through a feed store. You’ve ever wondered how you might filter the used water from your washing machine to make it fit for human consumption. Your living room coffee table is actually a board with pretty cloth over it to disguise your food storage underneath. You know the shelf life of tuna fish, but don’t know how long you’ve had that open jar of mayo in the fridge.
Your basement walls are insulated with crates of toilet paper, from floor to ceiling, all the way around. Other people are saving money for new furniture or vacations, but you are desperately saving to get solar panels put on your house.

You’ve ever considered digging an escape tunnel from your basement to the nearest stand of trees. You know how to use a vacuum cleaner in reverse to filter air in your designated bio-chem attack safe room.
You know the names, family histories, locations, and degree of readiness of over a thousand fellow doomers on the internet, but you’ve never met your neighbors. Your significant other gave you a sleeping bag rated at -15 degrees for Christmas, and you were moved beyond words. Local food pantries have come to depend on donations from your larder when you rotate stock in the spring and fall. You carry a pocket survival kit, a sturdy folding knife, a Sure Fire flashlight and a small concealed handgun to church every Sunday. You keep a small notebook to write down any edible plants you happen to see along the road. You have at least two of every size of Dutch oven (the ones with the legs on the bottom), and 20 bags of charcoal, although you have a gas grill. You have rain barrels at each corner of your house although you have a city water hookup, and a Big Berkey to purify the water.
You have sapphire lights, survival whistle, and a Swiss Army knife on every family member’s keychain. You no longer go to the doctor’s because you can either fix it yourself, make it at home, or know and understand the physicians desk reference better than he does, and can get the goods at the vets or pet store for MUCH less money anyway. You track your preps on a computer spreadsheet for easy reordering, but have hard copies in a 3-ring binder, ‘just in case’.
You have enough pasta stockpiled in your basement to carbo-load all the runners in the New York marathon. You know that you have 36 gallons of extra drinking water in the hot water tank and your 2 toilet tanks. You have #10 cans of ‘stuff’ that the labels fell off of, but you won’t throw it out or open it because it, ‘may be needed later’, even though you haven’t a clue as to the contents.
You must move 50 cases of food for the plumber to get to that leaky pipe, and you have your own hand truck in the basement to do it. You have a backup generator for your backup generator, which is a backup for your solar energy system. You’ve had your eye out for a good deal for a stainless steel handgun to conceal in the bottom of the magazine rack next to the toilet. You are single male over 40, but you still have an emergency childbirth kit, just in case you have to deal with that possibility. You have two water heaters installed in your basement, but one is a dummy that’s been converted to a hideaway safe. You’re a substitute scoutmaster, and you taught your son’s troop to set mantraps and punji pits, and haven’t been asked to stand in since. You’re on your fifth vacuum sealer, but you keep at least one of the worn out ones because you can still seal up plastic bags with it. You haven’t bought dried fruit in years, but you buy fresh bananas, apples, peaches and pears by the case and have three dehydrators. Your UPS man hates you because of all the cases of ammo he’s had to lug from his truck to your front door.

You have duplicates of all your electronics gear, solar panels and generator parts in your EMP-shielded fallout shelter.
When the power goes out in your neighborhood, all the neighbor’s kids come over to your place to watch TV on generator power. You have a ‘Volcano’, you know you can cook anything, and you cast evil glances at your neighbor’s annoying, yappy poodle, muttering, “Your day will come, hotdog”. Thanks to Bob Mayne over at Today’s Survival Show podcast for putting this together and for giving me permission to post it.  How did he know I save my dryer lint?? If you’re not sure of some of his abbreviations, check out The SurvivalBlog Glossary. There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. I'm the original Survival Mom, and have been helping moms worry less and enjoy their homes and families more for 5 years.
If you cut your own hair with the KBar survival knife from your bugout bag…you might be a survivalist! Survivalist X - внушающий уважение универсал-выживальщик, обладающий массой интересных особенностей.
Please do not engage in these survival techniques or activities without taking proper precautions because these activities may cause serious injury or death.
If you have basalt or other hard rocks in the are then heat them with a fire and place them in the hollowed are to expedite the boiling process.
Some insects are edible but you must know what one are poisonous or that contain parasites before eating. Come join me on my journey to becoming more prepared to handle everyday emergencies and worst case scenarios.
I love this…much of it is wa-a-ay beyond my own level of paranoia, but so much just hits the spot! The human body is capable of withstanding treachery but it is the mind that can weaken the body. These unwanted guests can lead to diarrhea along with other ailments that could lead to dehydration and even death if not treated. The transpiration produced by the living tree sucking water out of the ground too its leaves or needles will provide you with a nutritious drink full of vitamins with in six to eight hours. Some tree leaves and roots and fruits and bark are edible if you are educated in this area.
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