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I guess these guys missed the memo about Senator Cruz's factual discussion in the Congressional Hearings. Scathing emails to each of the scumbags and 3 letters already to go again to my state rep, state senator and the governor. Letters and emails are good, but if you can make it down there next week for the hearing, all the better! Wow,the way that is written, a Ruger 10-22 would be classified as an assault weapon since it will take a 30 round banana clip. Yah when you have the owners of the national debt saying they want us disarmed it really makes you wonder whats going on.
Also, does anyone have any experience combining the ALICE system with a MOLLE plate carrier?
As for attaching it to a plate carrier I've seen the belts zip tied or even 550 corded to the bottoms of IBAs before I don't see why that wouldn't work for you. Though I would honestly recommend saving up and getting a belt from HSG or some other quality belt if you plan to use it a lot they're worth every penny.
My biggest problems with using the o-rings on the mag pouches is they seem to be made out of such thin material and they dont seem like theyre stitched onto the mag pouch very well either. As far as use with a plate carrier, I guess I was more getting at wearing the plate carrier and wearing the ALICE harness OVER the vest. Pouches can and do get pulled off the rig, ALICE clips can get bent or fail, and keeping the harness connected to the belt allows you to more easily adjust pouch positions. Git rid of those damn canteens and get a camelbak!There is nothing worse than warm water out of a GI canteen!! I collect old military stuff so I will start out with some of the packs that have been used over the years. How would you think of wearing an enhanced load bearing vest in addition with a medium alice on a frame at the same time? Can this deal be combined with the Hellcat deal - $65 for both a Hellcat and an Enhanced Tactical Loading Bearing Vest? I was more worried about the web belt on the vest interfering with the waist strap on the pack, but I appreciate the quick reply. I have 4 Brand new Alice packs in OD green with the newer style LC Woodland Camo shoulder straps. Yes they have 6 exterior pockets, Larger LC style woodland straps, new frames, new waist pads. I'd like to see pics of the assault vest and tactical load bearing vest please, and thank you. I have seen some of the german surplus upright packs i like but i missed out and now i cant find them anywhere. I haven't had a chance to use it yet but I've read that they aren't that comfortable over the long haul. I made a chest strap for my shoulder straps it brings the straps in to a better spot for me. The only help we ever found for the A-pack was GI socks under the deplorable straps, secured with rubber bands or boot lace.

I used the A-Pack from 1969-1973 through training and two tours as first a platoon leader and then a company commander on operations lasting up to 128 days. It always amazes me when someone will spend $1,000 on an AR but will not part with $150 for a good pack system. Firearms General Discussion Rifles, pistols, shotguns, scopes, grips and everything in between.
I had a tactical style vest for my mags and pistol, but if the need ever came about where i needed to wear both, bugout etc idk.
So once i saw this i was like, thats perfect, i could add pouches to the side of the waist belt and it would be a compact system that works with itself instead of against it.
Basically this entirely too long post is to see how people carry their gear with their alice pack and if anyone puts gear on the waist belt with the mod.
As far as the vest, i mean it would of worked out just fine i suppose, i just rather it be one setup.
Like if i could have whats in that picture and add a saw pouch to hold 5 ak mags, an uzi pouch to hold my 3 20rd .40 mags a pistol holster some small pistol mags and maybe another canteen or something, it'd be a perfect setup imo, i just want an alternative to the expense of the setup pictured. I think it is much better to just wear some mag pouches on your belt or use a low profile chest rig if you want to carry more than a couple of mags.
Also seen others where a alice belt under their pack line(and suspenders) which i may try, but im pretty short(5ft8) with a short torso for sure, so ill have to see exactly where that would align if its an option etc. Since i already have a large i went with a very cheap alternative and while slightly different than the hellcat mod.
Instead of using a Molle II waist belt, i purchased a very cheap alice pistol belt $6 and a condor OD green battle belt $20.
I just got everything in to do mine today from allegheny wholesale, and been trying to figure out the shoulder straps for 2hrs. Just called alleghenny supply, they said the molle shoulder straps ship without the short attachment pieces. Or you can just wear the belt by it's self on your hips with some kind of pad which is very common, and pads can be had for around $20 or so.
I know the old Y suspenders you could do that, but not so sure about this enhanced vest stuff. I read the reviews on them but a majority of people dont put thier rucks through the stress i put mine through. Super comfortable, holds everything I need for two people and has been put through the wringer. Great load bearing internal frames and they have systems that are designed to work with body armor. Anyone have any suggestions for shoulder strap and kidney pad replacement kits, or alternately any tricks I can use to make the bag wear better?
Most outdoor stores sell miscellaneous straps and clips to make stuff like that out of hope this helped you out . We often left behind sleeping gear and carried less food in exchange for water, ammo and explosives. With that being said I like the mods I have seen on this post, and I think I will try a few of them.

Those seat belt looking straps are for mounting things (Mag Pouches, Etool, etc) with Alice clips. It is fine if it is spare ammo and a spare firearm but if for somereason you drop the pack and are seperated from it then you are also seperated from your ammo.
At least this will have to do for now, i dont see any other options other than the pic i posted or to buy an actual LBV to use injunction with the pack. I removed my stock alice belt get up and hooked up the pistol belt through the first section of the condor belt, where it opened up i took the belt and went through the alice frame back into the condor belt through the back then the other open section came back out and looped it through the other side of the alice frame. I could probably dig up some keepers and I do have some black 1" black webbing I could cut down and like Pro-Pain, jerry rig it.
It took me a little bit to figure everything out but I finally got it done and I think I even got it done right! It only adds 10 minutes to my commute, and they seem to not want to make me a FELON for exercising my rights! Thought the belt would slide right off my arse when I put any more weight on it other than my holster and a canteen. I have a special if you buy any pack you get your choice of an Molle assault vest or Enhanced Tactical Load bearing vest for only $10 more.
You carried 70 pounds in one because you HAD to carry 70 pounds, not because you had an A-pack.
Great thing about them, though, is they usually end up dumping some great stuff on Ebay cheap simply because they lacked the necessary intellect and experience to know how to use what they had. Some times these can be had together for less than 150.00 The original frame and straps might not be the best but there are places on line to upgrade.
By then, the non-TRADOC Army has gone to the LBV, which was terrible except for the grenade pouches.
I don't think the front straps on mine connect down to the belt, that's why I was confused. The A-pack and the Mollie are just the latest devices of torture, not the answer to the problem of gear overload.
The other packs I've used, were a lot lighter, but again, they were too bulky for me, and not as durable.
Well I used mine on a hike, it poured rain, and let me tell you that after 60+ years it is no longer waterproof.
Now, if money is no object then you could find another pack that is much more comfortable, but I myself am on a limited budget. The waist belt did the most good, but the upgraded shoulder straps work much better than the standard straps.
They also include the chest straps, and the padding is twice as thick as the standard straps, and also extends farther down than the padding on the standard straps.

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