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Stafford, who brings no food, water, clothes, weapons or tools, will have to find and make his own using his bare hands in order to survive during his 60 days on the island.a€?Naked and Afraid,a€™ which debuts this summer, features two naked strangers who meet for the first time in Tanzania on the Serengeti plains surrounded by the wilderness and plenty of wild animals.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Every tA­ime a hiker is lost in the wooA­ds, the local news stations will no doubt show images of helicopters buzzing overhead, German Shepherds sniffing the forest floor and scores of people combing the woods in search of clues. A­From FEMA to countyA­ sheriff departments, expert technicians to local volunteers -- SAR teams do important work all over the world every day. Bear Grylls shows us how to make fire with two pieces of wood while he survives in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Bear Grylls shows how to turn driftwood into a raft, which is helpful if you were stranded by a river. Discover how a process mimicked from nature purifies industrial waste water in the American west. In an effort to fill up on as much freshwater as possible, Mykel and Ruth turn a condom into a cantine.
There's no better way to get to the inhospitable terrains of New Zealand than a Hercules C130 transport aircraft, through whose tailgate Bear Grylls gleefully flings himself.

In New Zealand, Bear Grylls feeds on a headless huhu grub, which some people claim tastes like peanut butter.
On day 23, the group place their raft in the river and begin to float on, hopefully towards civilization. After being picked up by strangers on the side of the road, the group arrives in a nearby town and surprisingly enough, their loved ones are there to greet them.
In freezing-cold Iceland, Bear Grylls uses rocks and moss to create a makeshift (and in his words, heavenly) hot tub. Struggling to keep his attitude positive, Bear Grylls suffers a setback when Iceland's boggy terrain takes a liking to his leg. Navigating one's way -- alone, and with limited equipment -- through Iceland's glaciers may not be graceful, but Bear Grylls sure manages to make it work. Joe Sbaffoni -- then Pennsylvania's director of deep-mine safety -- remembers the late-night phone call that plunged him into a terrifying race against time. British security officers Carl Mason and Mike Kelly recall trying to keep well-armed Somali pirates at bay with nothing but their oil tanker's water cannons. This brief bit of insight into the world of search and rescue (SAR) teams is about all the general public ever sees.

That can mean a hiker on the side of a mountain, a sailor lost at sea, a trapped urban disaster survivor, a captured soldier or an Alzheimer's patient wandering city streets. In this article, we'll look at the different training SARA­ teams undergo to perform their duties as well as the vehicles and equipment they use. Learn more about cool NASA innovations in this interactive animation from Discovery Channel. Watch one young deckhand go through an impromptu survival drill in this clip from Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch" series.
In reality, SAR goes way beyond these glimpses on the news -- it's an extensive emergency service performed by highly trained military specialists, local law enforcement and civilian volunteers. We'll also highlight specific areas of SAR and learn about the methods and techniques they use to safely locate and extract people in need. Wild" shows you how to dig a trench above a level of the water, so it can be filtered by the sand and gravel.

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