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FOX 40 MICRO SURVIVAL WHISTLE - The Micro whistle is true to the Fox 40 tradition of innovative design and engineering excellence.
Many types of whistles exist, from small police whistles and sports whistles (also called pea whistles), to much larger train whistles, which are steam whistles specifically designed for use on locomotives and ships. Police whistles fell into disuse in many countries in 1969, when early hand-held radios were brought into service.
It is conveniently connected to a lanyard, so it's easy to pull out from your bag or hang around your neck. Depend on Fox 40 for safety and durability.Almost everyone, from small children to seniors, can benefit from our patent pending Jet Scream's piercing whistle. Galaxy Army Navy is your online military store and army navy store for tactical clothing and gear.

The Fox 40 Micro Rescue Survival Whistle is a superb, low-profile signaling tool that is just as useful in the city as it is in the woodsMake sure your children have a Micro Whistle with them wherever they go, especially when unescorted by an adult - playing in the woods, in the street, or when they walk to school. The whistle is still used by some police forces today, and engraved ceremonial versions are sometimes presented to police officers upon occasions such as their retirement. Give them a foolproof tool to signal for help in dangerous situations, and teach them how to use it. Whistles are often used as warning devices or as safety devices serving to attract attention to the user. Rescue or survival whistles are often packed in survival kits and attached to personal flotation devices to allow a victim to signal for help.
The whistle is audible at much greater distances than the human voice, and is less likely to cause exhaustion if used repeatedly.

It is said that the whistle was first used to stop a sports match by William Atack in an 1884 game of rugby in New Zealand. Whistles have been used as an alarm or attention-getting instrument by all manner of industries, sports and revelers. Many of our whistles come with a small hole at the end of the whistle so you can attach your whistle to a key ring holder or a strap that goes around the neck. Military Whistles are also known as ACME whistles, law enforcement gears, warnings technology, government issued hunting equipment, camping police sirens New York police department signals whistle replicas, referee stoppers, government issued ACME thunder replicas, etc.

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