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Whether you love them or loathe them, spending more than a few hours at a time with your in-laws can be something you’d rather not put yourself through. Any fan of The Sound of Music will know that pretty much anything can be made easier with the addition of some favourite things.
You don’t have to go mad taking them to see everything your town has to offer but being stuck in the house together all day is just asking for everyone to get on each other’s nerves.
If you find your in-laws are prying too much into your lives then turn the questions around on them. Some people find having visitors in their home makes them anxious and unable to properly relax. Maria is a freelance writer with over 10 years' experience producing content for a variety of publications and websites. We know it can tough being a working parent and sometimes it can feel like you’re spending too much time at work and not enough time at home with your family. The Working Parent is an advice portal full of useful tips, resources and links to make life that little bit easier for working parents.
As well as our resident bloggers you’ll also find a community of fellow Working Parents to talk to in our forums and share ideas, tips and advice… or you can just have a good old moan!
Join TV personality David Canterbury and his team of survivalist at Pricketts Fort State Park for an intense weekend of survival techniques and skill building. Come out and tour the fort and smell the food cooking over an open hearth, the way food was prepared during the colonial period of our history.
Bring the kids to the fort and we will have some fun and educational activities for them to experience. Notes: On purchasing this experience you will be sent an open dated gift voucher with 10 months validity.
If your parents came this weekend, then listen up because you are most likely going through the same withdrawals that I am.
Sunday night: After you have said those final goodbyes to the fam following a fabulous dinner, hit up your favorite study spot.
Monday: You have been trying for as long you as you can to put this thought out of your head, but the trek to Leo’s is inevitable.

Wednesday: You’re feeling pretty proud of yourself because you’ve managed to survive two days on pure meal swipes. Of course, you’ll want to have your house clean and tidy for them coming but don’t stress yourself out over the preparations. Okay, so you probably won’t go down the raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens route, but having a few of your in-laws’ favourite food and drinks in will help keep everyone happy and show that you’re at least willing to make the effort.
Include your in-laws in activities you’d do anyway such as taking the kids to swimming lessons or catching a movie. Our aim is to give you the confidence to balance your career alongside the everyday challenges that parenthood brings. Teams will be taught basic survival techniques including lighting fires by friction, different shelter building techniques and alternative cooking methods. For the last three days you have feasted at M Street’s finest culinary locations, walked countless miles on the mall and have expelled too much mental energy trying to figure out how to get your parents to feed your shopping addiction. The leaves are falling, the air is crisp, but before you know it, it’s Sunday night and you haven’t even started Monday’s homework. Yes, dining hall food may not be on par with brunch at Peacock Cafe, but think of it this way: You’ve had the chance to eat out all weekend. If your in-laws are the type to make snide comments about you and your home then they’ll find something to pick on, no matter how much time and effort you’ve put in to cleaning before their arrival. Don’t forget to treat yourself too – after all you deserve a glass of your favourite tipple for enduring them all weekend! You never know, you might luck out and they’ll offer to take the kids on their own giving you some peace and quiet for a couple of hours. You may be surprised at how much time that buys, as older people often love reminiscing about the good old days. Make the most of having some help with the kids and letting your other half catch up with their folks. The wood provides the course with all the resources to make your camp and practice your wilderness bushcraft techniques.
Also teams will learn about construction of traps and snares and the safe use of cutting tools.
So, say goodbye to free brunches and three-course dinners and say hello to Leo’s and ramen.

You may be in a food coma, but savor the feeling because you have just stuffed your pie-hole with an all you can eat free dinner.
We know your more upset by the absences of your loving family than the absence of the dinners at El Centro so spend that extra $20 on whatever your heart desires. Although her life in Cali was basically Katy Perry’s hit “California Gurls” in real life, she aspires to become a basic East Coast girl. We’ve put together some tips on being the perfect host and maintaining your sanity until you have your home to yourself again.
However, if you really don’t fancy listening to them all evening then consider getting out a board game like Trivial Pursuit to pass an hour or two once the kids are asleep. Treat the weekend as a break from routine; have a couple of drinks in the evening and order takeaway if you don’t particularly enjoy cooking. There is a way of life that can only be lived by those who sharpen their senses and heighten their awareness. If all else fails, just go straight for the ice cream and we won’t judge you because we know withdrawal is tough. Sure, you have that $20 your dad slipped you before leaving, but save that for the weekend because you’re really going to need it then. Her hobbies include searching for poppy indie tunes endlessly on the Youtube, attempting to quote Will Ferrell movies and constantly searching for the best food wherever she goes. You never know, you may find you come to enjoy it and if not, well they’ll be gone by Monday and you won’t have to see them again for a while.
The instructors on this course have over half a century of experience between them with knowledge from the Arctic to the jungle and many environments in between.
Instead, make a pasta dinner with your roomies in your apartment or floormates in the common room.

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