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Whether you use a truck for work or play, chances are, you’re gonna need to haul tools and gear.
Other features include weatherproof LED lighting powered by an 8-cell AA battery pack under the lid (so you can actually see what’s in the box at night), a fitted rubber mat cushioning, drain plugs (for those times you store wet gear), your choice of 25 textured powder-coat colors, and even an optional audio system. Plus, we’ll be adding more suggestions throughout the day and all week, so check back often. Great for the working dad, this box mounts securely in the bed of his truck and features a dual-locking system.
This is a cool tool that will allow dad to cut through a variety of materials, including wood, metal and tile. A lot of people have written in asking for a list of cool tool suggestions and recommendations to help them with their holiday shopping.
We skipped over the trendy tools that pop up every holiday season and disappear a few short weeks later. These new Gearwrench palm ratchets are unlike any others in how they swivel and pivot to provide easier improved access. Facom’s locking pliers feature multi-functional jaws, a novel slip-joint adjustment mechanism, and a unique user-friendly locking method. The Zyklop swivel head ratchet is a cross between a screwdriver and ordinary flex-head ratchet, and is incredibly effective in low-to-medium duty applications. If you are using cheap no-name calipers, micrometers, or indicators, have they fallen apart or given you spurious readings yet? Combine Wera’s bit ratchet set with one of their compact bit-holding screwdrivers ($8 and up), and you have the ultimate compact screwdriving set.
Engineer’s compact scissors are small, pocketable, and the multi-functional blade shape is quite versatile.
There are a couple of new high velocity steel hammers on the market that are designed to help you complete nailing jobs with less arm fatigue. This Victorinox-branded version of the PB Swiss Bike Tool comes with a 5mm hex key, a bit holder adapter, two tire levers, and an assortment of (8) screwdriver bits.
Channellock’s made-in-Spain (by Irega) adjustable wrenches are our absolute favorites.
While we have a lot of favorite screwdriver styles that we like for different reasons, these Felo Ergonic drivers are absolutely the most comfortable we have ever used. If we lost all of our combination ratcheting wrenches, we would immediately replace them with Proto’s newest I-Beam spline profile wrenches. Mora fixed blade knives have a strong following among bushcraft and outdoors enthusiasts, but are a great value for DIYers, pros, homeowners, hobbyists, and just about everyone else. We recently took a liking to the stainless steel model, which is available in a variety of vibrant colors. The USA-made Benchmade Mini Griptilian is one of our favorite sub-$100 folding pocket knives.
We prefer the thumb-hole model with plain edge blade (555HG), and Benchmade also makes the same knife with a thumb stud option (556HG).
The Zero Tolerance 0350 is an assisted-opening folding knife built with an S30V tungsten DLC-coated stainless steel blade and textured G-10 scales. Zero Tolerance now offers this knife with a couple of handle, blade style, and blade finish options, but you typically can’t go wrong with the all-black plain edge blade version.
We own and have tested a lot of flipper-style folding knives, and find the new Zero Tolerance 0801 Rexford design to be the best so far. A premium Elmax steel blade, beautiful titanium handle, and perfect fit and finish make this as much a gentleman’s knife as a heavy-duty workhorse.
We keep flip-flopping between the Wingman and Sidekick, but tend to favor the Wingman a little more as an entry-level tool. The Wave is well suited for all types of users, and looks sharp enough to be given as wedding or groomsmen gifts. While this design is focused around the pliers, it also features a nice selection of knife blades and tools that are accessible when the handles are opened. Since its late-2012 launch, Leatherman’s OHT multi-tool has been so popular that a lot of distributors are still having difficulty keeping it in stock. Although technically designed for tactical users, we love the OHT’s quick and strong pliers, outside-accessible tools, and ease of use. Some people might scoff at the thought of a $60 imported flashlight, and if so they probably have not yet tried a Fenix product. In our experience, Fenix makes dependable products, and the LD22 is among the best EDC, household, and emergency LED flashlights we’ve come across. When it seemed like Maglite was way, way behind the times, they came out with the Mag-Tac tactical LED flashlight. For about $55 on average, you get a superb 2x CR123 LED flashlight that provides reliable and consistent performance. You could be forgiven for thinking that the Foursevens Preon P2 LED penlight is an executive flashlight, because it really is quite elegant in person.
While the Zebralight H502W is technically a headlamp (it comes with a removable headband), we tend to use it more as a compact LED flashlight when traveling and working on certain close-up projects. As with other multi-tools, the MM30 can be used for cutting, grinding, sanding, and scraping applications. This kit makes for an excellent first-time oscillating tool, and comes with enough attachments to start you off with. Bosch’s largest 12V Max cordless power tool combo kit also happens to provide the biggest bang for the buck.

Ryobi is the first consumer brand to have packed pneumatic-like performance into a cordless brad nailer. Sliding miter saws provide for great cutting capacity, but have one major disadvantage – they take up a lot of space. Ball bearing tool storage products are available at every home improvement retailer, but it can be hard to find good quality models at affordable prices. In 2013 Craftsman impressed us with a new line of heavy-duty ball bearing chests and cabinets that feature Dynaglide drawer slides. We have had good results with Craftsman’s red ball bearing storage cabinet, and presume that all of their Dynaglide products will perform similarly. Prices start at under $200 and go up from there, depending on tool box size and number of drawers. Montezuma’s portable tool boxes are compact solutions aimed at mechanics, technicians, and service personnel that need quick access to their tools. This Facom 5-tray cantilever tool box has been a favorite addition to our shop, but it can get a little too heavy when fully loaded. Not only are these workbenches rock-solid and capable of supporting heavy loads, they look quite nice too.
Craftsman’s 87018 professional vise is the best sub-$150 bench vise we have used thus far. Well-organized workshops and garages will always be more efficient and enjoyable to work in than those in perpetual states of disarray. Multiple colors and drawer configurations are available, but the 20-drawer unit with gray plastic drawers is a good choice for most to start out with, and is also presently the most economical model. There are a lot of new pens on the market today that work with Fisher Space Pen ink cartridges, but the bullet-shaped Space Pen remains our favorite. The Skinth OG tool sheath is what Batman would carry when he wants to leave his utility belt at home. Casio’s G-Shock line of watches are designed to endure rough, tough, and demanding conditions. Maybe you don’t want a large and heavy survival knife, but something small and pocketable.
The Fubar III is a 30″ utility bar that can be used for prying, board bending, or striking tasks. Ryobi is releasing a crown stapler on their air strike platform saw this a few days ago on the internet. Furthering its portfolio of creative adventure and survival solutions, the company recently completed manufacturing a Campa Expedition Vehicle System (EVS), which is now available for purchase by the general public.
The recent EVS project took seven weeks to complete and the company anticipates a similar turn-around time for future orders.
With most components fabricated of stainless steel and aluminum, Cole emphasized the product’s durability and consequent ability to handle the harsh and extreme conditions encountered in disasters and remote expedition environments. And while you can pile everything up in the truck bed, most sane people would rather do that with a proper box in tow. Instead, it’s a more conventional design that takes the traditional truck bed tool box and equips it like an overachieving superhero. Instead, you simply fasten them to the bedrails using an included set of J-bolt anchors, so the whole thing can be removed without any permanent alteration on the ride. Plus, you can customize it further with additional components from the company’s T-Track Organization System, so you’re not stuck with the same box while your needs change down the line. As someone who personally does a lot of general labor work, this product definitely has a lot of appeal.
It’s secure and looks very cool at the same time, plus it keeps his tools safe from sticky fingers!
It comes with a couple different cutting wheels and a dust collection hose to keep things neat and tidy. He was host of Talk2DIY Home Improvement, Co-produced DIY Tools & Techniques and is the author of Spend a Little, Save a Lot Home Improvement.
Gift guides are always a little tricky for us to put together, so we sat down, reviewed our notes and wishlists from the past year, and got to work. The bad news is that this gift guide will probably give you GAS (gear acquisition syndrome).
Parallel jaws, fast adjustment, compound leverage, and robust construction make this a much-loved tool with no equal. Mitutoyo gear is always on sale somewhere, check out our where to buy page for a list of industrial suppliers. You can’t really hold these like normal full-size scissors, but the learning curve is short and gentle. Pair it with a compact bit ratchet and bit-holding screwdriver handle for unbeatable versatility. Vaughan’s Stealth feels to be the best of the bunch, with a large striking face and good user comfort.
It is one of the most compact and versatile bike maintenance and emergency tool kits we’ve seen. The cushion handles are grippy and super comfortable, the adjustment mechanism is smooth and strong, and the jaws open wide without the wrench being too large or bulky. These wrenches have anti-slip open ends that are engineered with a greater offset angle for easier access around obstacles. It is very affordable, yet performs leaps and bounds better than many of the cheaper knives we’ve seen.

It has a high strength Valox plastic handle with stainless steel liners, and a nicely shaped hollow ground sheepsfoot blade.
The Super Tool 300 features Leatherman’s largest and strongest pliers, and also user-replaceable wire cutting blades. The pliers deploy swiftly with just a flick of the wrist, justifying Leatherman’s naming this a One-Handed Tool. It’s a 1AAA flashlight with incredibly long runtime, high durability, and waterproof construction.
This 2AA LED flashlight is bright (215 lumens max), waterproof (IPX8), and reasonably compact. But underneath the hood this 2AAA LEd flashlight features high quality construction and materials, a high power emitter, multiple output levels and hidden special output modes. The flood light design brightens up a wide work area, and the neutral white color is easier on the eyes.
Even without a tool-free blade change mechanism, its stowable wrench provides for relatively quick blade changes.
It drives brads without requiring the use of an air hose or powder chargers, but don’t forget that the required Li-ion battery and charger are sold separately.
Bosch solved this issue in their axial glide miter saw by engineering it with compact compound pivoting joints that take the place of guide rails. These iconic triangular-shaped tool boxes are available in different styles, sizes, and colors. Buy this cushioned Craftsman anti-fatigue mat, and your feet, legs, and back will thank you.
Akro-Mils metal-framed drawer cabinets are helpful for sorting and storing small parts, tools,  and hardware, and can be stacked on top of each other for greater organizational needs. Make sure you also have a stout knife or can opener ($1.50 via Amazon) to open up canned goods.
Its cap serves double duty – it protects your pockets from the pencil tip, and also transforms the very compact and pocketable pencil to one that is comfortable to write with. The Space Pen is compact and pocketable, and its pressurized ink cartridge is designed to write in all sorts of conditions – under water, in the cold, and even upside down. If you prefer coffee, tea, or hot chocolate over beer, they also make an insulated hot drink bottle ($19 via Amazon).
Our favorite is the G9300 Mudman (~$175), but less featured models are just as tough and start at $45. Bothe versions come with the knife, a sheath with built-in sharpener, and multiple attachment options. It has a curved axe blade, spanner wrench, hammer face, nail puller, tire chain hook, pry bar, and lever edge. It’s great for camping, backpacking, auto use, and other times when you need to do some light digging.
We never found anything better and carried several sizes on our trucks, Shopping around for price might pay off if you plan to buy more than 1. For some one looking to buy the air strike as a gift I would look for one of their cheap single battery drill deals instead of buying a battery and charger if they don’t have any other Ryobi one+ tools.
It comes with the company’s own T-Track Organization System, which consists of divider panels, grips, and straps, so you can customize the compartment’s layout to suit your exact needs.
Mitutoyo is our favorite brand for precision and machinist measurement tools, when we could afford them. The Leek’s blade opens via a spring-assisted mechanism, which allows for quick and easy deployment. It is very robustly built, easy to operate via a clicky tailcap switch, and it throws a bright beam. If you want something better, you’ll have to shell out three times as much for the Wilton bullet vise that the Craftsman design is based on. Our favorite so far for workshop use is the affordable Izula, which works well wrapped with paracord or with optional bolt-on handle scales. The consumer version is not quite as overbuilt as the professional forcible entry version, but it’s better than being left with only your band hands. Construction is seam-welded 0.08-inch aluminum sheet to ensure it can withstand the elements, with a stainless steel patented locking mechanism that’s designed to provide serious theft deterrence (they claim the box is impossible to pry once locked). But honestly, for about $1000-1500 less, I could build one of these myself, or just add onto another one that’s made out of carbon fiber, or stainless steal. If you are looking for an affordable workhorse LED flashlight that can be easily carried in your pocket or bag, look no further. They’re available in 4-foot, 6-foot, and 8-foot sizes, with your choice of maple or bamboo butcher block top.
The locking mechanisms a nice idea, but honestly if a thief wants to get at it, or inside of it, they will find a way or bring the right tools. Like most miter saws – this one will benefit from an immediate blade change out (The 90 tooth Forrest CM12905115 is my current choice in this size) and a vacuum hose (Bosch Vac005) to replace the rather pathetic dust bag. I like the audio-system idea, but you would have thought that this was included with the device for the price that you pay.

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