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During my time as an undergraduate, I received the amazing opportunity to plan two eco-service trips in South America. This past winter, I decided to go through a different club at school and create another service trip in Peru. I decided to again be flexible and cut the trip back from three weeks to two, shifted the dates so we weren’t going over Christmas, and cut out some activities so the prices dropped a bit.
The success to my leadership and planning was to start as early as possible, have a positive attitude, have patience, and most importantly, flexibility. Lastly, it is important to stress to the entire group, prior to even leaving, the awareness they must have while traveling abroad. One thing that is very important to keep in mind is why you are doing this in the first place!
Conservation Biology and a minor in Recreational Resources and Protected Areas Management from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, NY.
When Stop ‘n Shop asked me if I would chat about their fuel points system I thought it good to pair it up with some tips with kids. Most days a trip to the grocery is one peppered with sibling squabbles and the thought of longer visits is sure make any mama tremble.
Look they’re buckled so I am a huge fan of clocking reading minutes while in the car. So if you’re not the only driver in the car chances are that you swop driving duties from time to time. It saddens me that kids never get enough water and I am no role model for drinking enough yet water is so important. Similar to my point in snacks, it is not just that you take breaks, because that should be pretty obvious.
Both of these experiences turned out to be amazing, however the entire process of organizing them from the start were entirely different. When partaking in any opportunity abroad, it is very necessary to understand that everything is not set in stone.
Now, based on the success of my last trip, I thought finding students for this one would also be a breeze.
Slowly, I worked on getting 10 students locked in before the price of plane tickets got too high.  Finally, we had our numbers and planning was a success.
As the person organizing the trip, there are some things that you just cannot see coming, no matter how much you mentally prepare yourself. He is currently living in Whitesboro, NY and plans to move to Fort Collins, Colorado in August 2013 to pursue his Master of Science degree in Conservation Leadership at Colorado State University.
My kids are 6 and 8 years old and these are just a few things I consider when we hit the road. In fact I even bought them a timer bookmark to assist the gloating nature of my girls (sigh!).
Every excuse to sneak in some learning and also some learning to understand your kids better can be built into an activity. While most clothing is comfortable if you’re going to be sitting for extended periods of time you may want softer fabrics with elasticated waistband. When I traveled sans kids, breaks were the enemy unless I was falling asleep or the car needed gas. No road trip is complete without gas and you may think that when you pull up as a gas station there is no coupon you can use but there is a way to save.
Because of this, planning a trip with an international component takes a very adaptable person to organize it. While traveling, the group is representing their school and their native country, and it is appropriate to maintain that ideal throughout the whole trip.

Speaking from experience, I remember talks in the middle of every trip about how it was worth every penny.
He has traveled abroad six times in the past five years, seeing amazing sights such as Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands. I’m assuming there may a couple of road trips in the near future with Labor Day weekend coming up fast. Personally I leave electronics as my last resort and most often I don’t have to resort to it.
While stories are good, feel free to fatten the reading collection with non-fiction and even magazines. We always ask our kids before we head on vacation what are they looking for and what do they expect to find and end it with highlights. I really have thwarted a tantrum or meltdown or more just with something they have not seen before. When I fly I don’t wear the fanciest clothing and honestly look like I came from the gym with my yoga pants but boy am I comfortable.
I get it, you want to cover as much ground as possible and since no-one asked to use the bathroom, it looks like a good idea to keep driving.
I have a Stop & Shop rewards card (which is free) and earn points during my grocery shopping to pay less at the pump. I presented the trip to both the sponsoring club and my community service organization before I went campus wide with it. I approached this by using a buddy system, and repeating over and over again that we were a family, so everyone needed to look out for each other. During the second year of his graduate program, he will be living in the Peruvian amazon for seven months! Holding out also teaches my kids that there are other things to play with, not that I hate electronics, as an engineer it would be crazy to. Some times I make it even more in-depth like using #niricamp13 (my home summer camp this year) I asked them for ways they saw the resort we were in at Cancun be eco-friendly. I totally get that with kids and car seats it is a pain but booster seats are easier to swop around. Same for kids, especially since kids suck at times at articulating what is bothering them and just act out.
I presented the trip to my club, and there seemed to be a TON of interest in people signing up.
For many young high school and college students traveling for the first time, this seemed to help them feel more secure. He has really found his passion in life through traveling, and plans on working with communities in developing countries on various natural resource issues, including community conservation and ecotourism.
We chose our carefully mixed tapes (remember them), packed boiled eggs and chicken and mayonnaise sandwiches and bitched about the heat (there was no AC) in between us belting out to the tunes of Duran Duran and Rick Astley.
So anything from those cheaper rinky-dink water ring toss game, to magnetic hangman games all work. When hubby used to travel alone while doing his MBA part time at night he swore that the audio books not only kept him alive (by keeping him awake) but also taught him a thing or two. Same with snacks and if you read many guides they tell you to make sure you carry snacks, I’m here to say that is not enough.
I thought this was a great start; however it stayed at just those three for almost a month. By instilling this sense of protection in the group, I think that the trip organizer can greatly help limit and overcome any unexpected scenarios that might occur while traveling. Needless to say skip anything that has bits and pieces unless your idea of fun is sticking your head under the seats and hunting down any escapees.

Sometimes, when the sibling rivalry is at a low point we have the older offer help and the younger accept it. Besides the nausea and eyesight arguments I like audio books for another reason: the whole family can listen to the book together. Enjoy.Cigar CartoonsBack in March, we published our first cigar cartoon created by Jerry King. The Monday I arrived at the designated location, I already had a line of 10 students waiting for me! If you choose to do the electronic route mind the volume, opt for headphones and pay attention to the volume control for little ears. If for a bit an adult can sit in with the kids, of course this depends on your vehicle space, it would really mix it up in the backseat. On flights they normally give you high sodium dried up junk and you feel exactly like that later.
Also I make hubby and I dress in similar layers to kids so that we always have an idea of temperature in the car because it is easy to forget and crank the temperature on either spectrum. This way they don’t feel helpless and a captive passenger not knowing where and what.
Since then, we published over 35 cigar cartoons and received a lot of positive feedback from our readers.Raices Cubanas Candela "War"Two boutique manufacturers, Illusione and Viaje, released their versions of candela wrappers.
Over the next three days, that number quickly rose to 30, and I had to discuss the possibility of splitting the trip up into two.
I set a final due date for the deposit, set extended due dates, lightly “threatened” that it was everyone’s last chance to sign up, stated again two weeks later that it was really their last chance.
I highly recommend over the ear kid headphones that are built to not be too loud for their wee ears. Having snacks like fruit, cheese or yogurt actually makes you feel much better and I am not a fan or artificial dyes in kids because I really do think they lend to the hyperactivity in kids. If you think they may nap a small blanket, one per kid (give up the notion that sharing blankets work in cars) is handy to carry. When they ask where are we now, you can either ask them to read sign boards outside or tell them and and draw the route map with a marker and see clearly how far they’ve come or more importantly, how far they have to go.
I was very torn about this because on the one hand, the more students going meant that much more good work could be accomplished. Multitasking freaks that we are we try and combine a foot stretch, pee-break and food break all in one stop. Discover who's the king of the candela.Punch Rare Corojo 10th AnniversaryJason reviewed the latest release from Punch, their Rare Corojo 10th Anniversary. On another note, creating two mini-trips would add a lot more work in terms of deciding which students would go where, when we would move from the mainland to the Galapagos Islands, who would lead the other trip, etc. Sure, I had about 15 people interested who I would spam with emails every other day, but I could not get people to commit, and I was really stressed for a while that I might have to cancel the trip. One of our favorite stops from Boston to New York City is the IKEA store, not to shop, but just a perfect break for kids (the food ain’t too shabby either). I decided that I would stay flexible, keep both options a possibility, and see how many students ended up signing up.
Luckily, the amount of newcomers dwindled, a few people that had originally signed up backed out, and I ended up having a total group number of 24 going for the one big trip.
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