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He will still hold regular classes on a limited basis, but will be focusing more on the seminar circuit. If you would like to use any of my images or videos for any reason, please contact me on my contact page and we can discuss it further. This course would prepare you for the step into the the wilderness that would give you the confidence to break away from modern campsites and onto exploring a short day trail for some overnight camping and family fun time while giving you the skills and piece of mind to venture past modern camping and into the exciting world of primitive camping.
We also conduct short one day clinics to help engage your mind on how to develop a plan of action, what to bring and how pack a backpack for your day hike or extended stay with nature. Founder Waysun Johnny Tsai on Preparedness Radio where they discuss the differences between traditional martial arts and combatives.
Ziede is now live make sure to visit the official YouTube page and watch all the episodes as they come out.BLACK stars Mikal Vega (TRANSFORMERS-DARK OF THE MOON, GI JOE RETALIATION, THE LAST SHIP) and Wesley John (SCORPION KING, THE UNIT, COMMON LAW). Survival School, Waysun Johnny Tsai will now be providing his world class self-defense and urban survival instruction in seminar form throughout the United States. Any unauthorized use, reproduction or duplication in part or in whole of any images or videos on this site is an infringement of copyright law and will be dealt with accordingly.

With all of this education it will make your outdoor experience a safer and more enjoyable for you and your family. Johnny discusses his extensive traditional martial arts background and his transition into combatives and why.
Later Johnny spills the beans on some exciting upcoming new products and projects let’s you know where you can find him at SHOT Show this year to meet him for yourself, he really is worth stopping by and saying hi.
Survival School has something for everyone, make sure to contact us to find out about upcoming classes and seminars. SMKW picked the RIGHT guy to add to the COMBAT READY KNIVES TEAM, I’m fired up and READY TO GO!!!
These courses are designed to get you motivated, confident,and self reliant so that you may think on your feet and tackle any situation or emergency should one arise while you are out enjoying the great outdoors. COMBATIVES TRAINING courses are STILL available, but VIA Private Lessons, Workshops and Seminars ONLY.
Learn the essentials for staying safe (and sane) with information on the gear you should have on hand in case of emergency as well as tips for how to use it effectively.

HISS Neck Knife ships with a KYDEX neck sheath with dog chain, Leather belt sheath sold separately). Get advice on when it makes sense to shelter in place at home and when evacuation is the better option as well as tips for feeding yourself and your family when grocery store shelves are empty. PLEASE review our rate and policies and if you are interested in private training please contact us here or call 773-227-1888. Keeping calm and carrying on may be okay for some, but to be truly secure when the chips are down, keeping calm and being prepared is definitely the way to go.

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