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I encourage you to take a step back and take a good, honest look at your skills and knowledge: could you survive in the wilderness all by yourself with nothing more than a camping hatchet?
If you type “survival training” in Google, you’ll be flooded with dozens of pages of results.
This means that you’re more likely to find something that can accommodate your current schedule. What will you learn at this survival school? One of their most popular survival training courses is the “Wilderness Bushcraft Semester”.
Some of the things you’ll be able to learn here include ethno botany, tracking, and general wilderness survival (finding water, making traps, etc.). Learning survival skills like how to use a compass and building a fire are important to know no doubt.
Another option for survival training in a city environment is learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. As a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner for the past 10 years, I’ve learned how to defend myself against bigger and stronger opponents– and you can too. These are the three main things that you can do to become more proficient in the wild without taking “official” survival courses. By now, I hope you’ve come to see that there are many options for learning about survival outside of reading books and joining forums. With roughly three days to survive without water, it is your main priority to learn the multiple ways of finding water in your environment. Woodland Ways Blog - Bushcraft and Survival is proudly powered by WordPressEntries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). Airman 1st Class Ray Simon prepares the cover for his thermalized A-frame shelter during arctic survival training at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska. I’ll agree- there aren’t any major universities where you can graduate with a degree in survival. That’s because survival courses and workshops are popping up all over the United States, as well as other parts of the world. Not only have they helped various branches of the United States military, but they’ve also worked with several other prominent outdoor organizations. Would you like to accumulate a few college credits while becoming more proficient at survival?
One reason why they’re so great is because they offer survival training for adults and kids. They offer courses all around the United States, so you’ll need to use this page to see where they are. This form of martial arts is the best in the world for defending against an unarmed opponent. Most BJJ classes will cost you between $70 to $150 per month depending on the quality of the school. Of all the forms of martial arts out there, not only is BJJ the most effective, but it’s also one of the least physically demanding.
Similar to skills like electrical engineering, vehicle repair, or pluming, it’s invaluable to know. This is the recommended option of course (since you’ll be working with experienced professionals), but there’s no reason why you can’t learn these skills on your own. Once you do this, you’ll be able to interact with people from around the world who are also interested in survival. By taking real survival courses, you’ll be able to interact with instructors who have years of experience under their belts.

Fire provides warmth, potable water, light, protection, a way to cook food, smoke for signaling and a psychological boost you never knew you needed. Water carries many problems you cannot see like protozoa, bacteria, intestinal parasites and viruses.
The A-frame shelter is designed to keep the survivor warm and dry to endure harsh arctic nights.
However, there are survival training programs around the country where you can master the fundamentals. Having someone who’s already well-versed in survival teach you is one of the fastest ways to learn. Think about learning a language: would you become better by practicing alone, or traveling to the country of origin and speaking with the citizens who live there? Some are very physically challenging (like the “Wilderness Canoe Expedition Semester”) while others aren’t so physically challenging (like the “Summer Woodsman”). As with most of the programs on this list, some of their courses are short, while others are longer. There’s also scholarships and financial aid that you can acquire to help you cover the costs of going here. Then many of these skills aren’t going to do you any good unless you’re someone who travels a lot (of if SHTF and you need to evacuate your city). If you find yourself in a pinch and the only option is to give the other person CPR, will you be able to do it? For example, if you read an article on how to start a fire with a dead lighter (like this one), then actually practice what you’ve read.
People who think they know it all are usually the ones who die (because they were too overconfident). You’ll also be able to have fun in an outdoor setting with other people who share a passion the subject. Sure, you could read survival books, but that wouldn’t do you any good if you didn’t practice the tips inside. For example, one school might place an emphasis on building shelters while a different school might focus on catching food. Some are relatively short (only a few days long), while others can last as long as a few weeks. Their training programs will allow you to take college credited classes in areas like shelter building and primitive fire starting. This means that no matter what your current physical abilities are, you’ll be able to find a survival training course that suits your abilities.
The shorter ones last a couple of days, while the longer, more intensive ones can last up to 9 months (this is their “Anake Outdoor School”).
If you live in a city, instead of taking survival training courses, you can participate in self-defense or gun training a try!
The cheapest course I was able to find was $280, with the more expensive ones ranging around $800 (or more). Because instead of using brute strength in a fight, you’ll be using leverage and proper technique. Imagine if it was a loved one and you had to sit there and watch them die, simply because you didn’t learn a skill as simple as CPR.
By staying humble, and realizing that there’s still a lot left for you to learn, you’ll become a much better survivalist. Although some of these survival training programs might be considered a little costly, they are well worth it over the long run, especially considering that you never know when you’re going to find yourself in a life-or-death situation in the wild.

We will get in more depth with this category since it is a very difficult and essential skill to learn. This is why fire-making becomes so important being the most effective way to disinfect water. Considering how dangerous the world can be, it might be a good idea to invest in a few of these survival courses. Since no too training programs are the same, you’ll be able to become a well-rounded survivalist if you attend more than one of them. Their philosophy is that if you allow students to gain real-world skills while accumulating college credits, it will help them become better-prepared for life. So if you’re looking to accumulate college credits while learning how to survive in the wild, the Jack Mountain Bushcraft School is the place to do it. You’ll learn shooting principles that you never previously would have thought of until taking their city survival courses.
This means that once you become good at BJJ, it will take very little energy to defend yourself. We will discuss modern methods to disinfect water as well and look into the differences of how to approach certain scenarios. Training is a company that will teach you about armed defense, as well as how to defend yourself when you’re unarmed.
You’ll learn how to shoot while on the move, load, unload, shoot with one hand, and a whole bunch more. Again, if you’re living in a city, survival training like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the way to go. Other aspects of fire you will see here will include what wood to use, other uses of fire, type being built and even pit style.
SIGMA 3 offers special forces style skills to the public and we are home to a family of elite instructors from all types of backgrounds (click here to read resumes). Our mission is to find the best instructors in the world for specific skill sets and bring them to your doorstep for the best prices and overall value!
SIGMA 3 Survival School doesn’t just employ a military mindset and way of thinking but we also utilize the techniques of our indian ancestors to create a full circle training mentality. We seek out only the best companies with the best instructors to bring you amazing training opportunities with our Specialty Courses. The best part is that YOU get to pick who we go after for these courses with our Pick Our Next Specialty Course poll! It is also a great option for families with younger children that don’t meet our minimum age requirement but still want to learn these skills with their family in tow. The survival vacation is by the best option for families, so make sure to check out the program!SIGMA 3 Survival School is not just a survival school for physical training but we also have a massive amount of completely free online content.
We post tons of Youtube videos, blogs, newletters, and well written articles from the experts in the industry on a wide variety of subjects for your training needs. The only thing that we ask in return for using this content is that you please Share, Like, and Subscribe to our media content. The sole reason we have been so successful is because of our massive web presence spread by our supporters and we need your help to continue to grow!

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