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The program, called Cobra Gold, is a multinational training exercise held each February in Thailand.
A Master Sargent with the Royal Thai Army teaches troops how to pluck feathers from a chicken.
This is an excellent and popular course for all security officers working field patrol assignments. Complete enrollment form and send to one of the corresponding course locations listed at the bottom of the form. Pay for class using the link below or you can pay the day of the class with credit card or cash.

Three astronauts gather jungle leaves and branches to construct a lean-to shelter during training at the Panama Jungle Survival School. American military members—along with those from 20 or so other nations—learn tips and tactics for staying alive in the jungle, from how to avoid scorpions to how to prepare them for dinner.
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It should be noted that many officer deaths and injuries also stem from vehicle accidents, natural accidents, training accidents and weather-related incidents. This course gives you examples of officer safety, security and survival tactics, along with dangerous weapons, reminders, outlooks and lessons learned.

It is an opportunity for you to realize that officer safety issues are real and need to be addressed and remembered.

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