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Join Us For A One-Day Or Two-Day Survival Course Covering Map Reading, Steep Ground Scrambling, Emergency Anchors & Rope-Work, Canoe & Kayak Skills, Emergency First Aid! 2 Day Team Building Wilderness Outdoor Survival Courses, Wilderness Survival School offer Wilderness Outdoor Survival Course Scotland, learn Outdoor Survival Skills Ray Mears, Lofty Wiseman have used, How to Survive with Bushcraft Courses, 2 day Survival Courses, 3 day Survival Courses, 5 day Survival Courses, Corporate Team Building Courses, Family Weekend Getaway. Advertise with Us Professional Services Press & Destination Campaigns Case Studies Why Work with Us?
I am sitting on a log scraping flint against steel and catching sparks in a cotton wool ball. By learning about priorities and then acting on them, we will, in theory, skill ourselves up for the wild and how to cope with being on our own in it. As it turns out, you don’t need to know much about Bear Grylls before attending his Survival Academy.
Our experience takes place at Dragon Raiders Activity Park, just outside Criccieth on Snowdonia’s Lleyn peninsular.
There are Bear Grylls Survival Academies throughout the UK, from the Scottish Highlands to the Surrey Hills. If you want to kit yourself out to survive, check out our post on 10 Outdoor Survival  Essentials. By the end of the three hour course we will learn how to find food, make shelter, dig for water, and escape from Cabin Woods on an assault course through nature.
Or should that be ‘global brand?’ Bear Grylls is the Jeremy Clarkson of the survival world.
My kids must be the only ones in the UK unaware of The Bear as we don’t have a TV and he doesn’t offer cheats for gaming on You Tube.

I am freezing but I have the kind of warm fuzzy feeling that comes from achieving and surviving and self rescuing.
The centre started running the Survival Academy courses last April and two more experiences are being added this summer. Ring first if you want to check if you or the kids will be suited to (or fit enough) for the adventure. A professional writer and poet, she's the creative and journalistic force behind many of the stories and features published here. The Bear Grylls Survival Academy aims to pass on the skills you may need if you are stranded in the wilderness.
All this on a January day in Wales on stomachs lined only with one dried mealworm and half a Twix. He’s currently the most recognisable face of survival (sorry Ray Mears) and spreads himself pretty much everywhere; from TV shows like The Island, to the Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi-Tool on Amazon. Anyway with so many academies across the world, from the UAE (the courses are run in the desert) to the USA, I’d be surprised if The Bear has actually visited half of them himself. One is a sleepover where you can sleep in your makeshift shelter, and skin and cook your  own prey for dinner. She's a co-founder and co-director of The Family Adventure Project and also works as the #poetinmotion producing and performing poetry for print, video and live performance. The Family Adventure Project is our long term experiment in doing active, adventurous things together.
We attended a half day taster course in Snowdonia together and found that whilst ‘self rescue’ is the thing, more than  little bonding goes on too.

The second is a more extreme option involving being helicoptered onto Snowdon before having to make your own way back down. On many of the other log toadstools are gangly blokes who have clearly been growing their beards for some time for this very moment. He puffs and blows and soon we have created a fire strong enough to signal to a passing plane. When I see Cameron dropping to his stomach and crawling under a web of tree branches ahead of me I know that the moment has arrived when it may hurt. But once I am covered in it and it fills my nostrils, there is nothing left to be afraid of.
I feel almost fond of him and wish him luck at surviving marriage; a whole different assault course. And it’s actually quite an empowering idea, especially when your most likely rescuer otherwise is Dragon-Breath. I am running in a river and every so often the floor drops away and I am belly flopping into the river.
But the great thing about this ‘self rescue’ lark is that for these three hours they are not my problem.

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