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If youa€™re a parent youa€™ve probably been in that position or you soon will be soon: Youa€™re little bundle of joy is going away for the weekend on a school field trip. The following items arena€™t bulky, they fit in most jacket pockets and should be very useful in some of the most likely emergencies a child may face during a short trip. Keep it simple, but most of all, explain carefully to your child how to use the items and what to do during an emergency.
We use only the most efficient native plants to help you create fire just as your Hunter-Gatherer Ancestors used to! Have you ever wondered about how various Native Cultures created colorful and beautiful designs on cave walls, pottery, wooden implements, and their own bodies.A A Now you can learn their secrets! Much emphasis is often placed upon the concept of a wilderness survival kit, and rightly so, as preparedness prevents many mishaps. Packed with many useful and potentially life-saving items, all in a handy carrying bag, our Survival Kit can potentially help you in a difficult situation in Nature. This Environmentally-Friendly Stone-age Survival Kit is designed to be lightweight and efficient.
For thousands of years the San people of southern Africa, including the Kalahari Desert, used Ostrich egg shells as water containers.A  They have traditionally both carried and stored water in these amazing vessels. Using the best of the local native plants we have crafted a cork from a lightweight, yet sturdy arid-lands wood. If you wish to place an order for any of these items, please contact us by phone or email (see below). Text Menu Scroll down the page to see our complete selection ofwilderness survival books, videos, tools, and supplies. USA Customers We ship all USA orders via USPS Priority Mail, except as otherwise noted on the website. Tel Aviv-based Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow used both prehistoric techniques and cutting edge production processes to make this unique set of tools.

Flashlght The school will usually ask that you send one given that they often organize some kind of night activity. We have assembled a wonderful and ready-to-use kit that will soon have you embellishing your Natural crafts.A A Each set comes in a natural Jute knotted-net bag and contains 5 mineral paint stones, one powdered paint in a natural container, 4 double-ended plant paint brushes, a buckskin wiping pad, and full instructions. Since it is lightweight, you can carry it with you virtually anywhere to have it handy. Once youa€™ve seen, touched, and listened to an Ostrich egg, you begin to appreciate its unique qualifications as a water canteen and water storage container.
For the knotted net bag we can make it either out of Jute (as in the photo) or at your request, we can make an all-wild knotted net bag out of Palmer Agave cordage. The sleek modern handles present a striking contrast to the flint blades, creating a set of stone tools the designers say 'condensed time into a singular object'. If the nature of the trip, for example Boy Scouts,A  allows for a knife to be taken then you can explore a few options. We will also adorn your Ostrich egg canteen by applying natural mineral paints from the Earth to its surface and scrimshaw to the exterior of the egg. A flashlight can be invaluable for signaling and making your position noticed if separated from the group and lost after the sun goes down.
The iconic Victorinox is well-liked by both adults and children and it is indeed a fantastic pocket knife. Alternatively, we can sell you a Mineral Paint kit for you to adorn your Ostrich egg water container if you prefer. The child should know to stop walking as soon as he realizes hea€™s lost, turn the flashlight on if its getting dark and use the whistle to alert adults. The only problem is that since most models do not lock open they can be dangerous, especially for inexperienced children. A knife such as the Spyderco Delica is still very small and light and the lockback keeps the blade securely opened. In this case, the ziplock bag itself is actually a breast milk bag, capable of not only keeping the components dry, but also carrying water if needed.

A bit larger and heavier but packing several more tools, the Leatherman Sidekick is affordable and wont send tears rolling down you cheeks if lost.
A school-age child wont carry around much gear, and therea€™s a good chance that things such as knives or anything that could be considered a weapon is not allowed and could even get your child expelled if brought along.
Still, it is a very capable multitool, with a good liner lock blade, saw, and many other tools. If this is the only flashlight the child is taking, then make sure it has a strobe mode such as the Olight EOS i3S. The humble whistle is a must for any kit, but especially for a child that needs to alert adults during emergencies. Mobile Phone Your child probably has one already, but therea€™s a good chance hea€™ll run out of battery or misplace the phone when needed the most. Band-aids and alcohol wipes Other than getting lost, one of the most likely problems is getting hurt. Dextrose Tablets In this case its Dextrose energy tablets, which is basically sugar but dextrose is assimilated by the body faster. Not a great meal by any means but it will give the body a bit of an energy boost if needed. Cash and coins If lost in an urban setting, a bit of cash can be used to take a taxi or buy something to eat.
How much money depends on the nature of the trip and how old the child is, but at least a couple $20s makes sense.

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