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If you’re heading out into the wilderness, then by all means, stock up on gear for that environment. But if you’re planning to face most modern day threats, you need to really consider what those threats are and where you will be when they happen.Most commercially sold survival gear is geared towards a wilderness audience. With the popularity of so many recent survival television shows, a lot of people now have a really warped idea of what it takes to survive during a disaster. I mean how many people are really going to find themselves stranded, naked and afraid on a deserted island?Let’s get real here. When disaster strikes, you will likely by at home, at work, or somewhere near your normal everyday environment. These are the places you need to be ready to survive in.Here are 7 Pieces of Gear, Specifically suited for Urban SurvivalKeep in mind these are only suggestions, some of these items are pretty expensive and are only highlighted because they are designed specifically for an urban setting.

The knife features a blunt chisel pry-bar tip for prying open doors and windows.Four Way Water KeyDuring a long-term disaster situation, water is going to be one of your most important considerations. In an urban environment, the ability to find drinkable water could mean the difference between life and death.In an urban setting, this one tiny tool could be a game changer. A water spigot key is designed to gain access to both commercial and residential water faucets. The thing is not only great for tactical purposes, but the designers really thought about making this an all-around urban survival multi-tool.The ZeroHour XD gives you the power of a 1,000-lumen tactical flashlight and then throws in a 10,000mAh USB emergency battery backup system and a detachable waterproof case that can be used to store extra survival supplies. Our complete review on the ZeroHour XD can be seen here.Goal Zero Guide 10 Adventure KitDuring an urban survival disaster, there is a pretty good chance the power grid will go down. They feature an interlocking gear system, which not only makes the tool extremely smooth to open and close, but more importantly it minimizes the amount of hand pressure that’s required to get the most torque out of the tool.

Spend the extra money and go with a quality radio, one that Ham radio operators have been using for years, and one that you know you will be able to trust during an emergency. A service cabinet key has a square hole, triangle hole, and a double barb for water, electric, and gas service cabinets.

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