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This one is so basic it should be second nature, but so many people leave out this one thing that could save their lives. This simple and classic item should be in every preparedness-minded person’s pocket or within easy reach. When you start thinking about it, you will come up with 100 more uses for the simple handkerchief that will make you appreciate it in a whole new light. Many a stranded man and woman have been found dead of dehydration, their bodies found parched- next to a half-full canteen.
Water is one of your critical needs, and you should always be on the lookout for a clean or cleanable supply. So much emphasis is put on preparing yourself for disaster with a  bug out bag, stockpiles and gear that we forget one very important thing. Bonus tip: Put your fishing bait in a small pocket of the hosiery, before securing it to the hook. This is a quick and simple tip that can take some of the frustration out of starting a fire.
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Disclaimer: This guide is simply to get you thinking about survival and emergency preparedness. Don’t move: Unless you know exactly where you are, where you want to go, or have a map chances are you have a better shot at being rescued if you stay in one place. All water collected from the ground or vegetation can be purified by boiling, chlorine, and iodine. If the internet or your ISP ever goes down, here is a way to access key sites in the event of a DNS takedown. Seawater can be turned into drinkable water – this is huge for those of us that live in Southern California. I recommend keeping this book in the bathroom and reading bits and pieces of it every day I think it’s better to digest some of the information instead of waiting for an emergency situation to use it. This seems like a very long list, however you can click the printable version below and it is a one page document you can fold and place in your wallet or purse. Our book, The One Year Urban Survival Plan, tells you exactly how to prepare for a major disaster in the city or suburbs.
The One Year Urban Survival Plan, tells you exactly how to prepare for a disaster in the city. It is the very spirit of the multi-tasker, and it is one survival item that is appropriate and accepted anywhere. Understanding that things can be replaced will help keep you in the mindset that you are staying alive and ensure your priorities are in order.
Drink what you have to stay hydrated, or your brain and body will cease to function at a high level.

It is a critical life and death struggle; there is absolutely no time to stop focusing on survival, right? He has simply taken a small piece of cardboard in stuck two needles in the side, and wrapped some lengths of thread around the piece. The “curiously strong” mints might be too much for your tastes, but the small metal tin they are packaged in is useful in many ways. This will protect your precious bait, and keep your potential dinner from making off with a free snack. We believe that being prepared is important for any family and we want to see preparedness become a mainstream conversation. Always good to know how to tie the right knot for the right situation, and this is a great little knot guide!
Follow the tips below and instead of remembering them, place in your wallet or purse so that you never leave home without it.
Nibble and snack on your food but avoid eating and drinking too much depending on your rations. If you are really in dire straits, you need to conserve your energy and water as much as possible.
Hopefully you or I will never need this list, but it’s better to place in your pocket and never use it then reaching in your pocket and not having it when you need it! This person should know how to contact you (if possible), where you are going (as specific as you can be down to trail), when you are going and when you are expected to be back.
Whether it is stripping out the interior of your car for materials that can be used for clothing or shelter or busting up a dead phone to get a fire-starting spark from the battery; nothing you own is more important than staying alive.
Something that can easily fit in a hip pocket or your jacket can house everything you need to survive.
You can also turn your tin into a small fishing tackle box, first aid kit or knife care kit. If you apply some to an ordinary piece of paper or fabric, or even some stubbornly damp tinder, it will become a wick that burns far longer than the item will alone. We suggest you bookmark the page, print it out, and or share it on your Facebook or Pinterest, etc.
This guide is a printable survival guide that you can put into your wallet in case of emergency. Know where stores are for food and supplies, and also have maps on hand in order to know routes and directions.
Also stimulate each other to fight boredom and the worry that comes along with whatever chaos you now find yourself in. You might want to sign up for an account because you can save the playlists you make that way. Every detail that you can give them is important and could be the piece that leads to your rescue should you become lost, injured or incapacitated in the wild.

Many people have failed to survive catastrophe while they carried the very keys to their salvation literally on their back. It’s a commonly held belief that you need to make the water last as long as possible, so you start to ration out whatever supply you have.
A simple web search of “every day carry” or “EDC” will give you an idea of what those in the know, refuse to leave home without. When you consider that you can fit a micro-survival kit in an Altoids tin, the possibilities become endless.
A smart tip is to put all of your supplies in a plastic bag to keep them waterproof, and secure the tin with a strong and wide rubber band. This sheer hosiery, made from synthetic materials, has incredibly strength and durability that can serve many purposes.
32 ounces of seawater is said to be a risk but not life threatening if no fresh water is available. It’s much easier than actively fishing and allows you to go do other important things. Most experts will tell you that your bug out bag should include a book, or a notebook and paper or some playing cards. Much like the delicate strand of silk that can hold up to great tension; the nylon material is strong enough to rival rope. All you will do is placate superficial thirst, keeping you from focusing on finding fresh water sources. How to tell the difference January 25, 2014 Check out these Conqueror UEV compact go anywhere camping trailers, would you use one? July 6, 2014 WalkUSA’s Adventure Series: Planning March 24, 2014 Make The Ultimate Fire Pit with Swings March 23, 2014 5 Ways to Start a Fire with Water March 5, 2014 Mark trails to avoid getting lost March 4, 2014Find us on Facebook Recent Posts Check out these Conqueror UEV compact go anywhere camping trailers, would you use one?
Taking a few sips to preserve the supply will do nothing but quench the superficial thirst. He talks about why distilled water is bad for you and mentions that you should add a little salt back in your distilled water).
The best thing you can do is create a survival kit that should be placed in your car (as well as an extra one in your home). It has been said that survival is 90% mental, and that has been proven in survival stories time and time again. Worn under shorts or pants, they will also help prevent bug bits, chigger and leaches or you can cut them off at the ankle and wear them as booties to prevent blisters.
Your focus will be stronger, and your morale higher- giving you the greatest chance of survival.

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