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Whether you’re thinking about starting a company, revamping your current business, adding a new product line, or just making sure your current SEO approach is on the right track, keyword research is a fundamental part of the process.
The reason keyword research is so indispensable is that it’s one of the easiest ways to get insight into what your target audience cares about and what language they use to talk about it. The purpose of this post is to take some of the ambiguity and mystery away from what keyword research is (and isn’t) about. Deciding which keywords to target for a page can be tricky since there are so many different factors to consider. Of course, being in first place helps quite a bit, but CTR can still be useful as an indicator of how well your content matches up with that term and the user’s question. After I’ve downloaded my list of keywords from Search Console, I like to combine it with data from another keyword research tool called SEM Rush.
Once you have this list, you can use AdWords keyword planner to flesh it out with related terms that you might not be ranking for (yet).
So now you have a huge list of key phrases you rank for, and another set that you’d like to work toward.
To start, group these keywords by topic and then choose a few head terms that you want to prioritize for each topic. From our research we know this is a term that currently drives traffic to this page (or we would like it to). Now that you have the topics you want to cover, you need to figure out which of the pages on your site are best suited to address those topics.
Maybe you find that there are a few pages that could potentially work well for a specific term.
For the second bullet, different types of queries work best with different types of content.
With that in mind, ask honestly: what is the current purpose of the page I’m planning to use? Posted by Dr-PeteIt's been over two years since Google launched Featured Snippets, and yet many search marketers still see them as little more than a novelty.
Why should you care?We're all busy, and Google has made so many changes in the past couple of years that it can be hard to sort out what's really important to your customer or employer. Featured Snippets have more than doubled in prevalence in the past year, and they've increased by a factor of roughly 5X since launch. In August of 2015, Search Engine Land published a case study by Glenn Gabe that tracked the loss of a Featured Snippet for a client on a competitive keyword.
Where do they come from?Featured Snippets were born out of a problem that dates back to the early days of search.
When Google launched the Knowledge Graph, it was based entirely on human-curated data, such as Freebase and Wikidata.
While Google does a decent job of matching many forms of a question to answers in the Knowledge Graph, they can't escape the limits of human curation. Google's solution was obvious, if incredibly difficult — take the trillions of pages in their index and use them to generate answers in real-time. It's not as simple as just scraping off the first paragraph with a spatula and flipping it onto the SERP, though. How do you get one?So, let's get to the tactical question — how can you score a Featured Snippet? If you're not convinced yet, here's another argument for the "Why should you care?" column. The double-edged sword of Featured Snippets (for Google) is that, since the content comes from our websites, we ultimately control it. A while back, I did a search for "What is Page Authority?" Page Authority is a metric created by us here at Moz, and so naturally we have a vested interest in who's ranking for that term.
What should you target?Featured Snippets can require a slightly different and broader approach to keyword research, especially since many of us don't routinely track questions. To keep things simple, ask yourself this: is the answer a matter of simple fact (or a "factoid")?
Google has essentially decided that this fairly ambiguous query deserves an answer to "What is PPC?" In other words, they've implied the "What." This is fairly common now for industry terms and phrases that might be unfamiliar to the average searcher, and is a good starting point for your keyword research.
These dictionary cards are driven by human-curated data sources and are not organic, in the typical sense of the word.
One benefit of "Why," "How," and "How to" questions is that the Featured Snippet summary often just serves as a teaser to a longer answer. Moz ranks on page one for that search, but it still begs two questions: (1) is the ranking page the best answer to the question (in Google's eyes), and (2) what content on the page do they see as best matching the question.
Now, we know that, within just our own site, Google is seeing The Beginner's Guide as the best match to the question, and we have an idea of how they're parsing that page for an answer.
Although Related Questions have a less dominant position in search results than Featured Snippets (they're not generally at the top), they're more prevalent, occurring on almost 17% of the searches in our tracking data set.
At this point, that expanded content should look familiar — it's being generated from the index, has an organic link, and looks almost exactly like a Featured Snippet.
Interestingly, and somewhat confusingly, that Featured Snippet doesn't exactly match the snippet in the Related Questions box, even though they're answering the same question from the same page. What's the long game?If you want to know where all of this is headed in the future, you have to ask a simple question: what's in it for Google? I think the answer is that this is part of a long shift toward mobile and alternative display formats. Here, the Featured Snippet dominates the page — there's just not room for much more on a mobile screen. Google has to adapt to our changing world of devices, and often those devices requires succinct answers and aren't well-suited to a traditional SERP.
How do you track all of this?After years of tracking rich SERP features, watching the world of organic search evolve, and preaching that evolution to our customers and industry, I'm happy to say that our Product Team has been hard at work for months building the infrastructure and UI necessary to manage the rich and complicated world of SERP features, including Featured Snippets.
If you are like me, an email is still the most efficient way to have an update delivered to me. Tip: You may want to create a separate email address for all the automatic updates you are subscribing too. A brilliant idea turned into a tool, Bio Is Changed is a great free tool that monitors people you follow on Twitter and captures whenever they change their bio or profile picture. Your Twitter friends will be amazed and I am sure there will be some great conversations to follow. While there are many similar services, I think this is the only one that sends email alerts. Zapie is a great premium tool that lets you combine two apps for increased productivity and new automation opportunities. The post Twitter to Email: 5 Twitter Email Notifications Tools appeared first on Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog. In this post I want to share why I think Google Shopping could replace organic search results in the future, and how websites can begin to prepare for this. A closer look at Google ShoppingWe've already seen evidence of Google trying to keep users within their search engine with local packs, flights, knowledge graphs, and instant answers. Google doesn’t make it crystal clear that these are paid ads, only displaying a small notification in the top right. If this had been my search result instead of the typical organic search result, it wouldn’t have been a disappointing experience. Why do I think the long-term plan could be to use the layout of Google Shopping as a replacement for the current organic result? An overall better user experience than most sites — it has familiarity and loads quickly.
More intuitive for voice searchThis plugs perfectly in with the development and improvements of voice search and the use of compound search queries, which Tom Anthony and myself discussed in Distilled’s Searchscape series.
I thought I’d test this same process out by trying to find a pair of red shoes using just voice search. Below is how the current search results look for a mobile voice search (on the left) versus search results if you click through to Google Shopping (images on the right).
While the above search shows the organic SERPs aren’t producing high-quality results for conversational queries, you can be confident that these types of results will continue to improve. Time and again we've seen Google attempt to reduce the number of steps it takes for a user to get their answer via features such as car insurance, flight comparison, and instant answers. Will the user still have to come to my site to complete a transaction?Initially, yes, the user will have to click through to your page in order to purchase. But in the long run, Google could facilitate the transaction for your business without a user ever hitting a website.
What could this mean for webmasters?A change such as this could be a double-edged sword for businesses.
If you own the product:If you own the product (for example, you stock and sell TVs), then you should be looking to give Google as much information about your products as possible to ensure they have the optimal opportunity to appear within search engine results. There may also be immediate benefits, such as getting more rich snippets within search results and an increased opportunity of being featured in answer boxes (and leapfrogging competitors), but this will help future-proof your site. Additionally, we need to start looking higher up the funnel and creating content that will make users come back. Further down the pipeline, if Google decided it can handle processing user transactions within Google itself, you'll want to consider opening up your checkout as an API.
Producing great and useful contentWill Critchlow recently introduced me to The WireCutter as one of his go-to websites. I’ve recently purchased a range of products from pens to printers based on their recommendations. Do you think Google Shopping replacing the current organic search layout would provide an improved user experience?
Sign up for The Moz Top 10, a semimonthly mailer updating you on the top ten hottest pieces of SEO news, tips, and rad links uncovered by the Moz team. The Dutch are pleased with a recent announcement that King Willem-Alexander's daughter Catharina-Amalia, the 13-year-old heir to the throne, is about to learn Chinese in the upcoming semester in The Hague, where they live. Some have even dubbed this the royal family's "smartest investment", pointing out the enhanced bilateral relationship between China and the Netherlands.
Elisabeth is also likely to become a queen that can speak Chinese as long as she can endure the difficulties of learning a language harder than her mother tongue. In fact, the older generation of royal families in Europe have a long tradition in immersing themselves in Chinese culture. Although Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, who just celebrated her 90th birthday this year, doesn't speak Chinese, she has enormous interests in Chinese beliefs, especially Taoism and the tradition of longevity, a prime Chinese value.
This month, the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, partly supported by the UK royal family, set up an Academy of Sinology, with the goal of nurturing doctorate students studying ancient Chinese religions, texts, language and history. Meanwhile, the Danish monarchy is another European royal family which has shown a keen enthusiasm over China, its culture and language.
Queen Margrethe II, of Denmark, aged 76, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and Belgium's King Philippe have already paid visits to China after Xi Jinping was elected as president. During the Greek debt crisis, when I was interviewing parliamentarians in Greece, one of them even arranged for his 16-year-old daughter, who was learning Chinese, to sit in on the one-hour interview session. On July 21, when I was immersing myself in the crowds for the Belgian National Day parade, a retired Belgian man stopped me, telling me that, when he was young, he studied Chinese in Taiwan for a few years and spent more than ten years in the mainland.
This all shows evidence of a growing trend that Chinese is becoming more popular globally because of the attractions of Chinese civilization and the country's modernization in recent decades. The UK, United States, Canada, Japan, France and other countries have already set up many schools in China with their own curriculum and their experiences should be copied as China extends its presence globally. That should be part of the mission for China's new minister of education, Chen Baosheng, who started to work in this position just this month. Underprivileged Indian schoolboys relax in their dormitory in Ramnagar, south of Kolkata, on Saturday.
In a break from training for one of the world's largest soccer tournaments, Yakub Ali swells with pride at the idea of putting a smile on the face of his mother back in Asia's biggest red light district. Yakub is one of eight sons of sex workers living in Kolkata's notorious Sonagachi neighborhood who are heading to Denmark later this week to take part in the Dana Cup, an international youth tournament.
His Durbar Sports Academy teammates also include youngsters drawn from other slum areas in India's eastern metropolis.
The tournament in the northern town of Hjorring will include teams of boys and girls from every corner of the globe but few will surely match the raw desire to prove their worth than the Durbar lineup. The academy is overseen by the Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee, a charity organization which works for the welfare of Indian prostitutes and also runs Asia's first cooperative for sex workers.
Situated 40 kilometers south of Kolkata, the academy gives underprivileged youngsters an opportunity to let their hair down far away from the narrow alleys and squalid apartments of Sonagachi. An estimated 8,000 sex workers ply their trade in Sonagachi which is home to several hundred brothels, gaining it the reputation as the largest single red light zone in Asia.
Smarajit Jena, a public health scientist who founded DMSC, said the boys were routinely treated as pariahs in Sonagachi and often found themselves with no one to turn to when they encounter challenges in their daily life.
Yakub, a wiry center-forward, said he had "cried tears of joy" when the team managed to qualify for Denmark.
Japanese electronics maker Funai Electric Co said it's yanking the plug on the world's last video cassette recorder. A company spokesman, who requested anonymity citing company practice, confirmed on Monday that production will end sometime this month, although he would not give a date.
He said the company would like to continue production to meet customer requests, but can't because key component makers are pulling out due to shrinking demand for VCRs.
Many families and libraries have content stored in the VHS format and want to convert the tapes to DVD or other digital disks. Funai's VCR factory is off-limits to media coverage for security reasons because other products are made at the same plant, he said. Owners of VCRs are not as emotionally attached to their machines as are owners of Sony Corp's discontinued robotic dog Aibo, or the Boombox, the portable cassette player, with its deeply resonating speakers and cool designs, said Nobuyuki Norimatsu, nicknamed "Aibo doctor", of A-Fun, a company of engineers who do repairs for discontinued electronics goods. Still, many VCR owners want to dub their videos on their own, rather than sending them to outside companies, because the content is so personal, he said. Panasonic Corp withdrew from making VCRs several years ago, making Funai the only manufacturer.
Massiel Alvarez, 18, enters a car at the end of the Cuban Otaku festival in Havana on Sunday. Cuba may be one of the world's least connected countries but that is not stopping the Japanese subculture of animated movies, manga comics and video games from spreading feverishly among its youth. More than a thousand "Otakus", or fans of such fantasy worlds, descended on Havana this week for the country's third Otaku festival, defying the sweltering heat to sport the costumes. Some performed scenes from animation movies on stage, while others belted out songs in Japanese with Spanish subtitles projected in the background.
The 17-year-old, who is learning Japanese and dreams of creating comics, said she started getting seriously into the subculture a year ago. Some Cubans said the role playing offered them an escape and the science fiction heroes encouraged them to overcome their own difficulties. Otakus face challenges pursuing their hobby in Cuba as fans cannot easily look up series and mangas on the internet. Accessories are not on sale in Cuba so Otakus make their own costumes, saving up for the materials.
Prime Minister John Key on Monday announced an ambitious plan to completely rid the South Pacific nation of rats and some other nuisance animals, including possums and stoats, by the year 2050. The government is hoping a rat-free countryside will give a boost to native birds, including the iconic kiwi. New Zealand is hoping to build on its success in eradicating rats from several of its smaller islands. However, some scientists caution the goal, while laudable, will be extremely difficult to achieve in a nation that's similar in size to the United Kingdom. Speaking from a wildlife sanctuary in Wellington, Key said the goal would require the help of everyone from philanthropists to indigenous Maori tribes.
He said the government would initially contribute $20 million over four years toward setting up a company to run the program, and would consider partially matching money contributed by local councils and businesses. New Zealand's Department of Conservation has eradicated rats from several small islands using traps, poisons and baits.
But it would require a massive escalation of those efforts to completely wipe out the pests. Ecologist James Russell, from the University of Auckland, has written about the idea before. He said getting rid of the pests would make a huge difference to the health of native flora and fauna. But Jacqueline Beggs, another ecologist from the university, said eliminating pests from small, uninhabited islands was one thing, but getting everybody from farmers to anti-government types to agree on the idea would prove much more difficult, if not impossible. An Iraqi policeman uses a hand-held bomb detector at a checkpoint in Baghdad on Jan 23, 2014. For nearly a decade, anyone driving through one of Baghdad's many checkpoints was subjected to a search by a soldier pointing a security wand at their vehicle and watching the device intently to see if its antenna moved.
Yet the government continued to use the devices, spending nearly $60 million on them despite warnings by US commanders and the wands' proven failure to stop near-daily bombings in Baghdad. It took a massive suicide bombing that killed almost 300 people in Baghdad on July 3 - the deadliest single attack in the capital in 13 years of war - for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to finally ban their use. Now there are accusations that plans to start using newly imported explosives-detecting scanners were intentionally held up as part of the political wrangling over which faction - the military or the police - will control security in Baghdad. Since the wands were banned, soldiers at Baghdad checkpoints largely wave motorists through, occasionally asking for vehicle registrations and driver's licenses and taking a quick look inside. In some places, the wands are still being used - at some checkpoints in Baghdad and in the southern port city of Basra, Iraq's third-largest city - nearly two weeks after the Baghdad bombing.
Officials said the explosives-laden minibus used in the July 3 attack in Baghdad's central Karradah district started its journey in Diyala province, traveling 50 kilometers to the capital.
Four days after the Karradah bombing, three suicide bombers struck a Shiite shrine in Balad, north of Baghdad, killing 37 people.
When Iraqi security forces first began using the ADE-651 wands, US and British military commanders in Iraq dismissed the devices as useless and counseled the government to stop using them. Faced with mounting criticism, former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki ordered an investigation into the effectiveness of the devices in 2010.
In her first public comments since being freed from a military hospital on Thursday after the Supreme Court dismissed plunder charges against her, Arroyo insisted her detention was "unjust". The court found "insufficient evidence" to accuse her of stealing $8.8 million in state lottery funds meant for charity programs while she was in office between 2001 and 2010.
Arroyo was jailed in 2011 under the administration of then president Benigno Aquino III, who sought to make his predecessor a high-profile scalp of his anti-corruption campaign. Aquino had questioned the decision to free Arroyo, saying she must be held accountable for misusing funds intended for the poor. The daughter of former president Diosdado Macapagal, Arroyo said her family also experienced persecution when rivals went after her father's allies.
Despite her detention, Arroyo retained her seat in the House of Representatives in May elections, winning a third three-year term as a congresswoman representing her family's stronghold in a farming and industrial province just north of Manila.
She was initially arrested on charges of electoral sabotage for allegedly conspiring with election officials to rig 2007 senatorial polls. Because of her condition, the government allowed her to be detained in a military hospital. She was granted bail for the vote-rigging case in July 2012 after the court - while not dismissing the charge - ruled evidence against her was weak.
Police stand at the site in Reutlingen, Germany, where a 21-year-old Syrian refugee killed a woman with a machete and injured two others on Sunday. A 27-year-old Syrian man denied asylum in Germany a year ago blew himself up on Sunday outside a crowded music festival, injuring 12 people in the country's fourth violent attack on members of the public in less than a week.
A spokeswoman for the Bavarian state police force said on Monday it was unclear whether the man was an Islamist militant, and that investigations were continuing. The incident, on top of three other attacks since July 18 that left 10 people dead and 34 injured, will fuel growing public unease about Chancellor Angela Merkel's open-door refugee policy.
Police said three of the 12 wounded were in a serious condition after the attack in Ansbach, a town of 40,000 people southwest of Nuremberg that has a US Army base.
The dead man had been in treatment after twice before trying to kill himself, though Sunday evening's explosion was more than just "a pure suicide attempt", Herrmann said. Herrmann said the Syrian asylum seeker arrived in Germany two years ago and had been in trouble with local police repeatedly for drug-taking and other offenses.
It was the second violent incident in Germany on Sunday and the fourth in the past week, including the killing of nine people by a deranged 18-year-old Iranian-German gunman in the Bavarian capital Munich on Friday. Herrmann said the man, whose identity has not yet been released, had been living in Ansbach for a year. One US intelligence official said investigators would focus on what the bomber was doing before he left Syria and why he was denied asylum.
US security sources said the bombing did not appear to be a well-planned operation and could well turn out to be the act of another mentally unstable individual. Herrmann said the man had been denied entry to the Ansbach Open music festival shortly before detonating the bomb outside a restaurant. Earlier on Sunday, a 21-year-old Syrian refugee was arrested after killing a pregnant woman and wounding two people with a machete in the southwestern city of Reutlingen, near Stuttgart. A string of bloody attacks have rocked Germany of late, setting the nerves of its public on edge and raising concerns about safety and refugee issues. On Dec 31, a group of some 1,000 men surrounded, harassed and robbed mostly women in the western German city of Cologne. On May 10, a man stabbed four people at a train station in a random early-morning attack in Grafing near Munich. On June 23, a masked gunman stormed a cinema in western Germany and took some people hostage. On July 18, a 17-year-old asylum-seeker from Afghanistan assaulted passengers with axe and knife on a regional train near Wuerzburg, Bavaria, severely wounding five.
On July 22, an 18-year-old with dual German-Iranian nationality killed 10, including himself, and wounded 27 others at a shopping center in Munich.
On July 24, one person was killed and 12 others were injured in an explosion in the southern German city of Ansbach.
On the same day, a man killed a woman and injured two others with a machete in the southwestern German town of Reutlingen. The attack comes just six weeks after an attack at a gay club in the state left 49 dead in the worst massacre on US soil since attacks on Sept 11, 2001.
Officers have detained one "person of interest" and two other individuals for questioning over the latest shooting, which happened at Club Blu in Fort Myers.
The Fort Myers Police Department reported that while two individuals were fatally shot, 17 more sustained minor to life-threatening wounds during the episode, which occurred in the club's parking lot. A nearby home and vehicles were also shot at, resulting in one minor injury, the department said in a statement.
Officers are "actively canvassing the area looking for other people who may be involved in this incident", although the area had been deemed safe. An attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida on June 12 left 49 dead in the worst gun massacre in recent US history. Police killed the gunman, Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old US citizen of Afghan origin, after a three-hour standoff.
The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for that attack, calling the Mateen "one of the soldiers of the caliphate".
That rampage and other recent shootings have renewed debate about gun laws in the United States.
After the incident, the White House denounced the "cowardice" of US senators who failed to pass gun control legislation.
A supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders march in opposition to Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Sunday.
The Democratic National Convention opened on Monday in Philadelphia with much bigger demonstrations than the Republican convention and much higher temperatures as the region sweltered under a heat wave. In one of the largest rallies planned for the day, a pro-Bernie Sanders group was expected to walk across the Ben Franklin Bridge, which connects Camden, New Jersey, with Philadelphia. On Sunday, throngs of people marched along a main thoroughfare of the city to show their support for Sanders and their disdain for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.
Although planned for months, the marches came as fractures appeared in the party that had been trying to display a show of unity in recent weeks. The Democrats had been trying to avoid the divide that was apparent in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention last week. Sanders had called for Wasserman Schultz's resignation and said on Sunday that she made the right decision for the party's future by resigning.

Darcy Samek, 54, traveled alone from Minneapolis to protest through the four-day convention. Philadelphia police called Sunday's protests peaceful and said they were pleased with how things were going.
More than 5,000 delegates are set to attend the four-day convention, which is expected to culminate with Clinton being named the party's official nominee for president. Marvel Studios took a year off from Comic-Con, but it came back with a pow on Saturday with a spectacle and star-filled presentation offering exclusive looks at Spider-Man: Homecoming, Doctor Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. They kicked things off with Black Panther, which doesn't start shooting until January for a release in 2018.
Coogler, who directed Creed and Fruitvale Station, said that it was a very emotional experience being at Comic-Con. The rest of the films on Marvel's slate, even those which have just started shooting, had something to show.
Those in Hall H also got a sneak peek at Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is just 10 days into its shoot.
Marvel Studios unveiled initial footage showing star Tom Holland as Peter Parker in the latest big-screen reboot of the web-slinger. Marvel brought out the production value for Doctor Strange, starting out that portion of the presentation with a smoke and light show, which cleared to reveal star Benedict Cumberbatch on the stage.
The scene showed focused in on Tilda Swinton's The Ancient One teaching a reluctant Stephen Strange (Cumberbatch) about his crazy new powers.
Kurt Russell, also present for the panel, was confirmed as Star Lord's (Pratt) father in a newly release trailer, resulting in a resounding cheer from the audience. Once abundant in the Florida Everglades, experts say fewer than 2,000 ghost orchids (Dendrophylax lindenii) are left in the state, where it is considered an endangered plant. Poaching, urbanization and pesticide pollution - which cuts down on insect pollinators - are among the ghost orchid's top threats, according to Kane, a professor of environmental horticulture at the University of Florida. He and his graduate students grow ghost orchids from genetically diverse seeds in their northern Florida lab. After the plants have grown for a few years, they take them to a secluded location deep inside the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge in the southern part of the state. This tranquil spot, known as McBride's Pond, lies under a shady canopy of pop ash, pond apple and cypress trees.
The two men take turns stapling the burlap - not the roots - onto the tree trunks, as an alligator quietly suns itself nearby and swallowtail butterflies swoop overhead.
The burlap will decompose, but the orchid's spider-like roots will hug the bark and hopefully, make the tree its new home. Kane's lab has also seen some unusual success with botanists managing to coax ghost orchids to bloom in the space of three years. The ghost orchid, often targeted by poachers, rose to pop culture fame with the book, The Orchid Thief, and its movie version, Adaptation, starring Nicolas Cage and Meryl Streep. Orchid enthusiasts are romanced by the leafless flower's erotic appearance, its pure white hue, and the way it dances in the wind. The ghost orchid is tough to grow and even tougher to keep alive, especially when ripped from its natural environment.
A man prays beside flowers laid in front of the Olympia shopping mall in Munich, Germany, where Friday's shooting rampage started. The teenager who shot dead nine people in a gun rampage in Munich was "obsessed" with mass killers like Norwegian rightwing fanatic Anders Behring Breivik and had no links to the Islamic State group, police said. Europe reacted in shock to the third attack on the continent in just over a week, after 18-year-old David Ali Sonboly went on a shooting spree at a shopping center on Friday in what appears to have been a premeditated attack, before turning the gun on himself.
Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said the teenager had likely hacked a girl's Facebook account and used it to lure victims to the McDonald's outlet where he began his rampage.
Investigators see an "obvious link" between Friday's killings and Breivik's massacre of 77 people in Norway exactly five years earlier, Andrae added. Most of the victims in Friday's attack were young people, with three aged just 14, police said. Munich prosecutor Thomas Steinkraus-Koch said Sonboly had suffered depression, but voiced caution over reports he may have undergone psychiatric treatment. The teenager had 300 rounds of ammunition in a rucksack when he targeted the busy Olympia shopping mall, just minutes away from the flat he shared with his family, according to authorities. Police are investigating how he managed to obtain his weapon, a 9mm Glock pistol with a defaced serial number. Germany's bestselling Bild newspaper pointed out that a Glock pistol was also among the firearms used by Breivik. Survivors described terrifying scenes on Friday as shoppers rushed from the area, some carrying children in their arms. A video posted on social media appeared to show a man in black walking away from the McDonald's restaurant while firing a handgun as people fled screaming. Other footage also emerged, apparently showing the gunman on a car park roof in a heated exchange with a man on a nearby balcony.
A police patrol shot and wounded Sonboly but he escaped before police found his body, after an operation to track down what had initially been thought to be up to three attackers. Neighbors said Sonboly was born to Iranian parents, a taxi driver father and a mother who worked at a department store. Of Shiite Muslim origin, Sonboly appears to have converted to Christianity, hence his first name David.
The family lived in the well-heeled Maxvorstadt neighborhood in a tidy social housing block popular with immigrant families. Neighbor Delfye Dalbi, 40, described Sonboly as a helpful young man who was "never bitter or angry", though others remembered a quiet loner. A former classmate told Britain's ITV News that she had run into Sonboly just hours before the attack.
A police source cited by DPA news agency said he loved playing violent video games and was an admirer of a 17-year-old German who shot dead 15 people at his school near Stuttgart in 2009.
Andrae of the Munich police said the teenager had been obsessed with books and articles about mass killings "linked to maniacs".
De Maiziere told reporters that Sonboly had likely used a hacked Facebook account to lure people to the McDonald's branch, "offering them special reductions". Recent attacks on civilians in the United States and Europe have exposed a gap in the intelligence community's efforts to track suspected extremists and prevent mass killings, a half dozen American, British and French counterterrorism officials told Reuters. The attacks have a common theme of being carried out by actors with an apparent history of mental illness - but few if any direct links to extremist groups, the officials told Reuters. From both a legal and a strategic perspective, counterterrorism investigators globally are focused on plots by established violent groups with known ideologies, such as Islamic State. Counterterrorism officials told Reuters that the assailants in a recent spate of mass killings all had histories of apparent mental illness. The counterterrorism officials in the US and Europe spoke on condition they and their organizations remained anonymous. On Saturday, Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae said the Munich mall gunman, identified in news reports as Ali David Sonboly, had undergone psychiatric treatment before the attack and was obsessed with mass killings. The German-Iranian 18-year-old, a local resident, shot and killed nine people after opening fire near Olympia shopping mall.
The tactics in such attacks contrast sharply with the attacks in Paris last November and Brussels in March, which were carried out by groups of militants with direct links to Islamic State. Existing systems for collecting intelligence on extremists are not set up to identify individuals with a history of mental illness who come into contact with people or propaganda that could incite them to engage in violence, the intelligence officials told Reuters. In the attack in Orlando, the perpetrator had viewed online jihadist propaganda, possibly produced by the Islamic State, the investigators said. French investigators have arrested five alleged accomplices in the Nice attacks, but they have so far found no evidence that the attack was directed by foreign militants, according to a US counterterrorism official and a French official.
The case of Mateen perhaps best exemplifies the difficulty in detecting and preventing attacks by single perpetrators with a history of mental illness. Federal officials have acknowledged that, for about 10 months in 2013 and 2014, the FBI investigated Mateen after he allegedly boasted to co-workers about supposed connections to al-Qaida and other militant groups.
But having found no evidence that Mateen had any real connections to militants, the FBI closed its investigation and his name was removed from the databases, two US intelligence officials told Reuters. The US officials said those decisions were made to comply with laws designed to limit invasive government surveillance on all Americans.
About three weeks before he carried out the massacre in Orlando, Mateen told an acquaintance that he was worn out from staying up all night to research psychiatric medication, the acquaintance, who asked not to be named, told Reuters.
Social networks were both a curse and a blessing in the deadly shopping mall shooting in Munich, as police sometimes found themselves chasing fictitious leads and false alarms. The 18-year-old gunman, a German-Iranian named David Ali Sonboly, also used the internet to plan and carry out his crime, in which he killed nine people and wounded 16 others. Nevertheless, the social networks provided a valuable source of information and solidarity for the city's frightened population during the long lockdown while the incident was going on. As soon as the terrifying events started to unfold late on Friday afternoon, Munich's police were quick to take to Twitter to try to keep the public informed about the confusing and fast-evolving situation. But as social network users began to tweet and re-tweet their own experiences and versions of events, it rapidly became difficult for the police to retain an overview and in some cases differentiate between fact and fiction. At one point, for example, there were a flurry of reports of another shooting in the city center, on the pedestrianized square called the Stachus not far from the main station.
Another headache for police were eyewitness accounts, photos and videos that were rapidly being uploaded onto the web. Police were concerned that the attackers - at that point, they erroneously believed there might have been more than one - could track where officers were being deployed and in what numbers, thereby making them easier to evade. In the end, the police desperately tweeted: "Please don't take fotos or video of police action in order to avoid any helpful information for the suspects".
Democratic vice-presidential candidate US Senator Tim Kaine takes a selfie with a supporter during a campaign rally in Miami, Florida, on Saturday. Hillary Clinton's search for a vice-president started with a commanding victory in the New York primary and a special delivery in a plastic Duane Reade bag. But Clinton grew personally comfortable with the likable and even-keeled Kaine as they campaigned together in recent weeks and discussed the vice presidency. Campaign chair John Podesta started the process after Clinton's convincing victory over Democratic rival Bernie Sanders in April's New York primary, dropping off binders of information with Clinton at her home in Chappaqua, New York. As Clinton dealt with an up-and-down series of primary contests against Sanders, her team delved deeply into several potential running mates, scouring public information and ultimately asking a select few to provide detailed financial and personal information, and consent to interviews.
Clinton and Kaine met that evening at her Washington home for 90 minutes, and she invited Kaine and his wife, Virginia Education Secretary Anne Holton, to her home in Chappaqua two days later. Kaine's name remained at the top of the speculation for vice-president, but he kept his head down, telling reporters that he enjoyed being senator.
Podesta and a small team of campaign aides, meanwhile, slipped out of their Brooklyn headquarters in a freight elevator and flew to Rhode Island aboard a private plane to meet Kaine. The offer finally came in a 7:32 pm EDT phone call from Clinton, who was in a holding room after wrapping up a rally at the Florida state fairgrounds in Tampa.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan talks to people gathered after Friday prayers at a mosque, in Ankara, Turkey.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tightened his grip on Turkey, ordering the closure of thousands of private schools, charities and other institutions in his first decree since imposing a state of emergency after the failed military coup. Turkish authorities also detained a nephew of Fethullah Gulen, the US-based Muslim cleric accused by Ankara of orchestrating the July 15 coup attempt, the Anadolu state news agency reported. A restructuring of Turkey's once untouchable military also drew closer, with a planned meeting between Erdogan and the already purged top brass brought forward by several days. The schools and other institutions are suspected by Turkish authorities of having links to Gulen, who has many followers in Turkey. His nephew, Muhammed Sait Gulen, was detained in the northeastern city of Erzurum and will be brought to the capital Ankara for questioning, Anadolu reported. Hasan Karakus, the pilot who bombed the special forces command in Ankara and killed 42 police officers, was also caught in Turkey, said the official.
Critics of Erdogan fear he is using the abortive coup to wage an indiscriminate crackdown on dissent. Turkey does not plan to extend emergency rule beyond a period of three months following the failed coup, but will do so if necessary, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said. Afghanistan marked a national day of mourning on Sunday, a day after at least 80 people were killed by a suicide bomber attack on a peaceful demonstration.
Funerals were due to begin quietly in western Kabul as families collected their dead from hospitals and morgues across the capital, and graves were dug in preparation. Authorities say another 231 people were wounded, some seriously, in the attack on Saturday afternoon on a march by members of the ethnic Hazara community, who are predominantly Shiite Muslim.
The IS group has had a presence in Afghanistan for the past year, mainly in the eastern province of Nangarhar along the Pakistani border. Prior to the Saturday attack, thousands of Hazaras had marched through Kabul to demand the rerouting of a power line through their impoverished province of Bamiyan, in the central highlands.
Donald Trump accused Democratic rival Hillary Clinton of a legacy of "death, destruction, terrorism and weakness" as US secretary of state and vowed to be tough on crime and illegal immigrants in a speech on Thursday accepting the Republican presidential nomination.
Trump's 75-minute speech was designed to set the tone for the general election campaign against Clinton, an answer to Republicans who say the best way he can unify the divided party is to detail why the Democrat should not be elected on Nov 8.
A CNN snap poll of viewers of the speech said 57 percent had a "very positive reaction" to the address and 18 percent a somewhat positive reaction, while 24 percent said it had a negative effect.
The acceptance speech by Trump, 70, closed out a four-day convention that underscored his struggle to heal fissures in the Republican Party over his anti-illegal-immigrant rhetoric and concerns about his temperament. Trump presented a bleak view of the country under siege from illegal immigrants, threatened by Islamic State militants, hindered by crumbling infrastructure and weakened by unfair trade deals and race-related violence. Accusing illegal immigrants of taking jobs from US citizens and committing crimes, Trump vowed to build a "great border wall" against the border-crossers. The New York businessman, who has never held elected office, filled his speech with some of the bravado he used to win the Republican nomination over 16 rivals, punctuating his rhetorical points by waving an index finger.
In his speech, Trump portrayed himself as a fresh alternative to traditional politicians, willing to consider new approaches to vexing problems and help working-class people who may feel abandoned.
Laying out his case against Clinton, he denounced nation-building policies that were actually put in place to some extent by George W. Trump said policies pursued by Clinton in Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria had made a bad situation worse. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan vowed on Thursday to restructure the military and give it "fresh blood" as emergency rule took hold across the NATO member country after last week's attempted coup. Erdogan's comments in an interview - his first since announcing a state of emergency late on Wednesday - came as Turkey sought to assure its citizens and the outside world that the government was not turning its back on democracy.
The government accuses Fethullah Gulen, a US-based cleric, of masterminding the plot against him, which crumbled early on Saturday. Erdogan said the government's Supreme Military Council, which is chaired by the prime minister, and includes the defense minister and the chief of staff, would oversee the restructuring of the armed forces. Speaking at his palace in Ankara, he said a new putsch was possible but would not be easy because authorities were now more vigilant. On Friday, the Russian government lifted a temporary ban on air travel for its citizens to Turkey, imposed over fears of unrest after the failed coup.
Moscow blocked Russian citizens from flying to Turkey on Saturday in the wake of the coup attempt that rocked the country and President Vladimir Putin ordered officials to help holidaymakers return home. Russia and Turkey have only recently mended ties after they were shattered by Ankara's shooting down of one of Moscow's warplanes over the Syria border in November. The Kremlin has lifted the retaliatory sanctions it slapped on Turkey preventing the sale of package tours to the country and is in the process of restarting charter flights.
The punitive measures dealt a crushing blow to the Turkish tourism industry, which is hugely reliant on Russian tourists especially on its Mediterranean coast. The governments of Malaysia, Australia and China announced on Friday that the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 would be suspended upon completion of the current search area, but promised to resume the search should new evidence emerge. The announcement was made following a tripartite meeting attended by transport ministers of the three countries in Malaysia.
In a joint statement, the three ministers said none of the debris had provided information that positively identified the precise location of the aircraft. With less than 10,000 square kilometers out of the 120,000 square kilometer high priority search area remaining to be searched, the ministers acknowledged that "the likelihood of finding the aircraft is fading". But officials said the three governments committed to find the aircraft, stressing that "suspension does not mean the termination of the search". A bloody rampage by an ax-and-knife wielding Afghan refugee has revived concerns in Germany about the country's ability to cope with an influx of migrants over the past year, some of whom may harbor violent hatred toward the west. Riaz Khan Ahmadzai, 17, attacked tourists from Hong Kong while traveling on a commuter train near the Bavarian town of Wuerzburg on Monday night, wounding four on board and a local German dog walker outside as he fled.
The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack and posted a video in which the teen waved a knife and referred to himself as a "soldier of the Islamic State". The nationalist Alternative for Germany, a political party that has surged in popularity on an anti-immigration platform, has seized on the train attack, claiming it was proof that Chancellor Angela Merkel's policy of opening German borders to refugees had failed. Georg Pazderski, a member of AfD's national leadership, said the attack showed Germany was "sitting on a dangerous time bomb" in the shape of thousands of young refugees. Germany's justice minister cautioned against jumping to hasty conclusions after the attack. Ahmadzai was one of about 60,000 unaccompanied minors who came into Germany last year amid an unprecedented influx of more than 1 million asylum seekers, mostly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.
Authorities have been providing special care to these minors, many of whom are traumatized by the conflicts in their homelands and by their journey to Europe.
Officials and people who knew Ahmadzai, including his foster parents, struggled to explain how the apparently well-adjusted teenager might have become radicalized. French President Francois Hollande said on Friday France would supply heavy weapons to Iraqi forces as soon as next month and that there were no plans to deploy troops on the ground there and in Syria.
India mounted a massive search and rescue operation on Friday for an Indian Air Force plane that went missing with 29 people on board over the Bay of Bengal. A 20-year-old man was charged on Thursday with capital murder in the death of a Kansas police officer fatally shot inside his patrol car while investigating a drive-by shooting. At least 30 people were injured on Friday when a train collided with a truck at a railway crossing in the north of Iran, media reported.
A Russianman and an Uzbek woman were arrested at beach resorts in Thailand and accused of stealing more than $28.5 million by planting malware on the victims' computers and depleting bank accounts in the United States and other countries. Indonesian health officials inject a baby in Jakarta on Monday during a revaccination program for children who were earlier given fake vaccines. A scandal over fake vaccines given to children prompted angry and confused parents to physically attack a doctor in the Indonesian capital in a sign of deep-seated problems in the country's health system. Since last month, vials filled with saline solution and antibiotics have been discovered at 37 hospitals and clinics in nine cities, according to the Food and Drug Agency. Indonesia President Joko Widodo this week visited a clinic where nearly 170 children were to be revaccinated.
He said he is not aware of any children dying as a result of not being protected against diseases they were believed to have been vaccinated against, but added it's possible some kids could have gotten sick without being detected. Local television footage this week showed a mob of angry parents at Harapan Bunda Hospital in eastern Jakarta arguing with a doctor and then punching him and spitting on him before security officers broke up the brawl. Jane Soepardi, a senior officer at the Health Ministry, said on Friday the government estimates about 5,000 children from 4.8 million targeted this year for immunization, have gotten fake vaccines. She said the fakes did not contain harmful substances but it's possible the unsafe process of producing them could cause infections in children they were administered to. Danang Susilo, the father of 14-month old Chelea, said he is worried about his daughter's health even though doctors at Karya Medika Hospital at Bekasi on the outskirts of Jakarta assured him the fake vaccine she received was harmless. Galleries in British cities, including London, Liverpool, Manchester, Cardiff and Edinburgh, have played along with the deliberate switch as part of a documentary program to be aired on television next year. The fake-busting challenge continues throughout July and August at the six galleries, but on Thursday, at the halfway stage, the program makers decided to reveal the country's most successful art detectives.
It was eagle-eyed visitors to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool who so far have proved to be the best fake-busters.
Seventy percent of fake busters at the internationally famous Walker Art Gallery detected which masterpiece had been switched, the highest level in the country, while the detection rate at the nearby Lady Lever Art Gallery was 59 percent, the second-highest tally.
Throughout this month, members of the public are being invited to use their detective skills to spot the seven copies hiding in plain sight on the walls of the galleries. Besides the Walker and Lady Lever, the fakes are also displayed at the Guildhall Art Gallery in London, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh, the Manchester Art Gallery and the National Museum Cardiff.
The fakes include both portraits and landscapes, with portraits proving the easiest to detect. Early next year, Sky Arts will mark out the seven "fakes" as well as the artists who commissioned to copy them. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared a state of emergency on Wednesday as he widened a crackdown against thousands of members of the security forces, judiciary, civil service and academia after a failed military coup. Erdogan said the state of emergency, lasting three months, would allow his government to take swift and decisive measures against supporters of the coup and was allowed under the constitution. Turkey also announced on Thursday it would suspend the European Convention on Human Rights during the state of emergency. Meanwhile, Turkish lawmakers convened on Thursday to endorse sweeping new powers for Erdogan that would allow him to expand a crackdown.
Emergency rule, which would take effect after it is published in Turkey's official gazette, would allow the president and cabinet to bypass parliament in passing new laws and to limit or suspend rights and freedoms as they deem necessary. Erdogan made the announcement during a live television broadcast in front of his government ministers after a nearly five-hour meeting of the National Security Council. It’s no secret that eating out too often is detrimental to your health and your wallet. He calculates that a trip to McDonald’s will set you back $28 for a family of four, whereas a home-cooked chicken dinner with vegetables is only $14. An emergency situation, whether in the short term or in a long-term SHTF scenario, will put a significant strain on your body. A fit person who exercises with some regularity will be much better placed to meet these challenges.
In our modern life, our fight-or-flight response may kick in when we’re doing mundane things, like sitting in a meeting. TIP: Learn the 16-Second Survival Breath to help you overcome the automatic panic response. Decide well before you are faced with a severe emergency that you will take a deep breath and assess the situation before you panic.
If you have a serious thing for coffee, you could make it part of your food storage like buckets full of wheat and rice. Keep in mind that this would be in a SHTF scenario, wherein you would already be coping with who knows what.
The thing with emergency preparedness is that you can’t predict when emergencies will happen. There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. Beth Buck lives in Utah with her husband and three children, but don't be fooled by her pedestrian exterior. I teach my kids that things like coffee, black (fermented) tea, tobacco, and alcohol are means of enslavement.
People bitch and moan about the cold of winter, but this summertime hot weather feels like a punishment compared to a little snow. How am I supposed to survive this? Skipping this step means you risk wasting time writing and optimizing for things that are totally irrelevant to your audience.
After you’ve read this article you should be able to get started doing keyword research for your site and approach the process as a way to create an alignment between the way you talk about your business and the way your customers talk about it. The first step is figuring out what language your target audience is using to talk about your product. In our unique case, Portent has made some really cool tools that are getting us a lot of clicks, but again, usually the top few queries will be your brand name or variations of it. This is a paid tool that will set you back about $70 a month, but it’s well worth it. Choose one or two high volume, competitive terms that you already rank well for and would like to see improve.
Remember that can still mean you target multiple keywords per page that fall under one topic. For instance, blog posts and category pages are great for answering those broad questions and providing information for users who are gathering information about your industry, type of product, etc. Include both competitive and less competitive terms in your strategy knowing that the more competitive a term is, the more work you’re going to have to do to earn a spot on page one. Your goal should always be to create content that’s interesting and helpful to your target audience.

If you're not convinced by now that Featured Snippets offer a significant organic opportunity, then today is my attempt to change your mind.
At minimum, Featured Snippets contain an extracted answer (more on that later), a display title, and a URL. While extracting answers from sites was certainly uncharted territory for Google, and we can debate their use of our content in this form, there's a growing body of evidence to suggest that Featured Snippets not only haven't harmed CTR, but they actually boost it in some cases. Google does seem to be parsing content fairly deeply for relevance, and they've been improving their capabilities constantly since the launch of Featured Snippets. As with the table, not only has Google determined that a list is a relevant format for the answer, but they've created this list. There are opportunties across all of page one, in theory, but searches where you rank in the top five are going to be your best targets.
I showed in a previous post how we fixed a Featured Snippet with updated data, but let's get to what you really want to hear — can we take a Featured Snippet from a competitor? For example, a question like "How old is Beyoncé?" or "When is Labor Day?" is going to be pulled from the Knowledge Graph.
This is especially effective for industry terms and other specialized knowledge that can't be easily reduced to a dictionary definition. Google has expanded dictionary results in the past year, so you'll need to focus on less common terms and phrases.
The summary can add credibility to your listing while still attracting clicks to in-depth content.
Fortunately, you can use the "site:" operator along with your search term to help answer both questions.
If we were willing to rewrite the page just to answer this question (and that certainly involves trade-offs), we'd have a much better sense of where to start.What about Related Questions?Featured Snippets have a close cousin that launched more recently, known to Google as Related Questions and sometimes called the "People Also Ask" box.
We're not completely sure how Featured Snippets and Related Questions are connected, but they share a common philosophy and very likely a lot of common code. It's easy to jump to conspiracy theories when Google takes our content to provide direct answers, but what do they gain? You can still look at your phone screen, of course, but imagine if you had asked the question in your car or on Google's new search appliance (their competitor to Amazon's Echo). This may not be so much about profiting from direct answers for Google as it is about survival. Therefore I am always on the lookout for new email notification tools to make sure I am aware of important news even when I am too busy or my Twitter feed is too overwhelming. Or at least use labels to easily filter automatic updates out whenever your inbox gets too cluttered.
I think this instills some daily sense of negativity that I don’t appreciate in social media networking. What if, instead of being sponsored ads, Google Shopping completely replaced organic search results for transactional queries? Google’s organic results have dropped product listings and are now showing sales pages for shoe stores. Compare that to Google Shopping, which now matches the majority of my criteria except price. And when they do, the Google Shopping result will produce the best answer to the user's query, getting them to their desired action with the fewest number of clicks. This seems the logical next step for shopping, as well, once search results are dependable. Currently, Google Shopping allows users to find more information about a product within Google before clicking through to a landing page to complete their purchase.
If Google decided to rank your product more prominently than competitors, its ease of use could see an uplift in sales. It's likely that measurement would have to be based on impressions and conversions rather than sessions.
Rank tracking companies such as GetStat and SEMRush would have to adapt their products to track product listings in the same way that we've seen them improve tracking for local packs and structured data over the last 12 months. This was a requirement in Google’s paid experiment and, as such, could be a necessity to appear here in the future. We should still get structured data in place to reap the rewards now and start producing great content that sits higher up the funnel. Think of it as your exclusive digest of stuff you don't have time to hunt down but want to read! Apart from Danish, French and English, Chinese is among the four languages used on the royal family's website since 2014. And within European institutions, Chinese-language training courses are routinely offered to young officials. I was astonished by his fluency in Chinese and excellent mastering of the Chinese way of communication. All in all, starting from kindergarten to universities, China should consider "smart investment" in overseas education.
They are heading to Denmark later this week to take part in the Dana Cup, an international youth tournament.
The cost of the trip is being underwritten by several Indian and international corporations.
In 2000, it made 15 million of them, 70 percent for the US market, according to the company, based in Osaka, central Japan. That includes film cameras and floppy disks once used to store computer content, which were displaced by smaller memory devices with larger capacity and by cloud storage. Many bird species are threatened with extinction because rats and other pests feast on their eggs and compete with them for food. And it has also intensively managed some areas on the main islands to make the msafer for native birds.
It had been proven years ago, even before 2013 when two British men were convicted in separate trials on fraud charges for selling the detectors. Iraqis mocked the device from the start, joking that too much aftershave could set off the antenna. They also were used across the holy city of Najaf south of Baghdad for at least a week after al-Abadi's order before they were finally recalled. He said the new vehicles equipped with scanners have been deployed at checkpoints on major roads leading to the capital.
The vehicle, a type used as communal taxis in Iraq, would have encountered at least half a dozen checkpoints, most of which likely used the wand. More than a million migrants have entered Germany over the past year, many fleeing war in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.
Although his application for asylum had been denied, he was not in danger of being deported immediately given the civil war in Syria.
According to eyewitnesses and victims, the perpetrators were from Arabic or North African regions.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned on Sunday as Democratic Party chairwoman over e-mails suggesting the DNC had played favorites for Clinton during the primary. But the hacked e-mails further fired up Sanders supporters, who long accused the party of favoring Clinton despite officially being neutral. Feige didn't disappoint the 6,500 person crowd inside the convention hall with the nearly two-hour presentation. While there weren't any assets to tease, they did bring out the cast, including star Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong'o, Michael B. Director Scott Derrickson said he wanted to make sure the "mind-trippy visuals" of the comics were an integral part of the film, which bows in November.
Less popular, though, was the announcement that Guardians of the Galaxy would be overtaking the Tower of Terror ride at Disneyland starting next summer with a new ride.
Kane recalled high-fiving in the swamp with his then graduate student, Nguyen Hoang of Vietnam, when they returned a few weeks after planting and discovered that most had survived. In the US, laws designed to protect citizens from intrusive government spying can limit investigations of individuals unless they have provable ties to foreign terror groups.
But subsequent probes turned up no evidence the Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, had any significant connections with Islamic State or any other militant organizations. While he was under investigation, the FBI placed Mateen's name in three government databases, one of which is intended to trigger additional scrutiny if an individual passes through airport or border checkpoints. Neither the CIA nor National Counterterrorism Center are allowed to collect and retain information on American suspects who have no provable links to international terrorist groups, the two US officials said. Three months later, it ended with a phone call to a shipyard office, where Virginia Senator Tim Kaine was waiting. A senator, former Virginia governor and mayor of Richmond, he hails from a top battleground state and, as a fluent Spanish speaker, could help in another: Florida. Clinton ultimately concluded that she had "unshakeable confidence in Kaine's readiness to do the job", according to a Clinton aide familiar with her thinking. Clinton was also drawn to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, the former Iowa governor who remained in the running until the end.
The information on potential running mates was delivered in a bag from Duane Reade, a New York drug store.
Her screeners included Washington attorney James Hamilton, former State Department chief of staff Cheryl Mills and Podesta, along with a group of attorneys and top aides.
This time, lunch was served and the Kaines joined Bill Clinton and the Clintons' daughter, Chelsea, and son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky. He started the day of his selection at a fundraiser in Boston and then traveled to Newport, Rhode Island, to headline a fundraiser for the state's Democratic senator, Jack Reed. When they arrived in Newport, they waited in their car in a beachfront parking lot - Podesta was wearing a suit and didn't want to draw suspicion. Kaine took the call in a shipyard office in Newport strewn with rope and boating equipment, and he quickly accepted. Among possible charges that could be brought against him is membership of a terrorist organization, the agency said. Halis Hanci, described as the cleric's right-hand man, apparently entered Turkey two days before the abortive coup, the official told reporters. The foundations targeted include, for example, the Association of Judges and Prosecutors, a secular group that criticized a recent judicial law drafted by Erdogan's Islamist-rooted AK Party. On Sunday, the main opposition CHP was staging a "democracy rally" in Istanbul's central Taksim square, to which were also invited supporters of the ruling AK Party, to condemn the coup attempt.
The Afghan military, backed by US troops, is planning an offensive against IS positions in Nangarhar in coming days. He said he would avoid multinational trade deals but instead pursue agreements with individual countries. Bush, without mentioning by name the Republican president who launched wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He blamed her for the rise of extremists and blasted her willingness to accept thousands of Syrian refugees.
This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton: death, destruction, terrorism and weakness," Trump said.
Despite the discovery to some debris, a joint search effort has not yet found the main body of the aircraft in the south Indian Ocean, where it has presumably ended its journey. Authorities, however, have said that the attacker, who was shot and killed after lunging at police with his weapons, likely acted alone after becoming radicalized. He noted that most of the recent extremist attacks in Europe were carried out by people born or raised in Europe. France has said it would ramp up efforts to fight the Islamic State group after an attack in the Riviera city of Nice that killed 84 people last week. With concern mounting hours after its disappearance, five surveillance aircraft and 13 navy and coast guard ships launched the search for the aircraft, which vanished shortly after takeoff from the southern city of Chennai. State news agency IRNA, quoting a provincial governor, said the accident took place in the morning as the train was traveling along the Caspian Sea in Mazandaran province.
He asked for patience while police continue to investigate an "extraordinary crime" of bogus vaccines allegedly going back as far as 2003. The fake vaccines involved a number of shots routinely given to children, including for measles, whooping cough, hepatitis and diphtheria.
He said the number of children affected is likely small, given that only 1 percent of vaccines administered nationwide are imported. Other parents took their rage to the government, complaining to members of parliament and demanding help.
The least successful fake-busters were in Manchester, where just 9 percent spotted a fake urban landscape among the Lowry and Valette collection. A bad habit that may simply be an annoyance to your spouse on a regular day could have severe consequences in an emergency. It’s much more expensive to eat at a restaurant than it is to cook your own food at home. Remember that financial preparedness is one area in which most survival experts have little to say. Even if you choose an establishment that primarily serves healthy food, an over-reliance on outside sources for the preparation of your meals can make you less likely to develop cooking skills and habits of your own. You might feel like an idiot at the time, but no one (to my knowledge) ever died by being unprepared at a board meeting, but the stakes will be much higher in a survival situation. How do you train yourself not to panic when your emotions can be overpowering?  It’s not a quick fix like ordering a few cases of  food storage from the internet.
Identify the real dangers (the carnivorous dinosaur),  the aspects that pose no real threat (the non-venomous snake), and the best course of action. That would soften the blow in the event of a shortage, but if coffee became impossible to buy ever after, you would eventually run out of the coffee in your storage and would have no choice but to find a way to cope with a coffee-free life. If you can wean yourself away from them, you’ll be better able to cope in truly dire times. Part of being a prepper means you don’t just lie down and let bad things roll over you. If I can quit biting my nails, I can probably find it within myself to put my shoes away, too. I know they grow best in tropical climates, so if you live in the temperate zone you’d have to put your coffee plants indoors or in a greenhouse. Cranky because discomfort sucks and I have to pass on all the things in the world that I like–wearing black tights and not being sweaty. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I’m going to cover a lot of the basics of keyword research in this article, but if you want a really detailed, in depth refresher on the fundamentals, this article from Moz does a really good job of breaking down keyword research into its most basic components. With some tweaking, these queries could be an opportunity to improve rankings and visibility since you’re answering the question better than sites in positions ahead of you. From the list you’ve compiled there are usually a few distinct topics and subtopics that emerge. For example, if you have only one page to target a particular topic, then five terms is likely more than enough. Combine these ideal head terms with some less competitive terms you can easily optimize for. Not only is it important to choose the right topics to hit, it’s also important to choose the right pages to cover those topics. And then of course people searching for a specific product name may be looking to buy, or at least compare reviews and prices.
We’ll save the more promotional answers for evergreen educational pages, product comparison pages, and product pages themselves. Getting combined traffic from several less competitive terms can add up to the same amount of traffic and conversions or even more. In February of 2016, HubSpot did a larger study of high-volume keywords showing that ranking #0 produced a 114% CTR boost, even when they already held the #1 organic position.
As content creation exploded, humans could no longer keep up, especially in anything close to real-time, and search engines turned to algorithmic approaches and machine curation. Ranking #1 certainly doesn't hurt, but we've found examples of Featured Snippet URLs from across all of page one.
The team at STAT produced an in-depth white paper on Featured Snippets across a very large data set that showed a similar pattern, with about 30% of Featured Snippet URLs ranking in the #1 organic position. If you're ranking #2–#5 it may be easier to compete for position #0 than it is for position #1. It's helpful to keep in mind the 5 Ws (Who, What, When, Where, Why) + How, but many of these questions will generate answers from the Knowledge Graph directly. While human curation can't keep up with the pace of the web, WikiData and other sources are still impressive and cover a massive amount of territory.
They haven't monetized this box, and a strong, third-party answer draws attention and could detract from ad clicks. There's an even more difficult problem than screen space, though, and that's when you have no screen at all. In those cases, the Featured Snippet wouldn't just be the most prominent answer — it would be the only answer. However I have nothing against people being interested in who unfollows them and why and can totally see how this can be useful information. Google have already been using Google Shopping ads within search results for a while now, and they recently started testing Showcase Shopping ads, increasing the level of product exposure in a search result.
As the potential customer, does it even matter, as long as I find the red shoes I’m looking for? However, compare this to Google Shopping results and you'll see where we could be heading in the future with organic results.
Google Shopping, on the other hand, is getting pretty close to the product I may be looking to purchase. And while at the time Google stated they have no intention of becoming a retailer (and I still believe this to be true), we certainly know that Google wants to get the user to complete their goal as quickly and easily as possible, ideally remaining within the Google eco-system. Based on the current reporting format available for Google Shopping, users may have access to clicks and click-through rate, but as no actual data is being passed to Google Analytics this would likely be reported within Google Search Console.
Most importantly, we recommend you get structured data in place (Google’s current preference is for webmasters to use JSON-LD).
It does happen – and it can be nerve-wracking to wonder how it happened and what can be done to fix it or prevent it from happening again. A prize was awarded for best cosplay, or role playing in costume, and for best manga drawing.
The devices, sold under various names for thousands of dollars each, apparently were based on a product that sold for about $20 and claimed to find golf balls.
Police dogs have been used at some checkpoints, but that has proved to be time-consuming and contributing to traffic congestion.
Jordan, the just-announced Danai Gurira, best known for The Walking Dead, and director Ryan Coogler. The crowd went wild for an extended look at a scene with the adorable Baby Groot - a CG tree character, who in the last film was full-sized and voiced by Vin Diesel_staging an escape from captivity with Yondu (Michael Rooker) and Rocket Racoon (Bradley Cooper). Victories in both would likely put the White House out of the reach of Donald Trump and his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence.
The aide spoke on condition of anonymity to describe the private deliberations over her selection. A person close to the campaign, also speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the private deliberations, said Clinton had a hard time not choosing her longtime family friend and political loyalist. It was the first IS attack on Kabul - and the city's worst since a vicious Taliban insurgency began 15 years ago - raising concerns about the group's reach and capability in Afghanistan.
The number of affected children is still being investigated but could be significant in a country of more than 250 million people. The government began revaccinating children this week free of charge at affected hospitals and clinics, including 14 in the capital Jakarta and its outskirts. The replica copies have been deliberately put on show to discover Britain's most successful fake-busters.
Even if all you have in your food storage is freeze-dried, ready-to-eat, just-add-water meals, what will you do when they run out?
Close inspection reveals that the reptile in question has stripes of red touching black, which, as the old Cub Scout rhyme tells us, means this snake was not venomous.
As an example, some analysts are predicting difficulties in sustaining the global coffee supply. I have to admit, it does get annoying when I can’t remember where they are in the house and we have to leave the house in five minutes.
Keyword research is a way to learn about your audience, what they care about, and how they think, so you can align it with the content on your site.
When you’re ready for some heavier reading, check out this article from Portent alum Marianne Sweeney about the history of advanced keyword research.
Combining this with click through rate from search console tells you exactly which pages are performing well for which terms. If you have one category page and several subcategory pages to work with, broadening your focus to 10-15 terms would be just fine. If you do have a page on your site that’s dedicated to several topics, consider breaking it down into a few subpages, and using the current page as the hub or category page. While these results are anecdotal and may not apply to everyone, evidence continues to suggest that Featured Snippets can boost organic search traffic in many cases. Google has not only parsed the table but determined that tabular data is a sensible format in response to the question. They're keeping you on their page for another few seconds, but that's little more than a vanity metric. I would have a comparison of products from multiple retailers without even having to visit a website. If Google decided to monetize this feature, they could look to take a cut from any sales, similar to Amazon and eBay.
And when her father acceded to the throne in 2013, the Princess became Duchess of Brabant, a title reserved for the heir apparent.
Then there is the issue of making healthy food choices, something that may be difficult in a restaurant setting. Do you know how to cook from scratch, and are you comfortable enough with the process that you could do it every day?
OTOH, I suspect that coffee will be a very valuable bartering item when SHTF, along with salt, sugar and soap.
It’s the shared terminology that your audience uses, rather than the marketing speak around products that we all have to guard against for SEM. As you create content on your site specifically designed to provide valuable information to your audience on the broader topic, rankings and traffic for related and specific long-tail keywords will come naturally.
On top of that, building authority around terms closely related to a hyper-competitive term will help improve position for that term itself. Even when you ask for nutritional information, you still have no idea about the additives in the food. Not that I think I ever could actually murder someone, but if I did, it would probably be due to a hot spell. Choosing a few specific terms just means we’re intentional about including them in on-page elements, titles, headings, and in the body copy. So, we rewrote the page, starting with a clear definition and question-targeted header:This wasn't the only change, but I think it's important to structure your answers for brevity, or at least summarize them somewhere on the page. In this case, the first organic is pushed down even more, below a set of Related Questions (the "People also ask" box). A general format of a quick summary at the top, followed by a deeper dive seems to be effective. So, the "#1" organic position is really third in this example.In addition, notice that the "#0" (that's the last time I'll put it in quotes) position is the same URL as the #1 organic position.
The Featured Snippet doesn't always come from the #1 organic result (we'll get to that in a minute), but if you score #0, you are always listed twice on page one of results.(2) They're surprisingly prevalentIn our 10,000-keyword tracking data set, Featured Snippets rolled out at approximately 2% of the queries we track. Although you can no longer see which pages on the site are ranking for which terms, you can still get a general idea of which ones are performing the best.
This is a better page for people in a hurry and leads to a better search snippet than before.
Don't think of this as optimizing for Featured Snippets, or you're going to over-optimize and be haunted by the Ghost of SEO Past.

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