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One of the big advantages of being stranded in your own home is that you’ve got plenty of clothing and accessories at your disposal for bundling up.
If you had to bug out or just got lost in the wilderness you could still survive if you can identify edible wild plants that could keep you alive. In the event of a pending disaster you do not want to be caught trying to research preparedness and then think that you’ll have time to prepare adequately.
They will generally give you a better idea of how far the the outage extends, which will directly impact your waiting period for power restoration.
Be sure to open drapes in sunny windows to help take the chill off, and remember to close them as soon as the sun leaves to help keep that warmth locked inside. Cover windows with blankets and cardboard to insulate against cold (when the sun isn’t shining).
We’ll cover those that could pose serious dangers to your health, as well as the steps you can take to prevent others from winter storm damage.

The dangers involved in a snake bite depends on the species of snake, the amount of venom injected and on what part of the body the bite occurs.
A full freezer fares much better, at 2 days of temperature maintenance, or 24 hours for a freezer that is half full. Keep the doors closed to protect foods inside from warmer room temperatures and faster thawing.
Electricity is necessary to run our gadgets and appliances such as cellphones, radio, television, refrigerator and water pumps etc. Being prepared and having a few tricks under your sleeve can make the difference between life and death.
If you are out walking in an area known to have snakes it’s a good idea to wear thick leather boots and long pants.
It’s easy to prepare for a disaster when you have advance warning if you know what to do.

Remember to always keep plenty of non-spoiling foods on hand in case of just such an emergency. Also, remember that certain foods can be dangerous to consume when they are not refrigerated. Whether you want to live off the grid or just prepare for extended emergencies  or intermittent power outages, having a backup generator can be very beneficial . These four are the usual suspects behind most of the dangerous power outages that inevitably occur each winter. However, with a good plan on hand even if you’re not prepared ahead of time,  you should be able to get the job done well enough.

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