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Survival training: learning skills to survive in the wilderness, the desert, jungles and freezing locales. How do you prepare for the expected - if you deliberately set out in tough terrain - or the unexpected?
I asked an expert, Scott Heffield, to pass on some tips for survival and self-rescue.Heffield, a professional mountaineer and the lead instructor at the United Kingdom-based Bear Grylls Survival Academy, earned the right to teach survival training. If not, try and get your bearings by looking out for large and prominent features or try and locate cardinal directions such as North.
This can be the difference between life and death.Next, rescue, find your bearings as above, head for a high point and design a quick, easy and practical method for signaling. Perhaps a mirror or fire which produces lots of smoke.Finally, gather water and food where you can. Most things that crawl can be eaten and insects and bugs such as meal worms contain good sources of protein, fats and vitamins.

Foraging and Water purification - You get to drink your own filtered dirty river water and participate in a classic Bear Grylls Gross Eat of live worms!!!!3. Self preservation and environmental awareness training - Children and parents test their reflexes and flinch response out on each other, great fun.5.
Crossing difficult ground by any means, including rivers, lakes, steep ground, dense woodland. All the instructors are professional trainers, with years of experience in survival, mountaineering and working within extreme environments.
The five-day Bear Grylls Survival Academy Survival Course is at Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the Scottish Highlands The family courses take place in the Whithorn Estate in Brook, Surrey, in the South East of England about an hour from London, with all the famous sites that has to offer. If it's adventure you want then hit the Jurassic coast line only two hours away and try your hand at rock climbing or abseiling. During his 12 years as a Royal Marine, Scott became an adventurous training instructor teaching canoeing, climbing and mountaineering, which gave him his love of climbing and adventure.He spent a year in Antarctica working with the Royal Navy and British Antarctic Survey, which encompassed glacier travel, mountaineering and working in extreme environments when managing and ensuring the safety of scientists conducting research.

He also passed six winters in Norway as an arctic warfare specialist, and military ski and mountain instructor.Next, he joined the police force and eventually became a Police Trainer in officer safety, law, advanced communication skills, and more recently fire arms and Taser instruction.
Through this, he was engaged by the Born Survivor UK TV production company to provide logistics support, equipment and advice for the Bear Grylls TV show.More Tips for Survival and Survival SchoolsThere are many wilderness survival schools where you learn self-rescue tips. Some folks go just because they think it will be challenging and fun, or because they spend a lot of time in the wilderness. A course like this might also help you save your own life, whether lost in the woods, in a car stuck in the snow in an isolated area, or in other dire situations.

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