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For those of you wondering what these missions are; these missions basically require you to clear hordes of enemies.
These missions are given by Ron after reaching Rank 15; these missions become available on your mini-map denoted by a Skull and a Cross. This challenge is pretty easy to get IF you know what you are doing; and doing it the right way. It is always advised to play with some other players as they will be able to back you up; especially if you want to survive 10 waves.
Although not a must; we would advise you to have teammates with microphones so that you can keep track of each other’s progress. Ammo, armor, and weapons are the key to your survival; so make sure to stack them up between waves. Click here and leave a comment with your nickname and system to find other GTA 5 Cheats fans to play with!Survival Mode is a great way to build up money and RP in GTA Online. After clearing out each wave; you will be provided the opportunity to re-fill your arsenal and health. Soon after unlocking Survival Missions; you would only be able to play on Boneyard, Sandy Survival and Industrial Plant.

The fence in the middle of this map provides you with amazing cover while shooting down the enemies. However, make sure that you have at least two or three players with you to cover the other areas of the map. Even if you don’t, you’ll earn $18,000 if you last until the 10th round.While playing solo, you can build up all of the ammo you need by collecting it in the first few rounds when only one opponent is left. Use a minigun, machine gun, or heavy sniper rifle against the helicopters, and aim just ahead of where they’re flying. If accuracy is a problem, you can destroy the helicopters by dealing enough damage to them.
You can conserve ammo by trying to get headshots, which are instant kills.Make sure you buy food in order to restore your health.
If you have money to spare, you can also spent $5,000 to call Merryweather for support.Begin by playing either Processed solo or Boneyard co-op to build up ammo and practice. Processed is a great place to start because the helicopters appear less frequently than on other maps.
Once you can get to the 9th round on Processed, you can get the minigun, which will help you on other maps.

The easiest shed to use is the lower one on the left of the road.BoneyardStart out near the spawn point in the northwest section of the map.
If you’re alone, stay to the right and throw sticky bombs left.Sandy SurvivalIf you like faster-paced gameplay, Sandy Survival is a good map for fighting while in motion. The garage is an especially useful spot if you’re playing co-op and want to help from a support role.Industrial PlantPlay this map if you want a challenge, especially if you fight from the industrial plant’s rooftop.
From there, you should be able to take out most enemies and the helicopters.Sawmill PlantFor the majority of Sawmill Plant, there aren’t good spots to camp. This is ineffectual against other enemies, because they often will just wait instead of coming to you.RailyardIn this map, try staying in the southern area and killing enemies as they approach. Recent News GTA V’s PEDs Made More Realistic (Mod) GTA 5 Publisher CEO Strauss Zelnick On Games Industry GTA Online Biker DLC Discovered?

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