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The science behind this is that the light simulates the UV rays of the sun and helps to ward off Seasonal Affective Disorder. I know that this sounds counter intuitive when its frigid outside, but getting out into the elements can really help you deal with the gloomy weather. Learn to read the forecast: Every local known that it’s not the temperature reading you look at, but the wind chill factor, which can make a -5 day feel like -15. Embrace the activities: You’ll be much, much happier in Canada if you can learn to love skiing, snowboarding, skating or snowshoeing. CAA has partnered with Transport Canada and released a brochure called You, Your Vehicle and Winter Driving. Be Car Care Aware also provides a consumer Winter Survival Guide full of winter driving and car care tips.
From Auto Repair Reference Centre, you can search for information on your particular vehicle, or Auto IQ, Care & Repair Tips (particularly the sections Driving on Snow and Ice, Very Useful Items and Winter Wiper Maintenance) and Troubleshooting.
Winter driving precautions include making sure your hood, roof, front, back, and side windows are cleared of snow, ice, frost and fog. Always tell someone where you are going, when you expect to arrive, and the route you plan to take (stick to main roads which are always ploughed first). It is important to keep your phone handy should it be needed to call in case of emergencies but do not use it to text or phone someone while driving.
Ideally, before winter weather hits, you will want to ensure your battery is good and your tank is full.
Should your vehicle become stuck or run out of gas it is recommended you get out of the line of traffic and make sure your vehicle is out of the roadway and off to the side as best you can. But having lived here my whole life, I’ve found some ways to deal with the lack of sunlight and general warmth. And we know that you may need a little help adjusting to the slightly frigid temperatures of cities like Montreal, Ottawa and Calgary if you’re sent up here on business any time in the next few months.
Go for layers, leave as little skin exposed as possible, and make sure your jacket has serious insulation, preferably feathers. There are so many incredible places to enjoy winter outdoors (especially Mont Tremblant, just outside Montreal), that you’ll be praying for powder, instead of lamenting the cold. She has visited & lived in over 30 countries in 6 continents, but happily calls Montreal home (for now!) She has extensive experience in writing about business and leisure travel, and her articles have appeared online and in print all over the world - including The Washington Post, China Daily, Reuters India, The Boston Globe, and Scientific American Online. Bad Fats – Do You Know the Difference?Calorie-Safe Choices from Fast Food RestaurantsRelax! A reminder might be in order, especially in light of the ice storm one week ago which hit the eastern U.S. Then click on the words search most of them in the first sentence under the word DATABASES.

Be sure your brake lights and head lights are not only cleared of snow but in working condition. Slowing down is especially important on bridges and overpasses which will freeze up first, which fact may not be immediately apparent until you begin slipping and sliding while trying to cross them.
While signalling lane changes seems to have become a whimsically applied on-again off-again habit with many drivers, signalling lane changes is always important, especially in winter weather. Drivers engaged in text messaging on a cell phone are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash or near crash event compared with non-distracted drivers. Once you are out of the line of traffic to the best of your ability, get back in your car and do not step out of your vehicle into the line of traffic. I can tell you that it makes waking up in the wee hours of the morning in the dead of winter much more enjoyable. But where there is less sunlight at certain times of the year, it affects the natural balance of hormones in the body. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to SustainablySuburban with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Montreal has the largest and most famous network of underground shopping and walkways, but Ottawa, Toronto, Halifax, Toronto and Vancouver all have their own subterranean concourses downtown. Aside from her writing expertise, she speaks four languages, teaches pole dancing, has an advanced open water scuba diving licence and studies wing chun kung fu. This results in rain but during the winter time when the temperatures drop, it turns into snow.In lieu of the recent snow storm that took place in Buffalo NY, it happened as a result of lake-effect snow. Give yourself extra time for travel and, if weather is bad, wait for conditions to improve. Watch for black ice at temperatures between +4°c and -4°c, where the road surface ahead looks black and shiny. Keeping the tank full can help to avoid fuel line freeze-up where moisture can get in your gas tank and cause trouble. If you must, get out from the passenger side, to reduce the risk of being hit by other drivers. For there to be lake effect snow, there needs to be cold winds that line up with each other in height and then it needs to be blowing over open water with a surface area temperature of at least 13 degrees Celsius warmer than the air 1 ,500 meters above it. Black ice is often found on bridges and overpasses, as well as shaded areas of the roadway, long after the sun has come out.
You’ll also be glad your tank is full should you become unexpectedly caught in a traffic jam or stranded in cold weather temperatures. And never forget your hat, or ‘touque’, which is essential on the coldest days to prevent frostbite of the ears.
Eventually the rain that is produced will freeze in the cold air and as it keeps moving the cold air continues to collect more moisture from the lake and once it hits land, it will turn into a lake-effect snow storm!Buffalo, NY was hit by snow so intense it looked like a wall, leaving up to 60 inches (1.5 meters).

For those who are not, maybe take these tips into consideration because these can be used in any power outage situations. Most of these tips require a bit of prep work, so don’t wait until a storm story is being featured on your daily news to start prepping for the storm1. Stock up on foodThis should be a no brainer, but stocking up on food should be on the priority list. If the power goes off, you’ll be able to have a couple of meals before you are left on your own. Most of these canned foods are already fully cooked, so you just need to open it with a manual can opener and heat it up on a butane gas stove.
Keep in mind, if you so happen to lose power start getting rid of all your perishable foods that are in your fridge.
Hit up a local home store and pick up one of these wireless stoves to use when the power is gone. It is powered by a butane gas, and each canister is sold separately from the stove and lasts for about 3 hours each!3. Flashlights are your friend, but so are batteriesWhenever there is a power outage, before you reach for your flashlight, ask yourself if you have batteries. Invest in a generator for your homeFor those who really cannot live without technology, invest in a home generator.
It is a large investment for your home because it can cost a minimum of $3,000 to $20,000 depending on how much power you need.
Since this is a pretty penny, take a look at the how the people from Popular Mechanics explain generators and see if getting one is right for you.5. Set up an emergency kitPeople that are prepared to brace the storm, usually have a plan to kick start their survival. Keeping a box full of emergency items like batteries, extra blankets, candles, lighters, mittens, and hats will prove to be useful for when you are scrambling to find your survival essentials. Turn off your water mainsNot only will you need to survive, but then your house does as well. Always make sure that if there is a snow storm and a power outage, you should turn off all your water mains.

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