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Tornadoes can leave significant devastation — sometimes requiring you to survive without power, water and access to groceries and supplies for several days.
Keep a supply of at least three gallons per person for a three-day period for drinking, sanitation and cooking.
Have a supply of non-perishable food to feed your family – including pets – for at least three days.
Keep a battery-, solar- or car-powered cell phone charger that will power your phone without electricity. A battery-powered radio will allow you to receive information in an emergency or electrical outage.

Store a first-aid kit, medical supplies and any prescription and non-prescription medication you may require. Keep a supply of hand sanitizer, paper products and bags for use in case clean water becomes unavailable.
Have the necessary tools handy in case you need to turn off your power or water supplies as a result of damage. Keep a whistle for each member of your family to wear in case there is a need to signal for help.
Ensure that you have sturdy shoes and protective clothing – including gloves and dust masks — to shield against debris.

Weather Research Center's Family Hurricane Kit is designed to give your family instructions on preparing a Family Hurricane Kit. Included is a shopping list to prepare your kit prior to hurricane season, as well as instructions on preparing a family hurricane plan.

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