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OverviewSet in a futuristic world of survival of the fittest for the enjoyment or horror of the game's viewers, The Hunger Games opens with the selection of a female and a male who will represent District 12.
Katniss had her bow and arrow, Cato used his brute strength, Marvel had his speer, and Clove, her knife. Takeaway: As a college student, you have the ability to use hundreds of different learning tools, from databases to research tools. Haymitch, the 50th victor of the Hunger Games, may have been an intoxicated fool at times – but there were always hints of wisdom in his drunken mentorship. Successful Tributes were not necessarily the fastest or strongest of competitors, they were the ones who aptly calculated their way through the course.
Protagonist, Katniss Everdeen knew that in order to be successful in the Hunger Games, she needed to periodically rest. Fire was humankind’s protector for centuries; it used to shield us from wild animals, keep us warm and help cook our food. What I am trying to tell you, folks, is that fire is one of the most important technological achievements for humankind; just think about the ancient Greek myth of Prometheus, the Titan who stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to humans. In today’s article we’ll explore a few DIY projects about how to build your own fire starters using leftovers from the holidays, old stuff you didn’t recycle,or just scrap that you may have laying around. Knowing how to start a fire is also a great lesson to teach your kids, especially if you’re into prepping and DIY.
The ancient art of starting a fire must be preserved at all costs and that’s why we’re here today. The first fire starter project I want to tell you about caught my attention because it’s about what I’ve already discussed in the beginning of this article; how to motivate your kid into DIY-ing useful stuff. All you’ll need in terms of gear and materials for this fire starter project is old newspaper, dryer lint, a paper shredder and leftover wax. Basically it’s a variant of the already-classic egg carton-and-dryer lint idea with a twist of cuteness. The next project I’ll tell you about is a bit more complex and it will help you create self-igniting fire starters.
All you need to remember is that you’ll have to scrape the paraffin off the match’s head before you strike it or else it won’t ignite; also, rough up the toilet paper coating around the head of the match to expose a few fibers to the flame. Now, let’s see about a classic in the field, the how-to-make-a-free-fire-starter-using-egg-cartons-and-dryer-lint.
You’ll end up creating magic little balls of fire that are able to burn for 10 to 15 minutes after they’re lit, which makes them the perfect accelerant for starting a fire even if the wood is not perfectly dry.
Here’s the list of what you’ll need: any variety of dry lint, cardboard or pressed paper egg carton(s) and wax. Either way, if you manage to get these things together, you’re golden and almost done, because the process is so simple that even a kid can do it on a bad day. Be careful not to stuff the lint too tight or else the wax won’t be able to penetrate the lint ball, compromising its burning abilities.
When the wax is melted, you just scoop it or poor it directly onto the lint that’s in the egg carton and that’s about it. There are two ways of doing this: you can leave the egg carton intact (like an ice cube tray) or cut it up into individual parts and fill them with wax one by one.
Next, let me present you with maybe the easiest and funniest way of DIY-ing fire starters: the wine cork method. After you’ve collected a couple dozen wine corks (made out of real cork, not the plastic kind), just put them inside a glass jar along with copious amounts of rubbing alcohol(don’t drink that!) and let them soak in there for a while, sealed tightly of course. Now, when you need to light a fire quickly, just grab a couple of corks from the jar and toss them under or in the kindling; the results will be spectacular. Mop heads are usually made from cotton (100%) which is basically the same stuff wicks are made from, and they usually cost under $5, depending on your source. You’ll have to pull individual strands from the cotton mop head and soak them into melted wax and that’s basically it.
The strips that you’ve pulled from the mop head must be soaked into the melted wax and removed, allowed to dry, cut into your desired size and voila! All you have to do is dry enough orange peels using a sheet pan or something similar and keep them inside a brown paper bag afterwards, along with a silica pack, in order to keep them fresh and dry.
They’ll burn like a supernova once they’re perfectly dry and they make for an awesome gift for your friends, as fire starters, or even potpourri. The manufacturing process is very simple and intuitive: you’ll have to melt the candle into liquid wax inside a pan, can or something similar. I hope my article helped you and if you have similar ideas, just feel free to comment in the dedicated section below. Or the CRUNCHY Cheetos, four small Cheetos laid in a log cabin style for lighting a fire, WILL burn for 8-10 minutes. THESE ARE ALL GOOD IDEAS, BUT HAVE ANY OF YOU EVER GONE A FEW STEPS FARTHER AND MADE A STOVE AND A FIRE HOLDER TO COOK ON? All comments, messages, ideas, remarks, or other information that you send to us (other than information protected according to the law) become and remain our property.
You’re family needs quality time… and no, staring at the TV or computer screen doesn’t count. Our Self-Reliant Summer series is intended to keep us motivated with common sense ideas for Doing the Stuff. There may not be enough resources to build a debris hut out by the kids swing set, but you can practice tarp and tent set up.

Archery has been practiced for thousands of years by hunter-gatherers, indigenous groups, and self-reliant folk. Simple machines in bushcraft can be used to build stuff to aid in self-reliance and survivability.
You can check out our Foraging Feral Food page and Herbal Medicine Kit series if you’d like to dig deeper into wildcrafting.
We encourage you to share and republish our reports, analyses, breaking news and videos (Click for details). Todd Walker is married to the lovely Dirt Road Girl, proud father and grandfather, a government school teacher, a lover of the primal lifestyle and liberty. Target practice with your AK or SKS, ammo is cheap, and the velocity is only around 2440 fps, the report may disturb the neighbors, but it’s for a good cause.
Overall, there are twelve districts in the competition, so twenty-four representatives will fight for their survival in a deadly game where only one is eligible to be the victor and live. You have entered an enchanted forest of unknowns, excitement, and challenge. However, you will find the college learning environment different from that of high school or even the working world.
Most Tributes in the Hunger Games had a weapon du jour and knew that without that specific weapon, Dooms Day may be right around the corner. Find specific tools that assist you with assignments, papers, or studying, and stick with them. He told District 12’s Tributes, Katniss and Peeta, to always be observing others’ the talents of other tributes. Whether or not your college test is timed or not – you still have enough time to carefully read. As much as she wanted to move ahead, she knew that her mental acuity and stamina would be affected the next day if she didn’t take breaks.
You are more likely to remember information in 15-minute intervals rather than prolonged study sessions. She has been a professional writer for a decade and received her bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Minnesota. I mean, being able to start a fire in case of an emergency could save your skin from cold and your stomach from hunger. We still use it for basically the same purposes, even today where everything is smart and digitalized and we don’t even have to think much to survive if we don’t want to. Learning useful stuff while you’re still young instead of playing meaningless, mind-numbing, spirit-crushing video games is preferable in my opinion, especially in this day and age, when people are increasingly helpless and dependent upon the good ol’ government or community resources.
This project is an engaging and fun activity for you and your “mini-you” and involves basic materials and minimal skill levels. The cutest thing about this project is that the fire starters ended up looking like candy, making for the perfect learning experience for younger kids.
Basically, all you have to do is to take a Strike Anywhere match, wrap it tightly in toilet paper (you must leave the striking head sticking out) and dip it in paraffin. Seriously, I’ve already told you about a variant of this project in my first example, now here comes the real, original deal folks!
Just remember that if you’re going to put them in the car, you may want to keep them in baggies so that they don’t melt all over your interior. Wax can be scrapped from virtually any source: crayons, old candles (even some used candles from the thrift store if you don’t have them around the house)  or you can even go on a huge buying spree and get yourself some good ol’ paraffin from your local hardware store for about 2 bucks a quart. The magic goes something like this: you take the egg carton and you stuff the dryer lint there.
Next, melt the wax using a container of some kind that you don’t mind ruining and that won’t melt – an empty can is great for this. You’ll have to make sure that the lint is completely soaked in paraffin by using something like a fork to poke it and stir it around to be positive it’s totally soaked. Personally, I make them while the carton is intact, then cut them apart when they’re finished. The funnest part of this project may be the fact that you’ll have to drink a lot of wine in the beginning to collect the “used” corks. Have fun and drink in moderation; you know I’m just kidding about drinking all the wine, at least at once! The basics are similar to the “egg carton” project, but instead of egg cartons you’ll use a mop head. If you use 1-inch strips you’ll end up with thousands from a single mop head, which translates into dirt cheap fire starters.
Obviously, you must use a double-burner, as I already told you, which is much safer than melting wax directly on the heat source. At 1-inch lengths they’ll burn for approximately 5 minutes each, giving you enough time to start a fire in almost any circumstance. Using some tweezers, you’ll put a few cotton pads into the pan, soak them thoroughly until they’re soaked with melted wax, pull them out, let them dry and harden and that’s about it. He used to work as a contractor for an intelligence service but now he is retired and living off the grid, as humanly possible.
I stuff the toilet paper rolls moderately tight with shredded paper and then add 2 tablespoons of melted wax to the paper from each end. IN GIRL SCOUTS, WE WOULD CUT STRIPS OF CORRUGATED CARDBOARD AND COIL THEM UP TIGHT IN A CLEAN TUNA FISH CAN WITH A WAX SOAKED COTTON STRING IN THE MIDDLE AS A WICK.

No better way to hang out with your loved ones, even the indoors lover, than to introduce them to outdoor self-reliance skills in a controlled setting.
Since you’re in the backyard and conveyance is not an issue, break out that cast iron dutch oven granny passed down to you. Bracing your knife against your knee with the cutting edge facing away from your body, pull a piece of wood towards your body to curl shavings on the stick. This tool can be used for harvesting game quietly and an effective addition to your SHTF arsenal. In order to win the competition, each representative or "tribute" must appeal to the audience to gain the good will of sponsors in order to obtain assistance throughout the game. College (especially online degree programs) are far less structured and will require you to use more self-monitoring skills and self motivation.
Organize online tools in a bookmarked folder, and use them consistently throughout your studies.
Go with your gut on answers – but before you do that make sure the question is read slowly and carefully. She brings a wealth of information about higher education, online degrees, college life, and career advice.
The self-igniting fire starter features three components: the ignition source (a Strike Anywhere match), a flame accelerant (toilet paper) and fuel (paraffin). Being a practically free DIY project, this involves gathering used stuff from your home including empty egg cartons (I eat eggs like a fox!) and dryer lint that you already have floating around your basement or something.
Sit the egg carton on something you don’t value much, like a piece of cardboard or tin foil or whatever. These cotton pad fire starters are perfect to have on you (in your bag or whatever) for emergency situations due to their small size and great burning power. An internet addict and a gun enthusiast, a libertarian with a soft spot for the bill of rights and the Constitution, a free market idealist, he doesn't seem very well adjusted for the modern world. They burn for 5 -10 minutes and help hold the wood up for good ventilation for starting the wood. I've carried a magnesium firestarter or Swedish steel rod for most all of the last 30 years. THIS BURNER WAS PLACED UNDERNEATH A #10 EMPTY TIN CAN (CHECK WITH RESTAURANTS FOR FREE EMPTIES). With only 24 hours in a day, you can’t always trek to your personal space in the woods to practice wilderness survival skills. Just flick your Bic and, poof, you have flames. It’s wise to practice several ways to achieve a sustainable fire. Once your fire burns down a bit, suspend the pot over a bed of coals with a bushcraft tripod. You can also place the stick on another wooden surface (anvil) and slice curls using the full length of the blade.
This method can produce pencil lead size, pencil size, thumb size, and larger fuel from logs. Like every other skill mentioned above, wildcrafting can be done close to home. We place value on what we name.
Thayer didn’t just regurgitate what other authors wrote about, he spent years of actually Doing the Stuff in the field of wild edibles. Owning these essential skills was necessary to survive the wilderness treks with minimal gear. Rushing shouldn’t be an option in college, though your lifestyle may prompt you to do it.
An additional benefit of using orange peel as fire starters is that they smell awesome and they don’t leave as much residue in your chimney as paper does.
Dirt Road Girl and I are known to walk our neighborhood, wagon in tow, collecting dead wood conveniently stacked at the edge of neighbor’s yards. The knots I use most while bushcrafting are the timber hitch, trucker’s hitch, Siberian hitch, bowline, clove hitch, and tension hitch.
Practicing in a controlled setting like your backyard builds confidence and skills for times when your life may one day depend upon sharp stuff.
Before I knew the name of Mullein, it was just a weed growing along the fence row of our pasture. That’s the essence of bushcraft – dependence on skills more so than the latest shiny object and technological gadget. Learn knots with a specific purpose and tie them repeatedly until you’re able to do so even in the dark. Once hooked on stick and string, you and your entire family can enjoy this as a family sport and survival skill.

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