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Regardless of how much equipment or how many supplies that you stock up on, skills are still your most valuable asset. So here is a decision: Do you want to practice your skills and perfect your techniques BEFORE the emergency situation?
Charlie Mike Solutions is a Retired US Special Forces owned and operated outdoor skills training company in West Virginia providing you with the chance to learn, practice and perfect the skills that you need for surviving and thriving outdoors. This is a great way to apply skills in a primitive manner and they often have seminars to teach you.
Have you talked to the scout leader for a guest spot during the meeting to teach some skills?
As someone who has taken Basic Land Navigation with Charlie Mike Solutions I can tell you that he is very professional, extremely knowledgable, and an excellent instructor. The time to learn survival skills is not after the world has just experienced a complete economic meltdown.
Most adults feel like it is their responsibility to keep the family safe in times of disaster but your kids need to have some skills in case the man or the woman of the house is not available to act. Different branches of the military have been around for a long time and for good reason, they teach survival skills and excel in:Military personnel always carry basic first aid kits, and more importantly, they know how to use them.
Sometimes the biggest deterrent to survival is not believing the apocalypse could actually happen. One of the realities of life is that a disaster or wilderness emergency can happen to anybody, anywhere. However, there are things no one tells you about successful survival skills in such a situation. Confronted with a survival situation, every man can easily overcome the challenges and victoriously surmount incredible challenges. In case of an emergency situation, your ability to surmount it highly depends on your ability not to be stressful. Physical strength is important, but it will not help you handle fear during disaster emergencies.
The way you react to stress will determine your survival more than the nature, landscape or danger presented by the situation. Your physical advantage will not be of any use in case your mental attitude is wanting and negative.
Be as creative as you can by using your improvisation skills to adapt yourself to the current situation.
If you are to solve any problem you must learn to recognize every threat to your survival, severity of the emergency, priority of influence and the actions you need to take to remain alive. The main enemies in disaster emergencies are fear, thirst, hunger, heat, cold, pain, fatigue and loneliness, among others.
It will signal rescuers, warm you up, cook your meals, purify water, comfort and offer light, keep predators away and the welcome companion everyone needs.
Even as you teach yourself off grid living, your emergency supplies must include a few ways to start a fire.
Through a shelter you can protect the body from losing moisture in the sun, shield from snow, rain and wind while beating the cold.

Clothes are your first shelter; ensure you have the right clothes for your current environment.
A hat is important to have around while ensuring the layers of clothes next to your skin are always dry. You can practice making a shelter as much as you can as one of your survival skills and disaster preparedness. Learn how to use nature to create a shelter and always carry a space blanket outdoors capable of insulating yourself or your shelter, as you squat or sit to conserve heat and energy. Signaling is a survival skill you need to learn before hand to have a means of alerting potential rescuers just in case of a calamity.
Emergency strobe light is perfect at night to attract the attention of potential rescuers close to your hideout. While hiking, camping or in the outdoors, always pack candy and energy bars in your bag and pockets. Collect water before hand and do not wait until you are thirsty to look for it.  A space blanket or poly-zip bags can catch rain water if you can lay the blanket inside a trench. First aid is not all about medical items but the way you act to remain alive in an emergency.
While traveling outdoors, having a personal small kit and creating medical checklists before a trip is important. You could have a picture of your family, mobile phone, and phone numbers, among other identifiers always with you. At Sovereign Survival, our mission is to provide the best survival knowledge to people interested in prepping.
They teach firestarting, primitive cooking, making canoes, honing blackpowder shooting skills, wild food gathering, building shelters, snowshoeing, and trade skills.
They were into cutting out paper dolls and walks in the neighborhood, and I was into freshwater fishing, making preserves from wild fruits, and camping. But your local BSA organization likely does have periodic leader training, including outdoor parts of the program, that you could access now. In the Basic course, he created a challenging and safe environment and provided advanced equipment.
Five skills you and your children should have are:CPR and AED certification - Performing CPR can be a long exhausting effort.
Accept your situation and decide to change the odds towards you; remain alive until you have safely prevailed against the state of affairs.
As you plan a trip or preparing for any eventuality, always assume water and additional food are required. We share blog posts about tips, tricks, tactics and skills for all things related to survival and preparedness. In response to you question my husband and i took the Basic Land Navigstion Class from Charlie Mike Solutions and we loved the class. Most basic survival skills are appropriate today, for example, self-defense skills your child learns to survive in a lawless society, he or she can use to deal with school bullying. Many of our posts are for the absolute beginner who is interested in learning about living off the grid.

We were re-creating our more primitive history but learning how to survive and enjoy the experience. I have told everyone it was one of the best weekends my husband and I have ever spent together.
Your children need to know their address, their home number or their parenta€™s cell numbers as well as a landline, if they have one. You do not need an apocalypse to use survival skills, as you can use these lost on a hike, or stranded in an unexpected blizzard. Other posts are more advanced and detailed posts to help the expert further their skill development. They should also be educated on when ita€™s appropriate to call 911.How to deal with Fire - Your children should know how to use an extinguisher.
Under normal circumstances, you cannot count on the police arriving in time to save you, but if you are attacked, you can bet it will come at a time when police are not around and YOU will have to save yourself.You have to improvise to survive, so you have to know how to adapt to any situation and make the right decisions. The same first aid skills you use to stop from bleeding to death after being shot will come in handy if you accidently sliced off your finger during a woodworking project. I do it in fun ways that don’t seem like major life lessons (lets make a fire from flint and steel, and then we can roast marshmallows, etc).
His teaching style was very easy to learn from and made everyone feel like they were an important of the course. They should also know when to use one and when to just run out of the house for safety.Outdoor Survival - Your kids should know the very basic survival skills so that they can make it in the wild for at least a couple days until they are found. If you are in a time of total economic collapse and you are left to your own devices to protect your home and your family, you will have to think on your feet before someone desperate comes along to take what you have.Military people know how to build a shelter and so should you.
You do not have to believe in an apocalypse to develop disaster preparedness skills, as you can use them for the personal emergency of today as well as in an epic disaster. We enjoyed the course so much we quickly decided to take his basic winter survival course in December. I work at an international consulting firm in a large city and wear a power suit and heels every day, so this feels like an adventure. You never know where you or your family could be when the bomb goes off, or we experience a complete economic collapse and paper money is no longer valued.
We hope to many more courses on the future with Mike Adkins and would highly recommend his douses to anyone. You may no longer have a home, but you need to have the survival skills to build a shelter that will keep your family safe for a few days, or perhaps much longer. When I complete the course I will feel significantly more confident in my ability to take care of myself and my family.

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