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If you have as one of your concerns a total collapse in society regardless of the reason, there are people out there who will tell you that you need to have knowledge or skills you can sell. That is a good question if you ask me because I have seen a lot of advice from people who on the surface seem to have a great idea or 20. From the perspective of a total economic collapse, war, biological outbreak, EMP attack we will be looking at such a seismic shift in our lives that even the very concept of commerce could be set back years maybe decades. I think the perspective of most of these lists on Survival blogs is from the standpoint of what can you do to earn money if we go through an economic collapse. The problem of an economy that is almost completely based on Services is that if people don’t have money for these services, you could be out of a job.
Water is more important in terms of living than food is, but growing food is harder for most people than finding water. One of my long term goals is to be completely self-sufficient from the electrical power grid.
A garden is a great way to stay alive and some of my vegetarian friends would say that’s all you need.
Being able to know what is going on in your city, state, region or even country is important. The jack of all trades lumps a lot of other skills together because I think you will be using these more for yourselves than selling this service to other people.
This I put lower on the list because I do agree it is a valid way to survive, but of all the items above, I would want to rely on this least. No, you won’t have a job standing in front of a green screen holding a remote control showing the weather fronts moving across the plains, but knowing how to forecast the weather is definitely a skill that could save your life in a few ways. Whether a person is preparing for a simple hike or a far-fetched apocalypse, this compilation of 'Survival Skills Everyone Should Know,' is something that will come in mighty handy.
A comprehensive collection for the newbie as well as the veteran who simply wants to brush up on their survival skills, these tutorials and tips will ensure that people can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at them.
For years, academies, universities and other institutions have educated aspiring artists in art history, theory and the necessary technical skills to produce art. We feel artists lack the necessary skills to defend their profession and their own practice. We are a collective consisting of IntelligensiusAnarchus, The Great Attractor & Rick B.Practising artists, citizen journalists & pleasedto meet you.
Everyone at some point in their lives begins to wonder what they would do if the were to become lost in the woods or stranded on a desert island.
One of the first things people think of when they imagine themselves trapped in the wilderness is what they would do were they to become injured.
Finally, navigating your way through the woods is one of the most crucial wilderness survival skills. These are only a few things to consider when planning your next camping, hunting, or hiking trip. What’s your biggest concern about surviving life after an EMP attack destroys our grid?
While many of these scenarios would have been difficult to avoid without the benefit of hindsight, we can glean from these experiences so that if we ever find ourselves in a similar situation we will have a better chance of survival. In May of 2013, Harrison Okene was working as a cook on a tugboat off the coast of Nigeria.
As the plane ripped apart midair, Koepcke found herself still strapped to her seat, spinning in a freefall toward the jungle canopy. Completely alone, Koepcke suddenly had to rely on the skills her parents had taught her over the past year and a half as they homeschooled her from their rainforest research station 30 miles away. With extremely dense foliage overhead, she knew the rescue planes would never be able to find her in the jungle, even though she could hear them flying overhead. Koepcke wandered down that stream for days in the Peruvian wilderness before coming upon a boat in the water. Juliane Koepcke later learned that her mother survived the initial crash, but died a couple days later. A family of four who were the sole survivors of an Alaskan Cessna crash in 2011 also tell of their harrowing 15-hour struggle for survival. By the 76th day, Callahan’s solar still had stopped working and he only had 3 tin cans of water remaining. Callahan had lost a third of his body weight, and required six weeks of rest and rehabilitation before he could walk again. For the next two weeks, he would ration the little bit of water and food he had, which consisted of rice cakes and banana chips. 21 year old Jeffrey Stanhope was able to escape his submerged vehicle by staying calm while he freed himself from his seatbelt and pushed the car’s door open, even though he was in complete darkness.
A window punch tool is credited for saving one Saskatchewan family who was able to escape their sinking vehicle by staying calm and using the device. If you have children (or adults) in the car who cannot swim, some sort of flotation device could be necessary to get everybody safely to shore.
Rita and Albert Chretien were driving a scenic route from Canada to Nevada when their GPS system sent them down an off-season path and their van got stuck in mud in the Humboldt National Forest. The couple set out for help the next day, but Rita’s swollen knee made them turn back to their vehicle. Rita stayed at the van, rationing the little bit of food she had and drinking water from melted snow and puddles.
After being stranded for seven weeks in the wilderness, Rita was finally rescued by two hunters on four-wheelers.
9 year old Grayson Wynne was hiking with his family in a Utah forest when he got separated from them and found himself lost. I'm a homeschooling, homesteading mama of four, doing everything I can to help my family live more self-sufficiently on our one country acre here in the Bible Belt South. Having a physical, sensory, cognitive or medical disability can be challenging even when things are running smoothly but if SHTF, life could really get sticky. Emergencies typically strike quickly and force you to make a snap decision about whether to stay home or bug out. Especially if you can’t evacuate on your own, building a personal support network is crucial. Just like any other prepper, you need to know your local area and determine what disasters you need to prepare for. After you decide what you’re preparing for, make a list of the type of assistance that you’ll need to survive. Depending upon the type of emergency you’re preparing for, most communities have assistance programs for people with disabilities. If you’re planning more on a SHTF-type situation such as a terrorist attack or an economic crash, your plans will need to be different; at that point community services will likely break down and you won’t be able to depend upon them.
If you require special equipment such as a cane, wheelchair, hearing aids, glasses or prosthetic devices, have a backup and an extra. This is often tough to do because of medication regulations but most prescriptions can be picked up at least a few days early. Simply because people know that you have a disability, you’ll be an easier target for people who didn’t bother to prepare. Though it’s definitely a bad idea to tell random people about your prepping efforts, put some feelers out for like-minded people who are as interested in prepping as you are.
In a post-SHTF situation, you may not be as physically capable as others but if you have skills that other people need, you’ll have a valuable place in the community. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes, there are certain safety precautions that are recommended. Make sure that you have a bag packed that includes everything that you’ll need for at least 24 hours. Having a disability doesn’t make you helpless but it does mean that you’re going to have to make some extra provisions for your own safety and welfare in case SHTF.
If you have any good prepping tips for people with disabilities, please feel free to share them in the comments section below! About the Author Latest PostsAbout Theresa CrouseTheresa Crouse is a full-time writer currently living in central Florida.
All comments, messages, ideas, remarks, or other information that you send to us (other than information protected according to the law) become and remain our property. The usual suspects are what might be considered our pioneering skills and I won’t discount those completely, but I will give you my thoughts and welcome all of the feedback you have in the comments below.
From the standpoint of a total societal collapse, I am thinking about not what I can make a living from, but what skills are going to keep me living?
After your garden is growing, start a project of collecting rain in rain barrels or digging a well. As we saw in just the last Doomsday Preppers episode, there are opportunistic scavengers out there who have no remorse when it comes to separating you from your supplies.
The hope is that injuries are minor, but they could require additional first aid and possibly antibiotics to treat infection.
I do appreciate the irony in that statement seeing as how I run a blog, but the power we need to live off of in our daily routines could come primarily from the sun. A lot of people have shortwave capable radios that can receive broadcasts from stations overseas, but if you want the best of all prepper communication options, you need to get into Ham radio.
Knowing the local varieties of plants, fruits, leaves, roots and nuts are edible can certainly augment your diet and keep you from starving. For instance, the recent tornadoes that struck Illinois and Indiana would have been more deadly if people hadn’t been warned by the news.

Put together by Thorin Klosowski of Lifehacker, this list of survival skills details everything from how to build in A-frame shelter and execute basic first aid procedures to starting a fire from scratch and finding water. Since many are camping and cottaging for the summer, these survival skills are particularly useful right now.
In today's world however, these skills don't provide a guarantee to success, nor will they protect from the rapacious feral elites. In one weekend, the participants will acquire the skills and knowledge to become empowered artists, artists fur sich, and improve combat outcomes. To be shared with friends & enemies much as you would a particularly intriguing & pleasurable STD. However, by learning a few wilderness survival skills, you can do your part to make sure that you can do more than just wonder.
Fortunately, with a quality first aid kit, you can work wonders for keeping yourself or someone else stabilized and comfortable until help arrives. Marking trails, remembering landmarks, cutting away undergrowth, and performing other tricks to keep yourself from becoming turned around is an important part of interacting with the wild.
By staying prepared, you have already done your part to ensure that your trip goes smoothly, allowing you to enjoy nature without worry. During his assignment, Okene just happened to be in the lavatory when a sudden ocean swell capsized the boat, trapping the crew under water. 17 year old Juliane Koepcke and her mother were on a flight to an ecological station deep in the rainforest of Peru, where her father awaited them. The plane had broken into pieces about 2 miles above the ground, scattering the wreckage making it nearly impossible to locate from the air. She’d lost a shoe and her glasses during the fall, so she used the one foot which still had a sandal on to feel her way through the jungle floor, one step at a time, hoping not to step on a snake. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of surviving a plane crash.
Koepcke kept calm and methodical, relying upon skills her parents had taught her in the jungle.
29 year old Steven Callahan was on a return trip from his first solo expedition across the Atlantic, when a large whale or shark rammed his sailboat breaking a hole in the hull. Other survivors who did not have these luxuries used dirty laundry to attract fish, ate birds and sea turtles (raw, of course), used buckets to collect rain water, and even drank their own urine.
He worked to keep the snow from piling up and covering his car, and he ran his engine for seven minutes each day, long enough to keep it defrosted. An estimated four hundred people every year aren’t so lucky, and do not escape their sinking vehicles alive.
The mother, father, and two year old son made it out alive before rescuers were able to get to the scene. In the blink of an eye you lose control of your car and it plunges over a bridge into murky waters below. Keep these tools secured within arm’s reach of your seat so that they can be easily located after impact. A pool noodle is an inexpensive flotation option to keep under car seats or on the floorboard, just in case. They tried calling 9-1-1, but their cell phone kept losing service, even from the top of a hill they’d climbed. After three days of being stranded in remote wilderness, Albert became desperate to find help. Her decision to stay with the vehicle until help arrived, her ability to remain calm, and her foresight to ration her food and find sources of water kept her alive through the ordeal. Nobody plans on getting stuck in a remote area, or running out of gas, or losing cell phone service.
Other children have gone for several days before being found weak and dehydrated, but this was more due to a lack of survival skills than anything. Although my husband and I grew up as city kids, in 2008 we started feeling the urge to begin pulling ourselves out of the "system" and learning how to provide for our most basic needs.
They may be neighbors, friends, family members or members of clubs, churches or organizations. You should have at least three or four people who will include you in their own preparedness plans. From evacuation shelters to transportation services, you may be able to receive the assistance you need to get out of your house and to safety. Try to store back a bit of your medication each month so that you’ll have extra to get you through an emergency in case services break down. Sometimes this is viable and sometimes it isn’t but Eastern Medicine has been in existence for thousands of years and has natural treatments for many ailments. Telling people that you have enough food and supplies to get through an emergency is a bad idea. If you get a positive response, pursue the subject a bit more without revealing that you’re prepping until you’re sure that they are, too.
Whether it’s fixing cars, making fuel from veggie oil, canning, gardening or healing, learn as many skills as you can. For instance, in the event of an earthquake, safety protocol says to get under a desk, stand in a doorway or get into a corner but if you’re not ambulatory, that’s going to be tough.
This includes your meds along with clothes, water, a med kit and everything else that a standard bug out bag has. You can survive any situation; you only have to do what you do every day…work with your strengths and compensate for your own needs.
She was born and raised in the hills of West Virginia, where she learned to farm, hunt, fish, and live off the land from an early age.
Believing in the Lord, I am not too worried about being hungry, or even homeless, due to an economic collapse.
If we have an economic collapse that renders fuel out of reach of the hands of most people, you won’t be able to drive to the next town to get some work done. If we have another stock market crash and hundreds or thousands of companies close because they can no longer purchase the raw materials they need to create products, or the products they do create aren’t sold anymore; what will you do for a living? These two industries exist primarily because people make enough money that their time is worth more to them than the cost of hiring someone else to do these two jobs. Having a garden on land that you are living on is the surest way you can take the responsibility for feeding your family into your own hands. Just having a 50 gallon barrel in your basement isn’t going to be enough in a true collapse scenario.
Preppers usually go for chickens, rabbits, sheep and pigs in terms of livestock because they are all relatively easy to raise and produce good meat.
The basic equipment to start with Ham is relatively cheap but is possibly your best bet in anything other than an EMP scenario of staying in contact with others and relaying information to your group. I don’t know that I can envision anyone starting their own plumbing company for a while after the grid goes down but it is possible. I know that there are several books out there that go into this subject to a high level, but I personally would rather pick something out of my garden that I know what it is than rely on a picture or description of something that may kill me. A sense of humour,a lingering gaze and an active mind are recommended for maximum audience pleasure.
Basic first aid kits often consist of bandages, disinfectant, antibiotics, and other essentials, while more complex first aid kids contain everything from syringes and tourniquets to wound irrigation systems. If finding food in the wild isn’t your strong suit, you can learn the merits of packing wisely. This is why compasses, maps, flashlights, and emergency flares are all common items to pack for any lengthy camping or hiking trip. In every account I’ve read, the day starts out normal and as planned when suddenly the unexpected happens and things go from bad to worse very quickly. After being tossed about, Okene was able to make his way to the engineer’s office and was fortunate enough to find a pocket of air. About thirty minutes into their flight the plane was engulfed in dark, stormy clouds, lightening crashing all around. The small stream brought her to a larger creek, and from there she recognized the call of a familiar bird. They treated her wounds, gave her some food and water, and took her back to civilization the next day- twelve days after the crash. Had she stayed where she was or started wandering aimlessly into the dense forest, she likely would have never been found alive. He almost gave up, but the thought of death urged his determination and with a little ingenuity he was able to mend the tear with a fork and a patch. Miraculously, some fishermen off Guadeloupe noticed seagulls swarming around his little raft out at sea, eating the fish guts he’d thrown back into the water, and soon he was rescued.
It happened to one family whose BMW hit a brick causing the vehicle to careen off the bridge and into the Bridgewater Canal in Greater Manchester, England.
For 49 days Rita lived off of a tablespoon of trail mix and one piece of candy per day, and then fish oil tablets when the other food ran out. Wild”, little Grayson tore up his yellow jacket to leave a trail of clues to help rescuers find him and so that he could retrace his steps if he needed to.
Some children even prolong their rescue by hiding from search parties afraid of being nabbed by a stranger. Just like everybody else, you need to have plenty of food and water in case you decide to stay and you need to have a place to go if you decide to leave. This advice is going to be a bit generic because only you know your strengths and limitations.

At least three of them should also live close enough to you – preferably within walking distance – to get to you quickly.
You may also have other concerns such as financial crashes or terrorist attacks that you want to include in your plan.
You probably already know where you can purchase what you need but sources such as Goodwill, thrift shops and yard sales are great places to pick up extras for very little money.
After all, something is better than nothing if the emergency lasts long enough for you to run out of meds.
When SHTF, they’ll remember that conversation and even the nicest people won’t be so nice when their families are starving.
They may be as hesitant to discuss it as you are but it will be good to have a network if you can find one.
People will be willing to trade skills so you can make up for any physical tasks that you may be incapable of. She prefers to live off the grid as much as possible and does her best to follow the “leave nothing behind but footprints” philosophy. The thing that concerns me most is something we struggle with even now, with people's bank accounts ok.
If there are no jobs as a customer service representative or a social media consultant; what will you do to make money?
You won’t be able to advertise in the Yellow pages anymore and your Etsy store might not be online anymore. When you start seeing companies close and people are out of work, the two industries like lawn services and maids will disappear.
Once you have water, you will need to treat it unless it comes from a clean source underground.
Good training from someone who has actually lived through a war can be found at the SHTF School. A couple of 100W photovoltaic panels, an inverter and several batteries or even a simple solar system could give you an advantage in a survival situation. Hunting is another option and gives you a great survival skill set you can use in other situations.
Of course, you can build Faraday cages to shield your electronics like this for extra protection. What I can see though is a pipe busting in your house and you not having any money to call a plumber. You will need to know how to forecast weather the old fashioned way to protect your crops and animals if it is going to snow or freeze.
It’s also a good idea to equip your first aid kit with extra doses of any medication you may be on, just to be safe.
After all, one of the best wilderness survival skills is the art of packing a backpack with everything you need in a way that doesn’t result in you lugging around a heavy bag the entire trip. As the ship sank 100 feet to the bottom of the ocean floor, Okene climbed up onto a mattress to keep himself out of the frigid water, avoiding hypothermia. Suddenly a bright light flashed on the right side of the plane, and with a streak of lightening the engine was gone.
Surprisingly, she was numb to the pain of her injuries: deep cuts in her legs and arm, a severe concussion, a swollen eye, and a broken collarbone.
She knew those birds congregated around large bodies of water, so immediately she changed directions and headed toward the noise.
She propped herself up against a thick tree trunk or a bank, and covered herself with leaves for a little protection. She recalled watching her father treat a dog with a similar wound with kerosene, so she siphoned gasoline out of a container and spit it into the wound to help kill the maggots. All of the essentials he would need for survival were in the bottom of the quickly sinking ship. If you’re going to run the engine at all, make sure the tailpipe is clear of the snow.
Again, having an emergency car kit in your vehicle with plenty of provisions to last for at least three days, a survival manual, and basic survival tools would be extremely helpful. Grayson stayed calm, sought shelter in the night, and left a clear trail for rescuers to follow. For fun, she enjoys shooting, kayaking, tinkering on her car and motorcycle, and just about anything else that involves water, going fast, or the outdoors.
To some extent this happens to anyone with a disability, but we who are blind get the "safety argument" thrown at us a lot, when we wish to do something, like try new employment, or even help out with a weekend project. It is one thing to add additional crops, but it is another thing entirely to face an empty patch of lawn with a bucket of seeds in December. The other side of this could be caring for your instruments that will assist you in securing your home.
Other skills fall into this like making soap, sewing, leather-working or knitting and cooking.
Fortunately, with the invention of freeze dried and dehydrated meals, it’s easy to carry portable, easy to prepare meals wherever you travel. Diving into the cold water again and again, he was able to retrieve bottled water, some food, flares, a spear, a sleeping bag, and a few other things.
Flash floods have also taken lives as people have suddenly found their cars surrounded by rushing water, quickly becoming submerged or flipped upside down. Staying close to your vehicle will increase your chances of being found once search parties have been deployed. The next day, he followed a small creek hoping that it would lead to a nearby lake where help might be available. I've been sharing about it all on my website, New Life on a Homestead, and am excited to bring the preparedness aspect of this lifestyle to all of you here as well!
I am talking about skills for a certain limited set of trades and more importantly the skills we have all long forgotten to a major degree. Maybe your town will have a bulletin board where you can post an ad you make that highlights your services to the community.
Knowing how to save seeds is also important because if the collapse is bad enough, the local Wal-mart might not be open anymore.
Having a supply of fish antibiotics can be the one thing that keeps you alive when an otherwise minor cut could kill others in a post collapse world.
Aquaponics is another method that not only gives you a great source of fish, but can also fertilize the garden as well. Because the oxygen he was breathing was under pressure, it lasted longer than it normally would have.
Relying on a survival skill her father had taught her, she journeyed downstream which she’d learned should eventually lead to human habitation.
Packing all of his supplies into an inflatable rubber life raft, Callahan climbed exhausted out of the water. Remember, unless it is dangerous to stay with your vehicle it is best to remain where you are until rescuers arrive. When he heard a helicopter overhead, Grayson ran toward the sound and began waiving the little bit of yellow jacket he had remaining. If we are in a true economic collapse, the only people who can be logically expected to survive are people who possess goods or services someone is willing to buy or barter for or those who have survival skills. In this post I want to talk about my ideas for the best, most pertinent survival skills you need to consider if you are prepping your family for any event where we as a country or even our world can’t dig us out of with a tractor.
If your expensive rifle with all of the sexy hardware on it breaks a firing pin, it becomes a club. This is one of those skills that will take a little know how and preparation prior to the grid going down unless you live near a big PVC factory and a tilapia farm.
He also was able to avoid CO2 poisoning by inadvertently splashing around in the water, which helped to absorb some of the excess CO2 he exhaled. The story of the Kim family is a tragic example of what can happen if you wander away from your car. Keeping your cool like Stanhope did, and knowing how to escape a sinking vehicle within the first 30-60 seconds is absolutely critical to survival. Ranchers on horseback spotted him first, and after 15 hours of being lost he was returned to relieved family members. When the real end of the world as we know it arrives, what will you need to give you the best chance of making it through? You can’t hang your shingle out on the front porch and expect a lot of drive through traffic so how will the word get out so that people come to your “store” to conduct business? Most importantly, always keep an emergency car kit in your vehicle, with provisions to last for several days. If the people around me will trust me to use my carpentry skills, or cooking, or even something like cutting firewood with a hand saw, fine. Sure, but the Bible challenges all of us who are believers, to do more than just pray; it challenges us to be His hands and feet as well.
Perhaps, but I have been in a place of feeling like a nothing, before I got these newspaper jobs and learned some carpentry; I don't EVER want to feel that way again. Some have said, I may do best hanging out online, making web sites or helping businesses get likes on FaceBook.

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