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To get the true experience of pioneer life, Solley Elementary fifth-graders Bailey and Ellie Hermann dressed up in outfits purchased by their mom.
Before fifth-graders set out on the trail, teacher Joshua Webster taught them what items would be vital to their survival. Avianna Negron (left) and Ashley Miller enjoyed building their wagon during Pioneer Day at Solley Elementary. A generation of adults may remember a computer game called “The Oregon Trail,” in which nutrition came from hunting bison and squirrels, health depended on not contracting measles or dysentery, and to survive, players had to maintain family morale and make excruciating decisions. Fifth-grade teacher and intermediate lead Joshua Webster has organized the event for the last seven years. As children gathered in front of Jim’s General Store, Webster appeared, not as a teacher, but as a travel guide. Unlike those who partook in the “The Oregon Trail,” the Solley Elementary fifth-graders all withstood the perils of pioneer life and were able to share tales of their adventures with friends and family. Congratulations to Delegate Nic Kipke and his wife, Susannah, on the addition of Evelyn Elizabeth to their family. At the end of June, Tim Peake, together with five fellow astronaut candidates, were thrown out of a helicopter, left to drift at sea and abandoned under the hot Mediterranean sun. Astronauts have to be prepared for almost everything in space, but also anything on the ground. Before the astronauts can be rescued, they may have to rely only on very basic items and the emergency pack in their Soyuz capsule. The new European recruits, Tim Peake, Samantha Cristoforetti, Alexander Gerst, Andreas Mogensen, Luca Parmitano and Thomas Pesquet reached this important milestone at the end of June. The future astronauts also stripped an old car for tools and spare parts, which they later used to build their shelters, traps and snares, and as fishing aids.

They were introduced to the skills of climbing, descending high cliffs safely, crossing rivers and navigating in the wilderness using nature and the stars to guide them. After three days, they were given dry clothes and a new mission: to hike to a rendezvous point across canyons, ponds and cliffs, find and treat water, and sleep overnight in an improvised shelter.
But still the training was far from being a holiday camp: drying clothes after swimming in the sea or the river takes time, climbing mountains requires nerves of steel and hunting animals for food is not something for city slickers – even for astronauts. After ‘surviving’ the survival training, ESA’s astronaut candidates are now on the home stretch before they can be officially called astronauts next autumn, when – and if – they pass the final exams. Get Out Alive!"How to Survive Anything, Anywhere" is a complete handbook of the urban and wilderness survival skills practiced by elite U.S. Anyone can suddenly find themselves in an emergency survival situation, or have a disaster land in their lap without any warning.
I think it is far better to invest some time and effort in making survival preparations as well as spending time honing your survival skills, don’t you agree? Survival preparedness does not mean to be in constant fear of impending doom or disaster waiting around every corner, or to stockpile huge amounts of food, water, lead, and gold and then waiting to bug out with your supplies to some remote location.
In a more realistic point of view, survival preparation is about gathering knowledge of and practicing the most basic survival skills, obtaining survival gear, food and water together into emergency survival kits, or bug out bags.
You should always be thinking ahead to anticipate what sort of scenario could arise and what particular survival skills, gear, or supplies would be needed to survive through to the end such a scenario. Do yourself a huge favor and make the effort for your survival preparations toward your own survival and that of your loved ones. On May 1, Solley Elementary students traveled back in time to face similar odds, as they assembled wagons and log cabins to ensure safe passage during Pioneer Day, an annual event open to fifth-grade students. To prepare for their journey, students learned about westward expansion by reading and engaging in hands-on activities such as sewing clothes and moccasins, and making crafts. One by one, he unveiled tools for the children’s survival: a washboard for cleansing garments, irons without temperature control that were used for pressing clothes, bow and ice block saws, a wooden rake, a goose-wing duster, a scythe for clearing fields and an egg scale used to maximize profits.

They stopped at the general store for supplies, and in groups, they pieced together their vehicles - slipping the wheels onto axles, threading wire through the wooden side panels to form overhead arcs for support. Fortunately, they had all received training in survival skills enabling them to cope in tough situations. They spent two weeks in survival training using the skills required to stay alive in a harsh environment with very little equipment. With assistance from instructors, the Italian police, the air force, coast guard, local authorities and the national mountaineering rescue organisation, the astronaut candidates were flown by helicopter to a remote location. They were forced to jump into the sea, inflate a liferaft and were left to float alone in the Mediterranean until the following morning. These kits can then be placed at easily accessible places such as, the home, car, office, etc., or on your person. I recommend you take a look at this list of basic survival skills and make an effort to learn and practice them, your life may depend on it! Spacecraft leaving the International Space Station may be forced to come down in the sea, desert, tropical rain forest or on a glacier, in summer or winter. They were asked to set up camp, make a fire and find food: fishing, trapping animals, preparing meals and cooking with primitive tools.
Boys and girls made friendship bracelets at a Native American camp, wrote with goose quills, repaired a mock broken arm and panned for gold in a working stream.

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