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Outdoor Survival Canada was created to meet the demand for a high quality functional coat for extreme conditions, not only in Canada, but also around the world. We proudly design, develop and hand sew all OSC products from start to finish in our factory in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
In this way, we are proud to bring you a modern brand with enduring quality and expertise you can count on.
On Thursday, December 13, members of the Outdoor Survival Canada team came by Toronto General Hospital bearing gifts: the MISSION coats for the Test Your Limits team. Outdoor Survival Canada has generously provided the coats for the South Pole expedition to keep the team safe and warm. We Respect Your PrivacyPeter Munk Cardiac Centre and Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation are committed to upholding Canadian and international principles in privacy legislation.
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By clicking 1 Click Bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. I have already alluded to the strengths and weaknesses of Thunder Bay, so let’s move on to St. In contrast, the eastern shore on Georgian Bay is much more scenic, and has much deeper water, which is cleaner and a more pure blue. Politically, Ontario is currently run by the left leaning Liberal party out of Queen’s Park, Toronto. Finally, let’s move to eastern Ontario, where I will present several mid-size cities for your consideration: Kingston, Belleville, and several towns an 30 to 60 minutes east of Ottawa, the nation’s capitol. Kingston – yet another town I have lived and worked in – is the former capitol of Canada, and home of the prestigious Queen’s University. West of Kingston down the 401 highway – the main artery from Montreal to Toronto to Detroit – is Belleville. In a more serious societal meltdown, Ottawa would have issues in that it is cold, and the population base is large enough to create problems.
Before we close this article, I am going to add one additional area of consideration in Ontario – the region halfway between Detroit and Toronto. A recent Mintel study shows that a quarter of American no longer ordering soft drinks in restaurants compared to a year ago. Raintree Nursery has launched pineberries (or pineapple flavored strawberries) and bubblegum flavored strawberries in Australia, which are absolutely "fabulous".
Feeling responsible for the planet, Pellegrini decided to make an app that could prevent leftover foods in eateries from making a trip to the landfill. Cosmic mythologist and medical astrologist Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, posited that our diet as humans play an important role in attracting alien life into Earth.
The OSC collection provides a unique combination of warmth and waterproofness that is hard to find in winter parka collections while encompassing a sense of style and fit that remains unmatched.
With a brand established in 2009, every OSC coat is built in-house by hand and backed by over 30 years of technical Down outerwear experience and tested through arctic expeditions. Season to season, unique technical features and attention to detail have made Outdoor Survival Canada an outerwear collection that has become synonymous with the true Canadian answer to cold weather. Thank you so much for your continued support of the Test Your Limits team and the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre! This commitment is evinced by the approval of a Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation Privacy Policy on October 14, 2003, by the Board of Directors.
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It combines a waterproof, windproof outer fabric with 650 power down insulation for complete weather protection. Our roots firmly in Vermont, we’re now up and down the east coast, online, and have spread from Alaska to South Beach. As noted in my previous articles, the great divide between west and east is that after one leaves Winnipeg, Manitoba – which is just off the map on the far left of the chart below – there is very little until one reaches the Toronto area. Marie (called “the Soo” by locals) feel bigger than their populations, as they are regional centres for the surrounding towns.

Joseph Island is mostly flat, not heavily populated, and amenable to growing your own crops – albeit with the shorter growing season found in this part of the world. Sailing is very big on Georgian Bay, attracting Toronto wealth, and as sailing tends to done more often by the relatively wealthy, this attraction of the well-to-do may create some opportunity for the entrepreneur. This socialist tendency is somewhat kept in check by the fact that the left knows it cannot bite the business hand that feeds it, or they will cut off their money supply. Ottawa has historically weathered downturns in that, being the nation’s capital, it was not susceptible to the business cycle, or the resource downturns the west experienced.
There is also a moderately sized high tech corridor in the western Ottawa suburb of Kanata. All except Perth are easily accessible via four lane highway to the city core, but far enough outside of the city to provide privacy, more moderate housing prices, and land that is cultivatable. Land here is exceptionally fertile, the latitude is actually the same as northern California, and one is far enough away from Toronto to not have any spillover effect from the big bad GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Again, as noted throughout my articles, my goal is to provide options for people as they prepare for either a soft or hard (perhaps even apocalyptic) downturn in any number of scenarios, while not ignoring the fact that, as John Maynard Keynes once noted (and no, I don’t like Keynes either!), “The market (or in this case, our prepper prognostications) can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.” Similar to today, on the one hand there are many stories of people who sold everything and moved to the desert in preparation for Y2K, but that was not the hard coda to the music many expected (personally, I did prep for Y2K, and have absolutely no regrets about doing so. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. The removable hood extends the warmth to your numb ears and rosy cheeks, and the coyote fur trim adds a chic, cozy touch. In fact, one individual ran for provincial premier a few years ago advocating for a four day work week (heck, why not advocate for a TWO day workweek, as long as one is at it!). I have lived in Quebec, and was married in Quebec.  But, similar to California, you will be in sea of leftists, and that should be a central consideration, if, in fact, there is some type of economic meltdown. Thus, there is a massive, discrete physical, geographic divide in Canada that the US simply doesn’t have.
The land is not the rich black loess of the prairies, but certainly you will have no problem growing most crops here, as long as you aren’t planning for pineapples or cotton.
I strongly recommend against Toronto and environs – and those “environs” reach up to a two to three hour drive outside of this megalopolis.
Marie, Manitoulin Island and the Bruce Peninsula are all on a different – and colder – weather track than Toronto. Lawrence Seaway, halfway between Toronto and Montreal, this town of about 150,000 has many of the advantages of a larger city, with few of the drawbacks. Yes, government could suffer in a retrenchment phase, but the cadre of government workers are generally fairly well protected. Part of the metro Ottawa area is immediately across a few short bridges in Gatineau, Quebec.
However, it appears, as of 2012, Canada – while definitely not trouble free – is not in the league of Greece, Spain, Portugal or Ireland, either.
As a matter of fact, there were a number of things that did happen; as well, there was a massive amount of remediation that changed tipped the balance – and of course, the embedded chips did not go out, another major factor). Diego Delgado were there to try on their coats and take a few photos with the team’s official clothing supplier. Inside a snow belt seals out the cold, and a breathable lining wicks moisture and adds softness. We will not examine “Lower Canada” – Quebec – as in my opinion, anyone relocating to Quebec, known as La Belle Province (The Beautiful Province), to avoid an economic or societal meltdown may as well also look at Greece, Spain or Argentina. The aboriginal peoples want nothing to do with the French – and they inhabit around 90% of the landmass, including the area up around James Bay and Hudson Bay, which are the sites of massive hydroelectric dams that create a goodly amount of revenue for the province. They are tiny – but something to keep in the back of your mind, if for no other reason than to win a pink pie in Trivial Pursuit. Quebec alternates between being run by the uber left Bloc Quebecois, the leftist Liberal party, and now the hyper left NDP party is also making inroads.
This is due to the Canadian Shield area north of Lake Superior, which does not support much of anything other than fishing,  mining and a few polar bears if you get far enough north. Marie, or – if one wants to be more isolated – Manitoulin Island (which is the world’s largest fresh water island) in northern Lake Huron. The Bruce Peninsula – that thumb sticking out in a northwest direction towards Manitoulin Island – is basically too far from the teaming Toronto masses to cause the usual problems of a megalopolis or its overflow. The Bruce Peninsula is part of the Niagara Escarpment that starts around Niagara Falls, goes through Manitoulin Island, and continues on to the UP of Michigan and into Wisconsin. Temperatures will be slightly warmer as one moves west to east from Thunder Bay, but not by much. Prince Edward County, south across the bridge from Belleville, has access to the town of Belleville, population 50,000, and is highly recommended. As noted earlier, Canada cleaned up its financial house over a decade ago (at least relative to other western countries), so in a mild downturn, the city could perhaps be somewhat resilient. Within the city, Ottawa has an international airport, and Montreal is two hours away from the downtown.
Winters are moderate, and soil is exceptionally rich, the land is well watered, and population density is very low.

On the other hand, there were many Jews who thought that Germany would never get worse than it was in 1937, and remained asleep – and by the time they woke up shortly after that, it was too late to flee. Yes, Montreal is a fun city, and there are indeed areas, such as the eastern townships (for example the area around Sherbrooke, Quebec) that are similar to Vermont in terms of agricultural activities.
And here’s the issue with that: During the last serious separatist referendum in the early 1990s (I lived in Ottawa, and also just across the border in Quebec during that period), a referendum was taken of the aboriginal peoples.
This region (particularly the town of Sudbury, although I do not recommend this as an option) is also a centre for metals mining (such as nickel).
Yes, it does get a lot of snow in the winter; on the other hand, you are surrounded by the fresh water of Lake Superior and Lake Huron. However, once one reaches south of Owen Sound at the base of the thumb, one starts to see Toronto spill over.
A certain percentage of the population is seasonal, so that may be a consideration in your analysis. In fact, the 2008 bust left the city relatively unscathed (emphasis on the word “relatively!”). As there is only the Ambassador Bridge and the tunnel into Canada from Detroit, there is no urban Detroit spillover even immediately across the river in the town of Windsor, Ontario. If your analysis is bullish on the mininig sector, you may want to examine this region more. Toronto – by some accounts the world’s most multicultural city – is, in my opinion, in yet another of their periodic housing booms that always end in tears. Ottawa is on a different weather track from Belleville and Kingston, and it is colder and more snowy. As part of the National Capitol Region is in Quebec, a short bridge span across the Ottawa River, you will have a good amount of French influence, but without the historical French grievances against the English that used to be evident in Montreal (and even this is much more muted now, though not non-existent). Even in a “zombie apocalypse” scenario, there would probably be little to no migration across the Canadian border, and almost nothing an hour east on the two lane roads leading to this town. Yes, the separatist movement has died down, as the “pure laines” (the pure blood French) have aborted themselves into oblivion, and immigrants know their collective gooses would be cooked in an independent Canada. This is one place you certainly will not have to worry about that problem!  As you see in the map below, St. On the other hand, as the nation’s capital, it has all the advantages of a large city – theater, cultural attractions, and the like – without the crime, pollution or traffic. There are many small towns in this area, but I would not suggest too much farther east, because as you progress that direction, more and more outflow from Toronto will be noticed. They are also aware that Quebec, which has a population of around 8 million – not all of which are francophones – exists in a sea of just under 400 million in North America (if one excludes Mexico). Toronto is also not crime free, as some Americans like to imagine (there was shooting at a mall there the same week of the Aurora, CO.
Winter is not unbearable, either, with Mont Treblant and its world class downhill skiing only two hours away, some of the best cross-county skiing in the world just across the river in the Gatineau Hills, and the world’s largest winter carnival, Winterlude, occurring in mid-winter.
Assuming you are and English speaker (anglophone), the west and south of Ottawa tends to be more English, and the east side has more French, although this far from an ironclad rule. Exactly what kind of economic future does one have as a unilingual francophone is not question that goes unasked for immigrants to Quebec. The Oka crisis of two decades ago showed the native peoples could, in fact, resort to violence. Access by any “zombie hordes” – if it comes to that – would have to come cross the international border, cross the bridge into the Soo, then drive down to St. The city is bisected by the Rideau Canal, which doubles as the world’s longest skating rink (yes, in fact I have seen people ice skating to work with their brief cases). All of this notwithstanding, Montreal – which was originally the hub of business for Canada until the separatists pushed that down the 401 highway to Toronto in the 1980s – is making a bit of a comeback relative to economic activities today.
What would happen to revenue from electricity transmission to the US, a major source funds for Quebec, if the aboriginal people blew up a pylon providing electricity to the US? A full winter – as opposed to ones found in many US cities, such as Chicago, where it snows, then melts, then leaves frozen crusts of dirty brown snow banks and exposed with dead grass, then gets cold again  – can be enjoyable for many. Most likely, there will be very few of those “Golden Horde” leftists from California or “where’s my free phone and food stamps” types from Detroit in your locale there, if we do have a zombie apocalypse!
Yet, from the Bruce Peninsula, one is a little over three hours from the city, so shopping, theatre, sports – all are accessible. Meanwhile, If you are anglophone, there still is some anti-English sentiment (you will be a “squarehead” or one of “the evil English” if you are not French, to some people).
If you do explore this area, the western coast of Bruce Peninsula is shallower and the lake is often spoiled by waterfowl droppings.
There is more, but the key issue is that  I will not take the time to review Quebec in that it is mostly kneejerk leftist.

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