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Would you like to learn how to protect yourself from the elements by making expediant primitive shelters, using different natural materials, and also different construction techniques?
Learning to build an expedient survival shelter will provide you with the skills to protect you and your group from excessive heat loss (hypothermia), excessive heat (dehydration), and will provide shelter as an emotional boost. Shelter can be the difference between comfort and freezing to death, sleeping peacefully or being eaten alive by insects.
In most environments you can easily find materials suitable of an adequate survival shelter. We’ve included resources in this page that will teach you how to make a shelter in a few different environments.

This page shows step by step how to build an advanced survival shelter with a swinging door and a roof. Here’s a guide that will help you decide what type of cutting tool you might want to bring with you next time you go on a hike.
Learning to build expediant primitive survival shelters and to recognise natural shelters in survival situations, can mean the difference between life and death.
It will give you a positive outlook on survival situations, and help you maintain your comfort.
Learn how to recognise what makes a good site, and also what materials will help you build a better shelter.

The survival rule is that you do not spend time on building a shelter if nature has already provided shelter for you. I teach my friends and family to always be prepared when going on hike, if your not always prepared your never prepared. Take a tarp, trash bag, or more other local cover and cover over the whole of one end with a small extension.

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