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Cancer now affects most people in the UK, whether we get it ourselves or we're affected by a loved one becoming ill. The cancers with the highest survival rates after 10 years are: testicular cancer (98%), skin cancer -malignant melanoma (89%) and breast cancer (78%).
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Symptoms for pancreatic and lung cancer are hard to diagnose, so when they ARE finally diagnosed, it can be too late to treat. Both of which will support, guide, and inspire you toward the best possible health outcomes for you and your family.

The majority of people diagnosed with testicular cancer or breast cancer will go on to live for another ten years. Research has massively increased the likelihood of survival It's pretty amazing how far we've come in research, and it's great that we have found new ways to diagnose and treat prostate cancer.
By the time symptoms appear, the disease is often advanced and treatment options are fewer. In this chart, the dark purple line represents a likely survival of ten years, the middle purple is survival up to 5 years, and the light purple is survival up to one year. Early diagnosis ensures a better survival rate, as the cancer is not so aggressive in earlier stages. The dark purple figures on the left of the number column show the survival rate over a ten year period.

But not only are survival rates for lung cancer (a common type) and pancreatic cancer the worst in this table.
We need to focus on diagnosing cancer as early as possible when therea€™s a better chance of a cure.

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