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If you are well-prepared for a range of possible disasters, from storms and power outages to civil unrest, a disease pandemic, and nuclear fallout, you can face these difficulties with a calm confidence. If some severe disaster occurs, or if a set of disasters combines to an overwhelming effect, there may be civil unrest.
Be secure if you are at risk for contact with contaminated bodily fluids, air, or surfaces or with others who may carry an infection.
Students and faculty may need to evacuate or lockdown in a classroom during an emergency or disaster. This compact emergency kit for one student or staff member provides basic emergency survival supplies for up to three days: water, food, light, warmth and shelter. A grab-and-go emergency response kit designed to help a teacher or staff member respond in any emergency or disaster.
A grab-and-go emergency incident command kit designed to help a school administrator take charge in any emergency or disaster. A grab-and-go emergency incident command kit designed to help an on-site incident commander take charge in any emergency or disaster.
High-capacity 4-Way-Carry backpack (backpack, shoulder and hand straps, ride on rolling stations) for flexible organization of emergency supplies and equipment.
Survival Techniques for Animal AttackEvery year over 100 people are attacked and killed by wild animals in the U.S.
Tactical Tips for Bugging OutWhen bugging out, you need to be prepared to go quickly: 10 minutes or less and you're out the door.
How to Perform an Emergency TracheotomyPerforming an emergency tracheotomy (aka: cricothyroidotomy) is one of the strange survival methods that could be the difference between life and death.
They even prepare for nuclear fallout from a nuclear power plant disaster, dirty bomb, or nuclear explosion. You didn’t know that fallout from a nuclear power plant disaster has many of the same radioactive isotopes as nuclear bomb fallout? Not many preppers will be among those causing the unrest, because they will be well-prepared with intangibles, like knowledge and skills, as well as tangible supplies. And when they fail to give you all that you need, protesting is your next best (by which I mean worst) option.
A school emergency kit, classroom lockdown kit or emergency first aid kit can provide critical survival supplies in the event that students and faculty need to remain in your school or evacuate after an emergency or disaster. Sealed lockdown and emergency kit with essential emergency supplies for the first several hours of emergency support for a class up to 25 students and 1 teacher. Compact, waterproof emergency kit with emergency supplies for a full 24 hours of support for up to 25 students and 1 teacher. A portable emergency support kit for evacuating students and staff or supporting them in place during a lockdown or for the first several hours after an emergency or disaster. A portable rolling emergency support kit for evacuating students and staff or supporting them in place during a lockdown or for the first several hours after an emergency or disaster.

Durable, high visibility emergency survival backpack with a Fold-A-Potty Portable Emergency Toilet packed inside and ample room for additional emergency supplies.This backpack was designed specifically to perfectly fit this emergency toilet and still allow room for additional emergency supplies. This waterproof 5-gallon emergency supplies storage bucket that converts to a portable emergency toilet. Hi-Visibility Emergency sling and shoulder bag with integrated flashing LED safety signal and reflective safety stripes.
The SecurSeal zipper bag keeps moisture out and the die cut handle makes for easy carrying in an evacuation. Packed in an Over-The-Shoulder (OTS) clear-view ballistic nylon pouch, this kit includes a 2-way radio and other critical emergency response control supplies. Hi-Vis comprehensive 260-piece mobile emergency trauma first aid station that includes 5 Quick-Access first aid supply modules, flexible stretcher, first aid flag, flashing wheels, Hi-Vis reflective safety stripe, and integrated seat & gear platform.
Superior Mobility, Organization, and Functionality, and High-Visibility for medical professionals who need the flexibility to carry their own unique medical aid supplies to an incident. This First Aid Flag (17.5" x 12") extends to 8 feet tall and is carried in a side-pouch designed to easily attach to the side of the MobileAid Easy-Roll First Aid Bag & Frame [Empty] (31560).
5Learn survival tips like: Where to buy the cheapest AR-15 accessories, homeschooling tips, the health benefits of fevers and more! Why spend money on food and supplies, when you can depend on FEMA to provide you with food and water?
You never heard that you should store antacids (Gaviscon, Tums, sodium bicarbonate) for treatment of internal contamination with radioactive isotopes? I mean what are the odds that, on any particular day, an earthquake, or hurricane, or superstorm, or power outage, or something much worse will strike? You’ll be spending a lot of time trying to find copies of sold-out books on prepping and survival.
If you find yourself unprepared for a disaster, especially one that is severe and long-term, just find yourself a nice Prepping family nearby and go begging at their doorstep.
Use as a companion kit to the 25-Student Classroom Lockdown and Emergency Response kit (21001).
Includes a carrying handle, airtight lid, snap-on toilet seat for conversion to an emergency toilet, and a 3-day supply of biohazard bags and deodorizer packets. Easily converts to a regular survival backpack and includes 3-LED flashing safety signal, quick-find emergency identification, and 360 degree high-visibility reflective safety stripes. The mobile station includes an integrated gear and seating platform, 5 Quick-Access utility pouches with customizable handle IDs and clear vinyl lids for easy supply identification, an 8-foot extendable first aid flag set, flashing wheels, Hi-Vis safety stripe, and flexible evacuation stretcher. The trauma first aid flag can be extended to identify the station from a distance in an emergency. This is an excellent compact solution for search and rescue and evacuation of student, players, personnel and patients in an emergency.
If you want to avoid being the next victim, you need to learn some unusual and even dangerous survival techniques.

How can persons, who know nothing of prepping and have made no preparations, handle the disasters that will certainly, sooner or later, fall upon us?
So, fingers-crossed, maybe you’ll get the supplies you need before you are glowing-in-the-dark.
But you can always search the internet for information — if you have power and the internet is still up and running.
Most preppers have a mindset that allows for helping neighbors in need during any disaster.
High-visibility marking and flashing safety signal provide quick emergency identification and increased safety in use. Crush-resistant exoskeleton frame protects supplies from falling debris in earthquakes and other severe disasters.
This compact stretcher fits inside the MobileAid Easy-Roll First Aid Bag & Frame [Empty] (31560). But isn’t waiting and hoping way better than learning, buying, storing, growing, and then using your own supplies of food and water?
They have a Radiation Emergencies Kit, including antacids as a treatment for exposure to nuclear fallout. These kits also provide portable emergency support for fieldtrips and other off-campus events. Crush-resistant exoskeleton frame protects supplies from falling debris in earthquakes or other severe disasters.
KEEP AT HOME, WORK, SCHOOL, CAMP, COLLEGE, CAR, BOAT, RV, SPORTING ADVENTURES, TRAVEL, ETC. Just wait until FEMA realizes that people need food and water to survive, then wait for them to find food and water. Next, wait for these supplies to arrive, and finally wait in long lines for your rations of food and water. We will not be giving away all our preps to the Unprepared, leaving our own families bereft of the necessities for survival. It makes a practical gift for friends, students away from home, the elderly who may need to evacuate to shelters, boaters, campers, hikers, hunters, scouts, etc. BACKPACK:The backpack is Water Resistant and made with durable materials, cushioned shoulder straps and pull cords, carry handle, large main compartment for easy access and storage, front zippered pouch, side straps, 2 mesh side pouches, reflective strip on front, and adjustable front bungee cord tie down.

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