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Join Sean and Sy in their weekly bushcraft podcast as they discuss gear, talk through techniques and mention upcoming videos and reviews hitting the Sumo Survival website. The battling brothers answer questions from listeners and also provide advice and tips for use in a survival situation. With over 9,500 regular listeners to each episode, the podcast is heard across the world and has featured guests such as intrepid explorer Doc McKerr, legendary survival expert Chris Caine, well known outdoorsman Mike from MCQ Bushcraft, Bushcraft Journal founder Danny Reid and respected bushcraft blogger Paul Kirtley. The sun has been out in Scotland this week and the brothers have taken a little time out from having fun avoiding midges to record this weeks Sumo Survival Bushcraft Podcast. Greg from Scotland ask the guys about their views on Hilltrek jackets after reading and watching Sean’s review.
Listener Ewan asks which is better the SAS Survival Handbook app or the Colins pocket book version. Milton Keynes based Kareem likes getting out at weekends but as he was never been in a outdoor group like the scouts as a kid his navigation skills are poor.
Nicholas from Edinburgh asks about the law governing crossbows after he became concerned about something his neighbours told when he recently moved to Scotland. Yorkshire based Bruce asks Sy a few questions about the Snugpak Bergan which he gave the Sumo Survival Approved award when he reviewed in 2014. Paul shares some interesting additions that have been appearing in specialist travel insurance policies recently that everyone intending on going abroad should be aware of before signing up. If you, your bushcraft school or your outdoor company would like to feature in a future episode of the Sumo Survival Bushcraft Podcast then please get in touch with us. ShareWith the cold spell making us long for springtime, you might wanna bookmark this blog post…37 Deep Cleaning Tips Every Obsessive Clean Freak Should Know. ShareResearch Shows 12 year shelf life Albany, OR (PRWEB) October 06, 2014 New testing by the Sensory Science Laboratory at Oregon State University has found the food pouches of Mountain House, the leading provider of freeze dried foods for outdoor recreation and long-term storage, offer a 20-percent longer shelf life than previously verified. My weekly appearance on Jack Spirko’s The Survival Podcast as a member of the Expert Council. I’m just one of a dozen or so subject matter experts who answer questions on shows like this, and together we cover a full range of topics related to homesteading, self-sufficiency and preparedness. SURVIVAL AROUND THE WORLD THE SIMULATION From episode 27 the team began running survival simulations every week.

Season 3 saw the team head off around the world to discover how to survive in different countries and situations.
13 Surviving France Off to France the team go to discover what treasures this country holds that could help you ultimately survive. 02 Trapped 14 Surviving the Antarctic After the problems with the first attempt at using the simulation chamber, Judy makes some adjustments and tests it again by trapping the team in a single room with zombies outside. 03 The Speed Test 15 Surviving Mexico Leaving the simulation chamber, the team head out on the road to discover the best vehicle to run over a zombie with. Pinatas, drugs and a mariachi band all play their part in discovering just why Mexico could be the perfect holiday destination for you when the zombies rise. 04 Response Training 16 Surviving Belgium What is the best way to increase your response time to deal with any surprises that occur in the apocalypse.
It's time for Belgium to be put to the test to see if it will ultimately be chosen as the best location to head when the dead begin to rise from their graves. 05 Climate Simulator 17 Surviving the Moon When all hell breaks loose on earth what better place to head than off the planet? Back in the simulation chamber the team decide to discover the best way to survive in the different climates all over the world. 06 The Wedding 18 Surviving a Caravan What would happen if a bride turned into a zombie on her wedding day? 07 The Motorcycle Stunt 19 Surviving an Island How would you kill a zombie if it was wearing a motorcycle helmet? 08 The Cloning Device Part 1 Judy has been building a cloning device, but when Tristen sneezes in the lab, something comes out of the device that nobody expected and the team are trapped in a cage to await their fate. 20 Surviving a Graveyard Often thought of as a really stupid place to hang out when the dead start to rise. 09 The Cloning Device Part 2 How will the team escape their predicament and destroy their nemesis?
10 Weapons Special The team head out and about to discover which household items will make the best weapons in a zombie apocalypse. 11 Loch Ness It is often said that a boat is the perfect place to hide out in a zombie apocalypse.

12 Christmas Song As a thankyou to all the listeners, the team perform a song from their upcoming Christmas album.
Sean talks about his preference for the hard copy version over the digital version and the benefits of it. He has been teaching himself through youtube, magazines and books to help improve his skills.
Sean points listeners to The National Crossbow Federation who provide excellent information for crossbow owners in the UK. It’s the shiny metal canister that sits on your counter, and filters water using gravity. I answer listener questions on matters related to food preservation, urban homesteading and productive home-keeping. Start a new paragraph and provide any additional details that are relevant to your question. Interviews with zombie experts, survival simulations, trips around the world, the latest zombie news, one word answer questions and the all important discussion where the team would answer burning questions sent in by the listeners.
One would imagine that it would be the perfect place to hole up when the inevitable happens. Our language training system consists of free podcast audio lessons, accompanying PDF guides, and a vibrant user community. It has been around for a while and has lots of fans, so it’s easy to find reviews and statistics on it. Today we cover a high frequency Chinese phrase sure to be of use on your trip, travels or vacation to China. The guys talk about the importance of ensuring your sources are accurate and what you can do to check you are on the right route when learning to navigate.

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