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Your e-mail address is never sold, shared or distributed to any third-parties and is only used for blog notifications. But what if you need to feed children during the flu season with fruit with more Vitamin C so they could be more resistant?
First, you need to know the size of the target hosts and datastores to fit these 30% of the load.
These are just very obvious and straightforward questions with regard to only one aspect, managing workload across 2 hypervisors. They’re predictable, they look the same, behave the same, you don’t need to think as much. You will probably need to buy more of these standard apples or oranges and spend more money and time on packing them.
One size doesn’t fit all – frankly it doesn’t fit anything as you don’t know what this size should be. It depends on the total cost of ownership and your ability to deliver services at a predictable cost.

You realize that the cost of maintaining a large vSphere environment no longer fits your business needs, the margins become too thin. Imagine that all apples and oranges are the same size, you can order the same boxes and you will always know how much it will weigh.
Without vSphere, you cannot group hosts into clusters, you cannot use resource pools, templates, etc. It could be the case that you may need more than one hypervisor to optimize these parameters and be able to dynamically move the load across them adapting to the changing conditions: load, cost, demand. Third, are you going to replicate the same cluster structure in vSphere with Hyper-V, or do it differently? They all have the same proportions of vitamins and sugar and acid, everything you would need.  Nice and predictable.
Only the species that can adapt to changing conditions survive – and conditions change constantly. If you look inside any modern data center you will find at least 4-5 hardware vendors, dozens of software vendors and hundreds of various types and combinations of stuff.

They offer pretty much the same functionality but ESX has been around for much longer and considered more enterprise ready. And once you figured it all out you should be able to continue running it on a day-to-day basis, this is not a one-time activity.
It is never identical, and if you think of it this is actually good – you can always find the right combination of products, tools, configuration to fit your goal to deliver predictable service at optimal cost. And if 90% of your load is Microsoft anyway, you could be better off getting all tools and support from a single vendor.
You started a dozen VMs, they all work great and the next question is how much of Hyper-V you need to move 30% of your load off vSphere. Next month you are thinking of moving extra 20% of your load but then some of the load could be moved back from Hyper-V to vSphere.

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