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Yeah sure, shame it didn't work though, had we listened to Charles in the first place we would have spared some nice time and money.
If You go to a city-website you want its heart and soul to reside there, its staff, its office, and You're right. Cities Reference to include mountains, countryside and seashores into the inventory or the concept of Outer Area. The two teams compete in there second competition, which is "survival of the fittest" when they are stranded alone in the middle of Kelp Forest, and must depend on one another for survival. Pearl: Well, I was kind of happy that daddy got elimintaed, because he "lent" me his credit card, and I haven't given it back yet.
Also, more fundamentally, this division into indipendent city-sites ultimately felt like a cheat to the people we care the most: You.

It's a little odd, then, that the last panel has him looking frantic and desperately trying to say something to the person in front of him; the Survival of the Fittest in hand. Either leaving, guarding, or at the entrance of a temple or the village, the tribal champion comes face to face with an outsider or challenger, as shown by panel 2 where you can see a metallic object.
You'll be spending the next few days here, using only your natural surroundings for survival. I was going to say, before rudely interrupted, is just around the corner from the Deep Dark Trench. His condition has nothing to do with the metallic object in panel 2, as further inspection reveals that whatever it is is being carried by the man with white hair in the last panel. Everyone please climb up the ladder that we will drop momentarily, so that you can fly home safely.

So the conclusion could be that the jungle warrior had already been weakened, and just ran out of strength when he finally found someone to lean on.
Panel 4 shows their struggle to win and survive as the only the strongest can carry the blade. All these questions and much more will be answered next week on SpongeBob SquarePants: The Reality Show!

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