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WID unites creative minds focused on scientific projects and ideas by generating novel combinations of academics and collaborations. The Institute invites talented minds from outside academia to bring fresh perspectives to its core mission and values.
Kohler Fellows work and collaborate in the Institute, connecting graduate students across campus through a range of stimulating events.
BIONATES researchers engineer biologically functional polymer and tissue scaffold environments to support cell growth, guide cell behavior, promote tissue regeneration and deliver life-saving drugs.
Acting as a connecting fabric across the Discovery building, the UW–Madison campus and the world, CCT develops computing frameworks and provides cyber tools to support WID’s data-intensive research. Epigenetics examines how the epigenome—the layer of chemical information that sits on top of the genome—switches genes ‘on’ or ‘off’ and is controlled by outside factors such as lifestyle and diet.
The LEL works to advance the science of immersive virtual reality and design, while studying behavior and furthering health and innovative home care technologies. Optimization employs mathematical models to discover more efficient ways to control and manage systems, ranging from radiation treatments to data centers and power networks. Combining mathematical modeling, computer simulations and laboratory experiments, scientists study how genes and molecules work within organisms, and how organisms evolve within diverse communities.
A truly interdisciplinary team of educational researchers, software engineers, artists, and storytellers, exploring the intersection of contemporary learning science and media design, specializing in mobile media, video games, and simulation.
WID's Image Lab is a flexible classroom space dedicated to real-time creative activity to help encourage a different take on problem-solving. Systems Biology researchers explore the importance of community history and assembly when considering microbial communities in a paper in Nature Communications. A new paper from Erik Wright and Kalin Vetsigian of the Systems Biology theme is pushing scientists studying living communities to consider more than just “survival of the fittest”. In extensive head-to-head tournaments, 18 strains of a single genus of bacteria taken from soil samples were paired up and placed into shared environments with unequal starting abundances. Instead of a single winner best adapted to the environment, the resulting network of relationships between strains features multiple winners at the top of the competitive hierarchy. Additionally, inhibition, whereby some strains produce antibiotics or other compounds to curb the growth of competitors, contributes to bistability. Wright and Vetsigian expect that survival of the common will generalize to other systems and be a powerful explanatory tool for the development and mechanics of ecosystems and communities.
Systems Biology researchers Deborah Chasman and Sushmita Roy are using machine learning to identify virus and pathogenicity-specific regulatory networks which may guide the design of effective therapeutics for infectious diseases. Professor Thomas Rutherford, WID Optimization, and colleagues used numerical models to examine whether the threat of carbon tariffs might lower the cost of reductions in world carbon emissions in a paper published in the February issue of the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. Kris Saha and colleagues from the BIONATES Theme detail a new approach that can refine gene editing in this month’s issue of Stem Cell Reports.
The Field Day Lab blog gives a peek into how designing learning experiences that blur the lines between virtual and physical, formal and informal, play and work really happens. Tools for Discovery is a monthly profile series that inspects the computer programs, gadgets and methods behind WID’s ideas and discoveries.

Editorials and ideas at the intersection of research, education and business from our recent past. App Awe is a WID essay series exploring the transformative potential at the intersection of gaming, science, education and society. Lives of Red Stone River is a profile series by WID Director David Krakauer examining the people, places and ideas that exemplify creative life in the state of Wisconsin. Last year, I went to Africa to satisfy a dream of seeing wildlife in their natural habitat.
As I watch my kids navigate through college and beyond, and reflect upon my own path, I empathize with high school and college students facing the pressure of an increasingly competitive and demanding job market.
The long-term challenges of environmental sustainability require both innovation and an economic model that attracts our most able to address our biggest challenges.
Likewise, strategic planning, budgeting, financial modeling and projection, capital allocation and structure, financial statement analysis, positioning, and the best practices for executing in each business discipline demand an investment of time and effort that will yield the analytical and skill sets that are transferable across all segments of industry and society.
The world is a competitive place and its resources have limits.  The long-term challenges of environmental sustainability require both innovation and an economic model that attracts our most able to address our biggest challenges. As the Dean of the Lubin School of Business, it is my observation that the rigor and scope of business curricula prepares students with the skills necessary to be effective in any kind of enterprise, project or organization.
The rigor of business economics and the rigor of science are both necessary to address our biggest environmental challenges so the failures of the past must not dampen our enthusiasm for finding a system that aligns environmental sustainability with financial reward.
EarthDesk is the online journal of the Dyson College Institute for Sustainability and the Environment (DCISE) at Pace University. With New York State Senator Terrence Murphy (center) in Albany to discuss state policy regarding mistreatment of elephants in circuses. Investigating turtle mortality on a Putnam County highway in Cold Spring, NY with county legislator Barbara Scuccimarra (L.). Demonstrating against the use of elephants in circuses, Hanneford Circus, White Plains, NY. We bring you a comprehensive and up to date spoiler service on all the major US TV shows and Movies. The paper, published in Nature Communications on April 21, 2016, suggests that it is important to take into account the history of microbial communities when trying to predict outcomes. Each strain took on each other strain twice: once as the “home team” (starting in high abundance) and once as the “visiting team” (starting in low abundance).
In general, abundant strains benefit from inhibiting possible invaders, while low-abundance strains cannot produce enough toxins to increase their chances of invading. Here, we feature some of the most important, exciting, and transformative scientific publications from our community.
Braun is dean of the Lubin School of Business at Pace University where he also serves on the Operating Committee of the university. There are no words to adequately describe the awe I felt being among virtually every specie of African animal, and observing them at every stage of their life cycles.

Cubs and babies of every sort riding on their parents and playing the games of all childhood.
There is no doubt that superior quantitative, analytical and communication skills are necessary to be in the game for the career paths with the most opportunity.
Though innovation may emanate from any sector, the business disciplines are critical for creating the infrastructure necessary for production and delivery, and the incentive system for attracting those most able to create a thriving economic model. Whether a student wants to be a professional, an executive, an entrepreneur or work in nonprofits or government, knowing how to develop a plan, build a budget, identify the necessary human resources, frame the market opportunity, communicate to all constituencies, and manage it all efficiently and effectively is critical for success.
In particular, Wright and Vetsigian found that the relative abundance of a given species is a good predictor of that species’ success. As the bacteria grew, the researchers tracked the abundances in each matchup to see whether the high-abundance strain would hold its ground or the low-abundance strain would manage to invade. In fact, low-abundance strains that waste energy producing antibiotics (instead of capitalizing on available resources) may fare worse than those that do not attempt to inhibit their abundant neighbors on their home turf.
An attorney, Dean Braun has had an extensive career in business and the entertainment industry.
Math, the natural sciences and engineering are among the disciplines that feed all segments of industry because of the rigor of their curricula and the transferable skills successful students in those disciplines develop.
Cap-and-Trade has been a victim of the great recession and a political system that rewards only short term results. Melanie Dupuis, Professor and chair, Department of Environmental Science and Studies, reimagines the American body politic through a new metaphor — digestion — opening social transformations to ideas of mixing, fermentation, and collaboration. What they found was widespread bistability in pairwise invasions, meaning that in many of the pairings, the home team won while the visitors perished. While antibiotic inhibition opposes coexistence of pairs of strains, the resulting bistabilities can in fact contribute to coexistence in complex microbial communities in which both antibiotic production and degradation are important.
In 2010, he came to Pace from The CarbonNeutral Company, a world leading provider of carbon reduction solutions. Efficiency is the intersection of sustainability and economics on the cost side of the equation; we also need to construct a compelling intersection on the revenue side in order to assure the protection of our air, water, and other natural resources. In doing so, she explores how social activists can rethink politics as inclusive processes that involve the inherently risky mixing of cultures, standpoints, and ideas. From the point of view of survival of the fittest, this is unexpected; if fitness is all that matters, home field advantage should not be as important.
Zebras, giraffes, elephants and other grazers and browsers mowing their way through the wilderness. But rather, survival of the common suggests that the history and order of assembly of a community can be critical for determining its eventual composition.

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