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Taking a look back at our roots there are various theories that explain the eve of mankind.
Of course there has been an upgrade from the primitive ages, and along with the development there has been a simultaneous change in our instinctive actions as well, something more relatable to the current scenario. Many consider human beings to be the most ruthless or inhumane species, this is because they act selfish despite having the ability of rationalized thought. Among the few selfish and instinctive measures which we adopt, there is one which seems harmless but in fact encourages the inhumane practices i.e. Our developed society offers many luxuries to its residents, and our constitution gives us our basic rights.
Contrary to the popular belief that often questions the humanity within us which seems to be extinct; it would be wrong to judge the lot by examining only the bad.
There are believers of Creationism, then there are the supporters of the evolution theory that was founded by Charles Darwin. If we believe the evolution theory of Charles Darwin, then with the change in the environment, we have change ourselves in order to survive; it was his famous belief ‘Survival of the fittest’ that his theory is based on.
Our role in history makes us infamous and true to that belief, the destruction of environment for modifications for our comfort and furthermore hateful wars prove that. This community comprises planned residential areas, a working environment and governing bodies to keep all that in order.
Luxuries are the privileges that can be afforded by the wealthy and rights are allotted to all equally.
We have an army of righteous heroes and saints who have dedicated themselves, to serve mankind. Both theories end up to the current human form, be it evolved from our primates or being a masterpiece of the almighty. Our instincts are the natural brain which tell us to act in a certain way to be protected in the situation that we find ourselves. There must have been several occasions in our lives in which we might have succumbed to act on our instincts, we can relate to it from our own experiences but that does not mean we approve it.

No one volunteers to clean the dirt accumulated in the streets or steps up to speak against the people polluting our streets. The civilization and the trades taking place in it are possible because of the concept of economy; an economy determines the assets that you possess with which you can acquire desired assets. Weak links or the lowest class of the economy have to struggle to stay afloat in the brutal environment; now polluted officials don’t even award the basic rights to people, corruption and manipulation has overpowered the sanctity and power of the constitution.
Some examples of the good and the righteous include the likes of Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela are the few famous who stand on the good side of our kind. The present mentality to which we have changed with the environment is translated to actions of ignoring injustice and poverty to steer clear of unwanted attention, staying silent about the brutal violence and dishonest practices of authorities to protect ourselves from the outcomes of acting on them. The escalation of these infamous choices have created a problem for the rest of the population.
We ignore the ugly side of things and embrace the beauty, if this continues the remaining beauty is in danger to be tainted because of our ignorance. The people who need to be keeping the community in order with the law by their side, break the law themselves, this brutality and injustice prevails and our ignorance encourages its existence. The saints of today are the protestors who speak against these unjust officials, by the use of social media and television media, the wrong are exposed and punished; these are the small steps which can lead to a cleanse which is very much needed.
Instincts are the natural responsive that one has to a number of situations that we encounter in our daily lives, these actions that any individual of our species would perform on the given circumstances have a certain uniformity. The purity with which we have built our community and elected our representatives have swayed from their goal; they have adopted the unlawful and dishonest practices which affect the weakest links of the environment. The ruthless nature of ‘Survival of the fittest’, would claim the lower economic class as the weak link in the community. We social animals have a developed brain that has the power to act after rationalizing the consequences but in the case of the spontaneous actions, they are all instinctive.
The Christian tradition, however, has generally attributed the cause to sin and death to the first human, Adam. That leaves open the questions of where sin and death come from.More than that, the very nature of what sin is and why people die is turned on its head.

Some behaviors that Christians have thought of as sinful are understood in an evolutionary scheme as means of ensuring survival—for example, the aggression and dominance associated with “survival of the fittest” and sexual promiscuity to perpetuate one’s gene pool.Likewise, in an evolutionary scheme death is not the enemy to be defeated. It may be feared, it may be ritualized, it may be addressed in epic myths and sagas; but death is not the unnatural state introduced by a disobedient couple in a primordial garden. Actually, it is the means that promotes the continued evolution of life on this planet and even ensures workable population numbers. But in the long run, the price we pay for not doing the hard and necessary synthetic work is high indeed.Evangelicals are a defensive lot, tending to focus on the need to be faithful to the past, to make sure that present belief matches that of previous generations. I get the point, but we must be just as burdened to be faithful to the future, to ensure that we are doing all we can to deliver a viable faith to future generations. Ignoring reality or playing theological games won’t do—no matter how unsettling, destabilizing, perhaps frightening such a calling may be.Such a journey must be taken, for the alternatives are not pleasant.
Christians can turn away, but the current scientific explanation of cosmic and biological origins is not going away, nor is our growing understanding of the nature of Israelite faith in its ancient Near Eastern context. I do not believe that God means for his children to live in a state of denial or hand-wringing.Likewise, abandoning all faith in view of our current state of knowledge is hardly an attractive—or compelling—option. Despite the New Atheist protestations of the bankruptcy of any faith in God in the face of science, most world citizens are not ready to toss away what has been the central element of the human drama since the beginning of recorded civilization.Neither am I, not because I refuse to see the light, but because the light of science does not shine with equal brightness in every corner. Perhaps it will remind us that our theologies are provisional; when we forget that fact, we run the risk of equating what we think of God with God himself.
That is a recurring danger, and the history of Christianity is replete with sad and horrific stories of how theology is used to manipulate and maintain power over others.It may be that evolution, and the challenges it presents, will remind us that we are called to trust God, which means we may need to restructure and even abandon the “god” that we have created in our own image. Working through the implications of evolution may remind Christians that trusting God’s goodness is a daily decision, a spiritually fulfilling act of recommitment to surrender to God no matter what.That’s not easy.
But if we have learned anything from the saints of the past, it is that surrendering to God each day, whatever we are facing, is not meant to be easy.

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