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When one has an uncontrolled cellular growth in either tissues or organ of his body, that person is considered to have cancer. Researches all across the globe have indicated that smoking or even inhalation of second hand smoke raises the risks of having stage 1 lung cancer. Extend of the damage caused by the spread of the malignant cells is used by medical professionals to determine the stage the persons tumor can be classified. Stage 1 lung cancer or much known to be localized lung cancer for the cells that are malignant are still on the starting point and haven’t really expanded to other cells and lymph nodes.
Stage 1 Lung Cancer Survival Rate could be stopped from free falling if the patient is treated immediately at the first sign of the disease. At the United States, around 63 percent of diagnosed American white women who are breast cancer patients are still in localized staged or stage 1 breast cancer. The ratio of difference between white and black American women is usually attributed to the difference in financial background and health insurance. The best way to improve one’s stage 1 breast cancer survival rates is thru early detection. There is a possibility that in every 8 women 1 of them will be diagnosed of stage 1 breast cancer.
When the tumor or malignant cells have spread to other tissues from the lung lining or chest cavity, medical professionals instigate the patient’s case to be at stage 3 lung cancer already and Stage 3 Lung Cancer Survival Rate is rather low.
Stage 3 lung cancer generally means that the malignant cells have affected other tissues or organs other than the lungs. Stage 3 – B is considered to be incurable by doctors but still treatable with the use of chemotherapy and radiation. An abnormal cellular growth in the cells of the lung could be an indication that the person may have cancer of the lung. 87 percent of all known records of people having this dreaded disease are related to smoking. The size and the areas affected by the cancerous cells are used to set the level or extent of the tumor.
When the cancerous tumor has expanded to the lymph nodes it is considered to be in stage 2 already.

Some common sickness like cough with phlegm that shows indication of blood in it is a sign that one may be under the spell of this dreaded disease. Stage 1 Lung Cancer Survival Rate is much higher compared to the other stages that is why doctors look unto it as the best chance a patient can have in their battle against cancer.
The tumor in this stage is at 2 centimetres in diameter and it is just found within the tissues of the breast itself.
Meanwhile 53 percent of diagnosed cases of breast cancer among black women are still in the localized stage. Due to this difference, the inability of black women to have a good health insurance in order to properly be diagnosed and treated have resulted in 35 percent death rate. Detection of tumor in the breast requires regular observation and self examinations as early as 20 years of old. Women should remember that breast cancer survival rates are not determined thru the numbers. Various treatment methods such as chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy are given to the patient in order to elongate his or her life. This ratio varies from patient to patient since the tumor size may be large or normal in size. In a five – year phase, lung cancer survival rate for 3B patients are only at 5 to 10 percent ratio of survival.
In 13 months duration 50 percent of patients who are diagnosed with this fatal disease are deceased.
A patient’s Stage 3 Lung Cancer Survival Rate is crushed to the lowest percentage but not all hope is lost. Doctors will decide on the possible treatments or operations the patient will be introduced upon depending on the stage. There is also a possibility that the tumor may spread to other parts of the body like the heart and the windpipe. The American cancer society gave out a 98 to 100 percent ratio of survival in stage 1 breast cancer survival rates after being treated.
The death rate will continue to increase if women stop their medication and treatment procedures costing the malignant cells to spread and reducing their stage 1 lung cancer survival rate.

At the age of 40 women are required to have mammography performed each year to see if there are tumors growing within the breast. Survival rates are depends among the women who wish to rid of this dreaded disease from their system.
Stage 3 Lung cancer survival rate differ from the two types of the third phase of lung cancer. The malignant cells may have expanded to the lymph nodes or the lung lining and may be contained in one side of the lung. This is a more advanced type of stage 3 lung cancer wherein the malignant tumor has already affected the lymph nodes and other parts present in the chest cavity such as the heart and the esophagus. Stage 3 Lung Cancer Survival Rate of the patient greatly depends of his or her capacity to survive and a doctor’s background on how to instigate a cure for the patient to survive.
North American white women which will be the highest rate of death due breast cancer in the entire world.
Aggressive treatments are given by doctors in order to cure or further increase the life span of the patients suffering from this fatal disease. There is a collection of fluid in the lungs of a person that is considered to have this type of cancer in rare occasions. If one suspects of having cancer of the breast, she must immediately seek the help of a doctor to determine if she indeed has a breast tumor.
Due to the low rates, patients are usually given sad news when it comes to ratio of survival. These contain the cancer cells which are better known to medical professionals as malignant pleural effusion. Remember that the earlier the detection the higher the Stage 1 Breast Cancer survival rate.

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