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The film tells the story of a father and a son in such kind of a situation where they only have a pistol, worn out clothes, scavenged food and each other’s support to survive against cannibalistic bands in a post disaster America. When one of them jumps, and is devoured by a pack of wolves, this puts even more confusion, fright and terror in the minds of the other two.
Rodrigo Cortes’ thriller, starring Ryan Reynolds in the lead role, tells the story of an American civilian, truck driver by profession, who is buried alive inside a wooden coffin. At first, he feels blessed to at least have a working cell phone inside the coffin, but later realizes that there is hardly anyone from the outer world who would care to help a person inside a coffin in the middle of an Iraqi desert.
They dramatically make an improbable escape possible and later face some very adverse circumstances in their route to survival. This western film of Kelly Reichardt’s, loosely based on the historical incident on the Oregon Trail 1945, is a prime example of how things can go immensely wrong in case of a travel guide misleading the actual way.  Suffering from trusting a wrong guide, the emigrants try to survive and fight against severe hunger and thirst in an uninhabited land.
Later they face a dilemma of whether to put their trust again on someone for guidance, this time a Native American wanderer seen by mostly as a natural enemy. Sean Penn’s biographical survival drama is based on the true story of travels of Christopher McCandless across North America. From his life, we learn that getting education is not just about finding a suitable job and earning some money, rather there’s much more than that to life and the whole life can be an adventure teaching us various different things through multifarious ways. Robert Zemeckis’ adventure drama film depicts the story of a time-obsessed systems analyst FedEx employee Chuck Noland, played by Tom Hanks, who is left stranded on an uninhabited island after his plane crashes in South Pacific. Chillopedia is a growing information blog which focuses on various different genres that span the entire cultural spectrum. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

The best survival movies (or TV series) list is the result of a poll taken by readers on Modern Survival Blog in which hundreds of you suggested your favorite survival movies or shows. There are lots of movies (and a fair number of past and present TV series) which one might consider to be within a survival genre. The Colony (TV series) some to do, some not to do, but great for putting you in the mindset of, what would I do? Dual Survival (I just finished reading two of his books and thought to myself, they should put this guy on one of those survival TV shows.
Cody Lundin may be a master fire starter, but my nephew once built a fire on top of a puddle. ARK: Survival Evolved has just received a new update that adds a massive creature to the game, the Giganotosaurus. However, this is what John Hillcoat’s post apocalyptic movie shows that in desperate times, people try desperate measures of survival no matter how weird and insane they be.
This American war film of Peter Berg, starring Mark Wahlberg and Eric Bana, based on the novel of the same name by Marcus Luttrell dramatizes the unsuccessful US Navy SEALs mission, in which a four man SEALs surveillance squad was given the task to track down the Al-Qaeda leader Ahmad Shah during war in Afghanistan. Peter Weir’s film, inspired by a book of a Polish Army lieutenant Slawomir Rawicz ‘The Long Walk 1955’, tells the escape story of some war prisoners from Poland who walked over 4000 miles on foot to reach India from Tibet. It was at a time when people were building bomb shelters and the cold war was in full swing. My brother kept yelling at him telling him it wasn’t going to work, we laughed, but that little sucker actually got it started and it didn’t go out!
The creature is a dangerous beast as its rage reaction can turn on any member of the tribe, or even throw you off its back if its angered enough.

Swords and a set of primitive & shields come with the new update as well, for complex melee combat. At that point they need to make a bold decision about whether to jump and risk deformity or even death, or just freeze to death by not moving. Couple favorites of mine are the blind guy in the mountains of Japan and the hacker kid who was following the reports of the outbreak online for days not knowing it was real and then suddenly got slammed back into reality. For the latest on all that’s epic in gaming, movies, television and cosplay, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook!
This movie is a classic end of the world zombie flick.Zombieland -Columbus, a panicky college student has managed to survive a zombie virus by creating his rules for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.
The new world is filled with roaming gangs who have destroyed all the world’s book,  in an attempt to control whoever is left. The story is about a few who cling to the hope of finding dry land to ensure the survival of the human race. They fall into my favorite genre of movies and there aren’t enough well funded examples being produced. Unreal I know.Reply Lima November 23, 2013 at 2:10 pm Did you want them to use some generic name like Ship It, Inc?

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