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Indeed, zombies would probably overtake vampires as the horror-movie monster of choice, if they were just a little sexier.
But the thing that makes zombie movies so easy to crank out – the limited need for special effects – is also what defines their limitations. Everything else is filigree – and Romero’s latest, “Survival of the Dead,” has plenty of that.
They’re among the last surviving humans on the East Coast, when they manage to escape from the mainland to an island of the coast of North Carolina – or maybe it’s Delaware. The island has been mostly cleared of zombies – but has become a battleground for two competing land barons. Muldoon, meanwhile, is keeping the last few zombies alive – but chained up – as he searches for a way to socialize them.
Conversations With Cogee » Blog Archive » 73 Best Survival Movies ever made! From surviving natural disasters, nuclear wars, and shipwrecks to sci-fi alien invasions and zombie plagues, survival movies cover a wide range of genres.
127 Hours – Based on the true story of Aron Ralston whose journey into Utah’s Canyonlands National Park would become one of the most horrific tales of endurance and courage ever told. Alive – Based on the real life events of an Uruguayan rugby team that crash landed in the Andes. The Snow Walker – Story of a couple who crashes in the Alaskan wilderness hundreds of miles from civilization and has to do what they can to survive. The Donner Party – Based on the real life events of a group of pioneers who get stranded in the Sierra Nevada mountains and resort to cannibalism to survive. Into the Wild – The real life story of Christopher McCandless, a man who shunned society and went off into the wilderness in search of adventure.
Jeremiah Johnson – Robert Redford stars in the adventure Jeremiah Johnson, a movie about a trapper who learns to survive as a mountain man in the wilderness.
Man in the Wilderness – An abandoned fur trapper fights to survive after being injured and left for dead in the wilderness.
Robinson Crusoe – Pierce Brosnan stars in the big screen version of Robinson Crusoe, a movie that is very loosely based on the classic novel. Seven Alone – The true story of seven children who journey out on the Oregon trail after their parents die. The Edge –  After crashing in the Wild Alaskan wilderness, two men find themselves teamed up against a giant Kodiak bear in a brutal struggle for survival. Shackleton – The Greatest Survival Story of All Time – Based on the real life adventure of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s whose 1914 Antarctic expedition turned out to be one of the greatest survival stories of all time. Lord of the Flies – After their plane crashes into the sea, a group of young military cadets bands to together after becoming marooned on a remote deserted island. I Am Legend  This is a remake of the original Richard Matheson classic.  Will Smith plays a military scientist who is left alone in Manhattan after trying to discover a cure for a virus that turned everyone into demented zombies. The Last Man on Earth Vincent Price stars in the first big screen version of Richard Matheson classic, I am Legend.
The Omega Man – The Omega Man,stars Charlton Heston in the 2nd on screen adaptation of the classic novel, I am Legend. Zombieland -Columbus, a panicky college student has managed to survive a zombie virus by creating his rules for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.
The Book of Eli -This story takes place 30 years after war has destroyed the world, and left it completely unrecognizable. Waterworld– Waterworld is a post-apocalypse future where the world has been covered by water. The Postman – Set in a post apocalyptic future, after war has destroyed the government, a wandering loner becomes the symbol of resistance. Mad Max -The end of the oil age is here and civilization has started to break down, in the first of the Mad Max series. The Road Warrior – In a post-nuclear war world, a loner fights against other survivors in search of gasoline. 20 Years After – A Post-Apocalyptic story of a young woman who finds herself on a journey to deliver the first child to be born in over 15 years. A Boy & His Dog – A twisted cult classic, set in a Post-Apocalyptic America, that has inspired a number of apocalyptic movies. Children of Men – Children of Men is a story where humans have become infertile in a world filled with terror and nuclear fallout.
Reign of Fire – A Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi adventure, where man is driven into hiding when a boy unknowingly releases dragons back into the world. Defiance – Based on the real life story of the Bielski brothers, Defiance tells the tale of a group ofbrothers who fled in the woods after Nazis killed their parents. Red Dawn – The invasion of the United States has begun and eight teens escape into the mountains of Colorado and prepare to wage guerrilla war against the Russians.
Rescue Dawn – The true story of a US fighter pilot who is shot down and captured during the Vietnam War.
The War of the Worlds (1953 Edition) – George Pal, who also producedWhen Worlds Collide, first brought H.G. Independence Day – The question of whether we’re alone in the universe is answered as aliens attack the world. Cloverfield – Five young New Yorkers document their attempt to survive as a huge creature attacks the city. The Day After Tomorrow – Global warming plunges the world into an instant Ice Age that causes super storms, chaos, and death throughout the world. Armageddon -A group of oil riggers are sent into space to save the world from a giant meteor. 2012 – To be honest I thought this movie kind of sucked, the only reason I put it on the list is because a few readers emailed me telling me how great it was. Deep Impact – A high school astronomy student discovers a comet that ‘s headed straight for Earth. White Fang – Jack London’s classic tale of a young man trying to carry out his father’s dying wish to find gold in the great Alaskan frontier.
Shipwrecked -A Disney Classic that includes a shipwreck, pirates, and a boy who must survive alone on a jungle island. Wilderness Family Trilogy– The adventures of a modern family who leaves the big city for a life in the mountains. Swiss Family Robinson – Disney’s big screen version of the classic novel, Swiss Family Robinson. A Cry in the Wild – Based on Gary Paulsen’s classic wilderness survival novel, “Hatchet” about a 13 year old boy who has to survive alone in the wilderness. Touching the Void – An amazing story of survival about a mountaineers attempt to survive and return to base camp. Alone in the Wilderness – Alone in the Wilderness is probably one of the best wilderness survival documentary’s ever made. Nanook of the North – A film that studies Eskimo life including, hunting seal & walrus, building igloo’s, and a number of other Eskimo survival skills.

American Experience: Surviving the Dust Bowl – The story of how people survived drought, dust, disease and famine. American Experience – Influenza 1918 – A chilling look at the flu pandemic of 1918 that killed an estimated 675,000 people. Snowshoes and Solitude: A Year in the Wabakimi Wilderness – Les Stroud and Sue Jamison document their year in the Wabakimi Wilderness, attempting to replicate life in North American 500 years ago. Geronimo – An American Legend -The story of Geronimo an Apache leader who fought for decades to preserve his tribes way of life.
The Flight of the Phoenix – A military plane crashes in the desert and the survivors must fix it before all the crew members die.
Rambo – The most brutal and realistic of the series, Vietnam Vet John Rambo ends up living in Southeastern Asia near Burma and is forced back into action to save a group of American missionaries.
Open Water  – Based on a true story of a couple who is abandoned at sea and must survive in shark infested waters. Apocalypto – The story of a Mayan mans adventure  to save his wife and child after a vicious tribe attacks and enslaves everyone in his village. The Grapes of Wrath – An American Film Classic, The Grapes of Wrath tells the story of a family who treks across the country to escape the dust bowl in hopes of reaching the promised land of California. Committed to providing you and your family with the best survival knowledge, skills and equipment. This entry was posted in Year Zero Survival Blog and tagged best movies, how to survive the apocalypse, movies, SHTF, survival education, top movies for survival by staff-writer.
While Werner Herzog movies are often captivating portraits of individuals struggling against nature or their own mad ambitions, the director himself is also equally fascinating. For a site dedicated to the offbeat and unusual of the cinematic world, watching Werner Herzog movies are like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert. The Grand (2008) – Before we dive into the Werner Herzog movies actually directed by the German genius, let’s look at one that features him as an actor. Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972) – A group of Spanish conquistadors head down the Amazon River in search of the fabled city of gold, El Dorado.
Fitzcarraldo (1982) – Based on a true story, this collaboration between Klaus Kinski and Werner Herzog tells the tale of Brian “Fitzcarraldo” Fitzgerald, an Irishman who dreams of getting into the Peruvian rubber trade and then building an opera house in city of Iquitos. Grizzly Man (2005) – For 13 summers, Timothy Treadwell traveled to Alaska to interact with the bear population of Katmai National Park and Preserve. Cobra Verde (1987) – The final collaboration between Herzog and Klaus Kinski, the latter stars as a rancher who becomes a famed bandit and then sets out on a suicide mission to reestablish the slave trade between Brazil and Africa. Encounters at the End of the World (2007) – Most people think that nobody lives in Antarctica, but they’re wrong. Stroszek (1977) -With most of the roles played by non-actors, Stroszek paints a bizarre portrait of a Berlin street singer who moves to Wisconsin with his prostitute girlfriend after being released from prison. Invincible (2001) – Loosely based around the real-life events in the life of Zishe Breitbart (Jouko Ahola), a Jewish strongman working in Berlin.
My Best Fiend (1999) – A fascinating documentary by Herzog about his longtime friend and frequent collaborator, tempestuous actor Klaus Kinski. Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe (1980) – In an attempt to inspire fellow filmmaker Errol Morris, Werner Herzog stated he would eat his shoe if Morris ever completed his project, Gates of Heaven.
This entry was posted in Documentary, Movie Recommendations, Odd Film Directors, Weird Movies by John. If I could only recommend two films from Werner Herzog for the casual viewer, I would go with Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans and Aguirre, the Wrath of God. Thanks again for putting togather this primer on the films of Werner Herzog, and I look forward to reading more of your material in the future.
To the already overworked 3D, comic-book movies, remakes, sequels and films about a scrappy band of underdogs, let’s add: zombie movies. You invented the modern zombie film – the modern horror film, for that matter – in 1968 with “Night of the Living Dead.” These days, barely a month goes by without at least one horror movie sprung from the mold you created. It’s hard to imagine all those teen-age girl choosing sides between Team Jacob and Team Edward and mooning over Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner if they were playing zombies – gnawing flesh, slowly rotting – instead of a vampire or a werewolf.
But plot is never the point in one of these affairs, a fact that Romero tries vainly to overcome.
Crocket, the leader of a group of soldiers turned rogue commando unit – from “Diary of the Dead,” Romero’s last opus. Patrick O’Flynn (Kenneth Welsh) is the loser, banished to the mainland by his arch-rival Seamus Muldoon (Richard Fitzpatrick), scheming to get back to take over the island for himself. In other words, he wants them to learn to stop killing humans and start eating animals instead. The zombies exist to mostly be splattered in wilder, more graphic ways – and to occasionally turn an unfortunate human into a zombie buffet. These movie list of survival movies is a good way of storytelling, getting inspiration, hope, emotional and sometimes lead to mind-twisting situations you’ll never expected. The movie gives a chilling look into what can go wrong when a unprepared person tries to take on nature.
Crusoe is the only survivor of a shipwreck and has to survive on a deserted tropical island. He teams up with a real zombie killing badass named Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) for what is probably one of the funniest Zombie movies ever made. Just when the virus is thought to be contained, a carrier accidentally spreads the deadly infection and wreaks havoc on everyone. The new world is filled with roaming gangs who have destroyed all the worlds book,  in an attempt to control whoever is left.
The Road is a dark and disturbing post-apocalyptic story of survival that shows a father and son’s journey across a destroyed America. The story is about a few who cling to the hope of finding dry land to ensure the survival of the human race.
They formed a resistance movement and cared for over 1200 people in makeshift villages that they built throughout the forest. Allison – WWII story of survival featuring a marine who becomes stranded with nun on a island swarming with Japanese soldiers. Government discovers that the earth’s core has stalled and the survival of mankind could be at stake. The government builds caves to prevent the extinction of mankind and a group of astronauts is sent to destroy the comet with nuclear weapons. Swiss Family Robinson is the story of a family who must build a new life after becoming shipwrecked on a deserted island. The movie shows Richard Louis “Dick” Proenneke, a naturalist and survivalist living alone high in the mountains of Alaska at a place called Twin Lakes.
This movie is pure brutality, and is not for those who get squeamish at the site of blood and guts! A commonly-told story had him threatening to first shoot actor Klaus Kinski and then himself if the volatile performer attempted to leave the production of Aguirre, the Wrath of God. This largely improvised comedy revolves around a poker tournament in Las Vegas and the colorful assortment of gamblers who show up to participate.

Murnau, Nosferatu the Vampyre stars Klaus Kinski as the title character, a hideous undead noble whose hunger for love is matched only for his thirst for blood. Besides dealing with hostile locals and the unforgiving heat of the jungle, the group must also contend with the mad ambitions of Don Lope de Aguirre (Klaus Kinski), a delusional soldier who fancies himself the next ruler of the world. But in order to do so, he’ll have to have his three-story steamer physically pulled across a muddy hillside from one river to another. But in 2003, he and his girlfriend were attacked and eaten by one of the creatures that he so fiercely loved. Kinski is both mesmerizing and manic (nothing new there), and the film is a triumphant adaptation of the novel The Viceroy of Ouidah by Bruce Chatwin. Herzog’s direction is equally offbeat, with portions of the film shot from the perspective of iguanas and alligators. The vast landscape is actually dotted with interesting characters, and Werner Herzog wastes no time in capturing their life stories in this compelling documentary. Roger Ebert has called it “one of the oddest films ever made,” and that’s really saying something. But the timeline is shifted, and the freakishly strong Breitbart finds himself in 1932, on the eve of the Nazi party’s ascension to power. The relationship was frequently stormy, and Herzog pulls no punches in both praising and damning his subject. The first features Nicolas Cage chewing up the scenery, numerous bizarre camera angles, and an off-kiler script that never fails to surprise. The South American locales bring authenticity to the production, and mad-genius actor Klaus Kinski is in rare form as the title character. In a zombie movie, after you’ve been scared by one popping up out of nowhere (repeated endlessly) and confronted the dilemma of suddenly facing a swarm of them when you’re low on ammunition, you’ve pretty much used up the zombie-movie bag of tricks.
Played by Alan Van Sprang, he’s ruggedly one–dimensional, a barely written place-filler meant to stand-in for all human beings.
O’Flynn teams up with Crocket and his group to take on Muldoon and his men – and to reunite with his daughter (Kathleen Munroe). This may qualify as the strangest, most subversive pitch for vegetarianism ever attempted in horror films.
Uncover the secrets of what caused Oceanic 815 to crash and experience their incredible journey as they battle to survive and rewrite their own fate.
The Book of Eli is the story of one man who is on a mission to revitalize a lost society, in a post-apocalyptic world. The film is a classic sci-fi movie and won  the Academy Award for Best Special Effects in 1953. He also ate his own shoe after losing a bet, and dismissed being shot by an air rifle while being interviewed by the BBC (“It is not a significant bullet.”). Entrants include Woody Harrelson, Cheryl Hines, David Cross, Dennis Farina, and Richard Kind.
A brilliant look at the dangers of greed and ambition, the film scales back the dialogue and allows the scenery and Kinski’s crazed eyes to tell the story. Another manic performance from Kinski, and the lovely Claudia Cardinale co-stars as his brothel-owning lover.
A number of critics placed it on their lists for the best films of 2009, including Herzog devotee Roger Ebert.
The land itself is also a star, and you’ll get more out of this than any boring mainstream film about penguins. Hanussen (Tim Roth) is his employer, a seedy mystic who tries to gain the favor of men such as Heinrich Himmler.
Plenty of behind-the-scenes footage is shown, and Kinski co-stars such as Claudia Cardinale share their recollections of the unpredictable performer. This 20-minute documentary captures the director preparing the shoe with the help of a chef and then chowing down at the premiere of the movie. The final 15 minutes are especially enjoyable, as everything you expect to happen is totally subverted.
127 Hours is a story about mountain climber Aron Ralston acted by James Franco, gone on adventure alone in Blue John Canyon, Utah who falls and his arm trapped under a rock. In other words, he often seems to fit the stereotype of the crazy German all too well, but there’s boatloads of genius to go along with the low-key madness. But Herzog trumps them all as The German, a leather-clad cheater who’s notorious for sacrificing animals before tournaments for good luck.
The first of five collaborations between the director and actor, it’s the finest of all Werner Herzog movies in my opinion.
There was the usual tension on the set that one would expect from a film starring Kinski, and Herzog later revealed that a local tribal chief offered to murder the actor for him.
If you’re a fan of any of the five films Herzog and Kinski did together, be sure to add this one to your Netflix queue. Give a few of these films a try, and you’ll soon find yourself becoming a Werner Herzog fan. Alright, don’t forget about the big badger, pay attention to it!Life of Pi One of the best movie in the top 8 list. The rest of the movie isn’t bad either, especially Ray Romano’s obsession with getting Peyton Manning onto his fantasy football team.
Life of Pi is a storytelling adventure movie about a young Indian boy named Pi who stranded in the deepest ocean when the ship sinks during thunderstorm. This movie is a classic end of the world zombie flick.Zombieland -Columbus, a panicky college student has managed to survive a zombie virus by creating his rules for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. I not going to spoil your mood because this is a must watch adventurous survival film.Cast Away Have watched this movie for few times, its so entertaining!
Cast Away tells you what you need to do in order to survive alone if you’re stranded in a deserted island. But make sure you don’t talk alone to a volley ball!Frozen (18+) Frozen is a survival horror movie not to be viewed by the fainted heart.
The new world is filled with roaming gangs who have destroyed all the world’s book,  in an attempt to control whoever is left.
This movie is about a group of skiers who are trying to keep themselves alive from freezing to death.
Well, i don’t have much comment on Buried, it does make you bored in the beginning but the story will keep teasing you to find out what are going to happen at the end of the movie. His iron will to survive guides him and fellow prisoners in a death-defying escape, only to discover the harsh realities of an unforgiving jungle outside the POW camp.“Rescue Dawn is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned). They fall into my favorite genre of movies and there aren’t enough well funded examples being produced.
Unreal I know.Reply Lima November 23, 2013 at 2:10 pm Did you want them to use some generic name like Ship It, Inc?

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