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Galpin Auto Sports, revealed the pictures of how did they assembled a nasty looking Zombie Survival car, here are some of the pictures from various stages of car modification.
There is a huge list of pictures are Galpin Auto Sports website, as they are showing how did the modified the car live, infront of people at San Diego Comic Con this year. 15 Worlds Most Expensive Sports Cars (Limited Editions) - Today we go a little off topic but not entirely with putting up a nice looking most expensive sports cars in the world. I was going to do some research and write a post that combines the one on survival (Les Stroud on How to Survive in the Wilderness—Or Not) with my post on the movie Gravity (Gravity: to See It Is to Be in Space).
Before we get to that list, however, I want to point out that Angelina Jolie is directing a movie about the most incredible survivor of the 20th century—Olympic athlete and WWII prisoner of war Louis Zamperini.
Lord of the Flies (1963): Shipwrecked on an island, a group of castaway boys finds that surviving and being civilized are not the same thing at all.
The Naked Prey (1996): Cornell Wilde has to survive being hunted by a tribe in Africa but the environment is a strong opponent.
Riddick (2013): Convict and king Richard Riddick is left for dead on a barren, sun-scorched planet.
So if you’re in the mood to binge watch movies about survival while sitting on a comfy sofa in a warm room eating chips and drinking beer, here’s your Netflix list. This entry was posted in Animals, Books, Entertainment, Movies, Science Fiction and tagged #UnbrokenMovie, Andrew Dyce, Angelina Jolie, Gravity, Laura Hillenbrand, Les Stroud, Louis Zamperini, Screen Rant, Unbroken by Admin.
In my professional career I was a senior Communications Director with a strong track record of generating and implementing high-impact corporate and marketing strategies, messages and programs. I have been a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) since 1989.
For approximately 15 years I have participated in the SpaceCrafts writing group, which helps writers to improve and publish their science fiction and fantasy work.
I’m also a docent for Boston by Foot, a volunteer organization that gives historical and architectural tours of Boston, and my particular tour is the Victorian Back Bay. These movie list of survival movies is a good way of storytelling, getting inspiration, hope, emotional and sometimes lead to mind-twisting situations you’ll never expected.

While there are many other things which makes it an interesting viewing with thick steal plats on sides of tires.
On reality this car will never hit the production line, but it makes an interesting viewing in reality other than we see every day in horror zombie movies. Cast Away (2000): After he survives a crash landing on a deserted island a FedEx executive must transform himself physically and emotionally to live. I worked for a number of big public companies and for small, VC-funded start-ups in the high-technology industry.
My other interests include going to the movies, gardening, snorkeling, reading just about anything, riding big fast roller coasters and antique hand-carved carousels, and cooking. Cross reference by disaster: weather, plane crash, boat capsizing, science expedition, adventuring, or sheer stupidity. My current novel is stuck at Chapter 37, mostly because I have been putting more effort into The Next Phase blog. 127 Hours is a story about mountain climber Aron Ralston acted by James Franco, gone on adventure alone in Blue John Canyon, Utah who falls and his arm trapped under a rock. Alright, don’t forget about the big badger, pay attention to it!Life of Pi One of the best movie in the top 8 list. Zamperini not only survived a record-breaking 47 days adrift after his B-24 bomber “Green Hornet” crashed in the Pacific Ocean, he hung on through three brutal years as a POW in a Japanese prison camp.
Life of Pi is a storytelling adventure movie about a young Indian boy named Pi who stranded in the deepest ocean when the ship sinks during thunderstorm. I have not been able to watch this either in the theatre or on TV because the thought of it is too awful.• Jaws (1975): Is it really survival if you go hunting the great white shark? I not going to spoil your mood because this is a must watch adventurous survival film.Cast Away Have watched this movie for few times, its so entertaining! Cast Away tells you what you need to do in order to survive alone if you’re stranded in a deserted island.
Nature: Top 10 Survival Stories on Film, Andrew Dyce offers his list of movies that do the best job of making us sedentary viewers feel what it’s like to struggle to survive against nature and against the odds.

I haven’t seen this one, either.The Next Phase ListBut even these two lists miss a few that came quickly to mind for both my husband and me.
But make sure you don’t talk alone to a volley ball!Frozen (18+) Frozen is a survival horror movie not to be viewed by the fainted heart.
This movie is about a group of skiers who are trying to keep themselves alive from freezing to death.
The Uruguayan rugby team is stranded in the snow-swept Andes and forced to use desperate measures to survive after their plane crashes.2.
Apollo 13 (1995): After their spacecraft undergoes massive internal damage, three astronauts must devise a strategy to return to Earth safely. Well, i don’t have much comment on Buried, it does make you bored in the beginning but the story will keep teasing you to find out what are going to happen at the end of the movie. We saw this and I enjoyed it at the time but it lacked the immediacy and reality of Gravity. His iron will to survive guides him and fellow prisoners in a death-defying escape, only to discover the harsh realities of an unforgiving jungle outside the POW camp.“Rescue Dawn is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned).
The Edge (1997): A billionaire and two other men accustomed to civilization are stranded by a plane crash in a dangerous wilderness.
Touching the Void (2003): I didn’t think a movie could do justice to the book, which was riveting. His goal was to prove that it was possible for South Americans to settle in Polynesia in pre-Columbian times.9.
127 Hours (2010): A mountain climber becomes trapped under a boulder while canyoneering alone near Moab, Utah. If Aaron Ralston had followed even one of the basic safety measures recommended for people going into the wilderness, he would have all his body parts today.

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