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The game starts with all participants gathered at the 5th floor of an abandoned building -in total darkness!
After all 3 keys to the gates have been found, the participants will then be locked in a REAL mausoleum at the ground floor, & will be at the mercy of the 3 survivors to find the final key to release them & save them from the hungry undeads! Around 22 kids about to board the Zombie Express which picked them up right outside our house.Of course I had to give them the whole & complete experience from start to finish! From the ground floor where we waited, I could hear them all screaming & at some point, I really thought a stampede headed by a herd of elephants was happening -with the way all them were running haha. If you own a photo in any of my posts & I haven't given credit where credit is due, I apologize profusely. Warren is known for his hard work ethic, positive attitude and respect for the artist’s vision. WHO - CloudTalk is a four member alternative pop-rock band from Northern Los Angeles, who have begun to get some notice on the local scene (105,000+ followers on Vine and counting).
SOUND - By combining a knack for catchy melodies (think Maroon 5 or One Republic), chasing a big sound quality (think Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, fun.) and infusing a little rock edge (a la Killers, Temper Trap, Neon Trees), you’ll get some idea of the recipe for success that CloudTalk is ready to take to the masses. WHAT’S NEXT - Despite wearing their various influences on their sleeve, CloudTalk has a sound that is all its own, thanks in part to TJ’s distinct lead vocals and a gift for crafting hooks that stay with you after the final note lingers. Their most recent album which was self-titled and released in 2014, has music that you can sit and chill to or dance to. Survival Guide is an artistic endeavor featuring vocalist and keyboardist Emily Whitehurst. The zombie apocalypse has long been a favorite subject of horror movies, but where would you hide if the undead really roamed the earth?
Wiltshire's Secret Underground City One of the safest places to be during a zombie apocalypse is underground, and as far as subterranean cities go, Wiltshire's underground city is a truly impressive example. Alcatraz Island Alcatraz has served many purposes since Julian Workman, the island's first recorded owner, erected a lighthouse there in 1846: it was the base for the San Francisco arsenal during the civil war, famously housed military and federal prisoners, and today is a popular tourist attraction. Scotland's Secret Bunker One hundred feet below a charming old farmhouse in Scotland is a tunnel that leads to a 24,000 square-foot bunker that was built to shelter top government officials in case of a nuclear strike. Dipper and Mabel's epic summer is still keeping it weird, months after the show went off the air.
Subscribe to the Atlas Obscura Newsletter and get our latest, delivered straight to your inbox. My classes start tomorrow and the internet is full of ~what I wish I knew~ lists from old people pretending they know what it’s like to be a college student now.
I am a junior nontraditional student who works full-time and is taking 18 credits this semester.
If your professor doesn’t have the books listed online before classes start, email them to ask what the assigned readings are so you can order them early.
Pretty much every class is structured the same way: a bunch of intro readings for a few weeks, then some smaller projects, then huge projects and exams.
The beginning of the semester is a cakewalk compared to the back half, so read and work ahead as much as you can in the first few weeks of class.
Working ahead is also a great time to start reaching out to your professors, because it shows them that you care enough to start things early and to talk to them like people. If I had a dollar for every time I told myself I would wake up early and finish something, I could by myself a big freezer to meal plan with. You will think and perform better with 10 minutes of studying and 4 hours of sleep than if you’d stayed up all night studying, so go to bed! Yes, it’s important to keep your grades up so that you can graduate on time, get into upper-level classes, and qualify for scholarships.
Keep your grades up, but don’t sacrifice a good networking opportunity or a nap to bump your B up to an A.
College is about more than just getting good grades, it’s about figuring out what is important to you for the rest of your life.
The freshman fifteen does not have to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, even if you are stuck eating cafeteria food. Whether you need to save up more money to go to school or you just need some time to rest your brain, there is no shame in taking time off.
From the registration office to the career counselor to the campus therapist, there are a lot of resources available to help students succeed. Look into what kind of support is available at your school, and if you don’t find what you want, ask for a second opinion.
There are also thousands of groups and services outside of school that can help you deal with any number of crises.
Be a Slytherin: treat every new person you meet as someone who can do something for you in the future.
And above all else, ignore all those old people dishing out advice about what would have made ~the best years of their lives~ even better.
Don’t be afraid to do a little trial and error when it comes to new experiences in college.

I’m CordeliaI'm a freelance writer, romance novel defender, cat lady, and orphan college student. When I was 18, there were no resources available for young adults who were trying to manage higher education with no parental support.
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SupportIf you like Orphan Survival Guide and would like to support my efforts to bring more resources and information to adult children, please consider supporting me with a donation or visiting any of my sponsors or affiliates. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Emergency Survival: A Pocket Guide offers the necessary steps to surviving a broad scope of emergency situations from broken bones, bleeding, and snakebites to heat exhaustion, frostbite, and hypothermia. Unfortunately, we are not one of the rich & famous, so I have to make do with giving them simpler adventures that they can look back on with fond memories. Hey, isn’t my props cool?This is what’s left of a body torn by a hungry zombie! He has played a fundamental part in the creation of many platinum selling and billboard soaring albums, as well as the development of many of today’s most successful artists’ careers. MadLyn's been a music lover since she was a little girl, inspired by great vocalists such as Barbara Streisand, Whitney Houston & Ella Fitzgerald, and songwriters such as The Beatles, Billy Joel, & Carole King. With guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and vocal harmonies, TJ, Gabe, and Jordan are ready to bring their unique chemistry to any size venue. They also draw inspiration from other artists, and it’s easy to imagine them touring with bands as diverse as Young The Giant, Bastille, Two Door Cinema Club, Foster The People, New Politics, the Naked and Famous, Walk the Moon, the 1975, Passion Pit and The Neighborhood.
With two full album’s worth of material they can play gigs of various lengths and are ready to explode onto the music scene in a big way. They have done remixes for Foster the People, Zee Avi and produced the Mac Miller track “PA Nights” on the album Blue Slide Park.  They played South by Southwest, and charted on Billboard’s Next Big Sound.
The music falls somewhere between indie rock and electronic, always with strong vocals and a sprinkle of pop. Built in the 1950s, this 35-acre bunker has the capabilities to sustain 4,000 people for up to 3 months with no assistance from the outside world. With its ample living space, high walls, and island geography, it's a natural choice for a survivor stronghold during a zombie apocalypse.
Today it is a cold war museum that houses a collection of military vehicles and a number of questionably accurate historical artifacts. I always have a million things in my purse or backpack, because I always think I’m going to have all this extra time on my hands to knit or read a book. You do not want to have back problems in the future just because you carried too much crap to class every day. Unless you scheduled all of your classes the same day and have finals in all of them, leave your old notes at home.
That’s about the point where papers are due and group projects fall apart and you have too much on your plate.
Put everything in your planner during the first week of school, and use an assignment tracker to figure out what weeks are good for working ahead and what weeks will be hell weeks. Do not tell yourself you’ll wake up an hour early to write your paper due at 9am or convince yourself you will wake up early enough to make breakfast. I know it doesn’t feel like it right now, but those extra 4 hours of studying will mean nothing in a year. Eat good snacks like granola bars or fruit, and have some salad instead of a sandwich or pizza. It may delay you reaching your goal of graduation, but it doesn’t delay your life in the long run. Even your professors are generally on board with giving extensions or exceptions if you plead your case and at least pretend you’re a concerned and hardworking student. From apps and research journal sites to life hacks and the best student discounts, stay tuned as I help you make the most of college. I had to drop out of school because I couldn't pay for it. Now I'm navigating school and work and being a grownup at 28. A section on surviving in the wilderness offers direction on finding shelter from the cold, what to do if you get lost, procuring water and food, and building fires.
Remember, they were human once too, so please avoid hitting them in the faces especially the eyes – & the groin (OUCH!)!
While every caution has been taken to provide my readers with the most accurate information and honest analysis, please use your discretion before taking any decisions based on the information in my blog.
He also has the Produce Like A Pro video series, which offers recording tutorials to beginners as well as Spitfire Music, a one-stop music house focusing on licensing music for film and tv.
With over 20 years of experience in the ever expanding music industry (record production, engineering, mixing and songwriting), as well his extensive knowledge of both modern and vintage musical equipment and instruments, Warren manages to create the most diverse sound around. Their band name comes from the concept of turning a dream into a reality, and thats what they are accomplishing with their music.

The complex was outfitted with offices, laundries, a hospital, cafeterias, kitchens, the second largest phone exchange in Britain, and a television studio, but none of these amenities were ever used. Spoiler alert: you have less free time than you think, so take only what you actually need. Combining my planner and assignment tracker has helped me stay on task and turn things in on time (most of the time). Instead of wasting hours perfecting your notes and flash cards, just print off some study guides online and review them before class.
A little bit of planning can help you eat right even when you have no time between classes.
I think it made me a better student to have work experience in between my first and second tries. I started the Orphan Survival Guide to share what I've learned about surviving college and adulthood on my own. It took me a while, but I later made the choice to honor her by taking on her name "MadLyn" as my own." In 2010, the song "Suddenly" was featured in the indie film "Elena Undone," a movie MadLyn also played a supporting character in.
Their first release Paradise Falls was produced by Diplo and DJ Benzi and gained attention from everyone.
In 2004 the city was decommissioned, and all the water and fuel were drained from its storage tanks. That 1846 lighthouse still stands, providing a perfect elevated viewpoint of the entire island and any hungry zombies who might be paddling your way. Not only does it wake me up for class, but regular exercise can wear you out at the end of the day and help you sleep at a normal schedule.
She's written songs for artists such as European pop star Suzanna Lubrano, recorded title tracks for films like the indie movie "Wheels," appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! They went on the Green Carpet Tour, which also included Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller and performed at the Snowball Music Festival. Maybe you really do like Starbucks more than local coffee no matter what your hipster friends say.
Pelee volcano erupted on the island of Martinique, killing an estimated 30,000-40,000 people in the town of Saint Pierre.
Only a handful survived--a few lucky sailors in boats off the coast, and a local drunk who had been thrown in jail the night before: Ludger Sylbaris. His solitary confinement cell, a stone structure built partially into the ground, saved his life from scalding volcanic gasses and ash.
The structure was originally erected as a basic water tower by businessman Thomas Lawson in 1902. Saint Pierre never recovered from the devastation, and today has a population of around 1000, but Sylbaris' prison cell still stands. With a tiny window and one entrance, it could be a good place to hunker down during a zombie invasion. So Lawson did what anyone would do: he hired a European architect to design an aesthetically pleasing medieval stone tower surrounding it. Pelee is still one of the world's most active volcanos, so there is a chance that while waiting out the zombies, you would have to deal with an eruption. While the water tank is currently empty, if you were able to haul up a supply of water you'd have a perfect place to store it. Propped up on stilts high above the waterline and decommissioned in the 1950s, these structures are in serious disrepair, but could provide an almost perfect strategic refuge in the event of a zombie outbreak.
In their current state, entering the sea forts is prohibited and possibly unsafe, but they could easily be fortified to provide protection and seclusion. Besides dealing with a limited food supply, the only valid threat would be other desperate humans seeking to claim these forts for themselves. If your goal during the zombie apocalypse is to live as normal a lifestyle as possible, this "hole in the rock" might be the perfect place for you.
The threat of invasion never abated, and today their heavily fortified tower style homes still stand in the hilly landscape of present-day Georgia.
The architectural formula is simple, but it works: every home in the Svaneti villages is surrounded with a protective wall and and a lookout tower, providing a perfect tactical combination of observation and defense.
Additionally, the villages' location in a rugged valley offers concealment but also reduces warning time in case of attack.
When it comes to apocalyptic hideouts, this treetop town has a lot going for it: elevation, isolation, and the fact each house is accessible by a single notched pole that would be nearly impossible for a zombie to navigate.

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