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For wilderness use, all things considered (but mainly used for chopping), which would be better suited, a large blade (aka Becker BK9, RTAKII, etc) or a tomahawk (CS Trail hawk, frontier hawk, etc.)?
You may want some type of Saw with also, you get to cutting a lot of stuff over 4 inches and it can turn to work.
However, that's no reason not to carry the big knife as well (especially if talking an RTAK, ESEE Junglas, Busse Bushwhacker, etc) as they are relatively thin, and do the knife stuff quite well, while the hawk remains the chopper and hammer. IMO a kukri, being derived from the Kopis swords that Alexander brought to the area, will handle, and should be used as one.
However, if you have two unarmored opponents, one armed with only a kukri, and one armed with only a tomahawk, I'd put my money on the 'hawk wielder.

When it comes to the woods, either of my above combos works great, and it's a matter of what I feel like carrying that day.
Against a human it wouldn't matter as much.What I would prefer would be dependent on what my opponent had.
So if a hawk wins in chopping, what advantages would a big blade have over say a smaller blade? That being said, anything I can do with a small knife, i can do with a big knife, but some things can be done with a big knife that can't be done with a small one. Basically, you bring the long knife to do the things the hawk sucks at -- like brush clearing, shaving bark, peeling logs, it can double as a chopper if something happens to the hawk.

If you are using a CS hawk, and want to try a longer head, they sell 30" replacement hafts, and you can get one and see where it balances best, and saw off the end an inch at a time until it feels right. Hawk, Kuk, Bowie, I love them all, and often carry more than one at a time, but I think that if I HAD to choose a favorite, it would be a large Bowie for me.
If you have a wood handled hawk, and break the haft, guess what will be used to make the field replacement?

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