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I appreciate your having tamped down whatever prejudice you had against this knife during your review of it; especially at the start.
I do a lot of backpacking in all of the various terrains here in California, spending most of my time in the high sierras while venturing into the coastal mountains in the early spring. If you don't mind a little extra weight the S1 is a great camp knife, if you want a little smaller and lighter the F1 would work fine, I know I am not helping you make a decision but, I would be hard pressed to pick one over the other, it would be the one I "felt" like at the moment.
I think it's all up to Your personal preferences,level of skill and what backups You keep in the camp.
If you are going out with only one knife on a long hike, I would say the S1 for that choice.
If you lose your big knife you will have to do everything with the tiny blade on the Leatherman. All my life I have considered the proper length of a "forest knife" to be around 5 inches, hence, buying the 3.8 inches F1 is a new step for me. Now, the F1 on the other hand, you can carry as long as you can convince the police that it is plausible you intend to use it for "an acceptable purpose".
With the boom of survivalist endorsed knives, it makes it hard to know which ones more for real, the Stroud series or the Grylls Series, it's essentially Gerber vs Camillus, but as an impulse buy I bought Bear's folding sheath version of the ultimate knife and shockingly it's a tough knife! The Helle knives Temagami was made in collaboration with Les Stroud, or at least endorsed by him, and is an excellent knife. It is also excellent that Helle offers the Temagami in both triple laminated carbon and stainless steels. Not familiar with Les Stroud, but the Camillus knives don't look anymore impressive than the Gerber knives. Well considering that the Gerber Grylls Parang got recalled for snapping id guess it wouldnt be them.
So, as a relative newbie just getting into knives, and celebrity endorsement aside, who would everyone recommend for a 'survival knife'?

Anybody who advises drinking urine in my books to survive isn't worthy for me to spend my money on.
In my opinion, the Bears Grylls and Les Stroud line of knives is all about using the names of tv celebreties to market a product. Shrigley - Mykel Hawke and his wife Ruth England - David Arama - John McPherson - Ron Hood. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bear Grylls Is a British adventurer, writer and television presenter. I am looking for a stainless general do-it-all knife that will be the only blade on my belt on day hikes and will be complemented by my Leatherman Wave that I keep in my pack back at camp.
But for your intended use I'd go for the S1 because it's more an allround knife for your purpose. Is swear by looking at the Camillus stuff that its no damn good, but when proded Les stood up and vouched for the stuff saying he designed and tested them from the ground up to be dependable quality stuff. Nothing inspires more confidence during high stress scenarios than actually knowing what your knife can and cannot do in adverse outdoor situations. 440 with polypropylene handles isn't a Busse or anything but is try them before trashing them, I trust Les' integrity . 440 can be a fine steel, but consider what they're charging for their stuff and realize they're making a profit.
Ability of the design to work well as a folding knife isn't the main goal for most of them. Wild. Bear Grylls travels around the globe to find the most dangerous tourist locations and environments, in order to show us how to survive in them.
I give Schrade credit for trying, and offering us these bargains, even when they make someA slightly weird stuff.
I want something capable as both a camp and survival knife that is practical to carry on my belt on extended hikes. A profit from such cheap prices means they're paying those Chinese wages pitiful even by their standards. If he's willing to drop 100 bucks,(Which is a actually a lot of money for a first timer), then I'd recommend either the ESEE 3 or maybe just a good old Ka-Bar.

I havn't been able to find any stores around here that carry Fallkniven, otherwise I would go look at their lineup in person, so what would be your suggestion? Bear went on to spend three years as a soldier in the British Special Forces, serving with 21 SAS.
I think it has earned it, don't you?redchevy1957: was this knife designed by a guy from england, seems i was reading about it on the web bushcraft uk. While preparing for Everest, he became the youngest briton to climb Ama Dablam, a peak described by sir edmund hillary as ?unclimable?.   The Scout Association - He is the tenth person and the youngest ever Chief Scout to 28 million Scouts worldwide. Grylls also regales the viewer with tales of adventurers stranded or killed in the wilderness. Bear owns an outdoor adventure clothing company partnered with Craghoppers, as well as a line of survival kits, knives, multi-tools and other outdoor equipment with Gerber.
In the Northwest Territories where Stroud was employed as an outdoor instructor to special needs individuals of aboriginal descent.
Stroud produced two programs titled One Week in the Wilderness and Winter in the Wilderness for Discovery Chanel in 2001. His camera and audio gear typically weigh about 23 kg in total.   Stroud produced 23 episodes of the show which began airing in 2004. The show, Off the Grid with Les Stroud, chronicled the process of buying property and refitting an old farm house with solar and wind power, a raincatcher and well, as well as the adjustments the Stroud family had to make to adapt to this style of living. Les Stroud journeys the globe to unearth the secrets of how remote indigenous tribes have survived in the wild for thousands of years. In September 2012, Stroud stated in a compilation show Survivorman Top-10 that at one time he had contracted a parasitic worm infestation in his mouth that lasted over a year.
Stroud stated that although he was not sure of the origin of the malady he believes that the source was from Georgia swamp turtle meat. His books Survive!

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