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Keep in mind, the main theme here is preparing food from scratch, and what you’ll need to make your job a easier and more efficient.
Your knives will be incredibly important in a disaster, whether for food or for self defense. If you’re a coffee drinker, you may already be stocking up on coffee beans- which will need grinding.
Having a backup to your electric coffee maker could mean the difference between being alert or being a zombie. Sometimes you can find really good deals on rusty old cast iron at yard sales or second-hand venues.
The simple, primitive look of them reminds me of Native American women grinding spices and grains for their meals. In a time when you’ll be doing all of your baking from scratch, a good quality rolling pin will be priceless. I’ve found that you can never have enough oversized bowls when processing garden produce. I’m not talking about one of those little hand nut crackers, but something more heavy duty meant for crushing the hardest of shells. You may already have one in your kitchen utensils drawer, but I would strongly recommend that you buy a good quality vegetable peeler for every member of your family, or at least four of them. If you have a cherry tree on your homestead or if they grow locally, a cherry pitter is an excellent tool to have handy.
If you have citrus fruits growing in your area, a manual juicer is something that you’d be wise to have. This is an absolute must if you’re going to be doing canning- which I would highly recommend for food preservation.
If you’ve ever dug root crops, you can appreciate the importance of a stiff scrub brush. If you foresee yourself making biscuits, pies, or other pastries in the future, you’ll need a pastry cutter (sometimes called a dough blender). This is a great tool to have for making apple rings and slices for dehydrating and for canning apple pie filling. Forget about storing up dozens of rolls of Vivas, invest in a few good packs of absorbent cloth napkins instead. A couple of other things come to mind as I think of prepping your kitchen, which I wanted to mention quickly. There are a lot of things to consider when planning to cook and prepare foods without electricity. I am sure a lot of other things are out there, but these really stood out to me, as very needed in the kitchen, but not on the list. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
This compact and practical 10 function survival tool is great for travel, fishing, camping and more. The Chef’s knife is one of the most popular knives, has a strong blade, and is heavy to hold. A flexible, long, slim blade and allows for ease of movement while filleting fish and meat. Not to be confused with a cleaver, the chopper is also a mostly rectangular bladed knife for general food preparation.
A versatile all-around smaller knife good for chopping or slicing fruits or vegetables, or smaller cuts of meat.
Great for cutting smaller fruits or vegetables with its strong straight edge and sturdy tip.
A curved blade is perfect for peeling fruit or vegetables with its firm cutting blade and firm tip. There are links within this post on which we can earn a commission if you purchase something, but it doesn't cost you any more money. You can get a spoon made of just about any type of material, but the old standby is the wooden spoon. After you have used your wooden spoons a while, and they start to wear down, replace them before they start cracking into your food. During the holiday season, everyone is busy cooking ham, chicken, goose and turkey amongst other meat dishes. When cooking meat, there is a recommended internal temperature the food is supposed to reach before it is considered done and safe to eat. You can get a basic thermometer that has a dial on it, or a programmable digital thermometer with a wire from the probe to the readout that allows you to set it for certain meats and desired temperatures.
Kitchen shears are the type of kitchen tool that are so versatile, you’ll find yourself using them for everything. You can get kitchen shears in all shapes and sizes, and they are able to be sharpened, so make sure you get a good quality pair that you can have around for years to come.
Every cook starts off slow — by measuring everything strictly according to the recipe. There are actually a couple of different types of measuring cups — those for liquids, and those for dry ingredients. Naturally, you are going to need some mixing bowls to mix up all of the yummy goodness you will be making in the kitchen!
Metal, plastic, ceramic, glass — just like most of the other kitchen tools we have discussed so far, there are different types of materials for mixing bowls. If you do a lot of campfire cooking, you should definitely invest in a good cast iron Dutch oven. Patrick BlairPatrick is a Christ follower, the father of a special needs daughter with a brilliant personality and two musically talented sons, the husband of a beautiful and incredibly wonderful woman, an avid cook and gardener, a craftsman, and a hopeful homesteader with a passion for researching.

But as I looked around my kitchen I realized there are many more than ten kitchen items that I’d want to have in a long term emergency situation.
Most of these things aren’t life-or-death important, but they sure would make preparing food much less work. It should have several different types of knives, a wood-bone saw, game sheers, a cutting board, etc. Even if you aren’t a coffee drinker, you never know when a grinder might come in handy. Not only can you grind grains either super fine or course cracked, you can also make nut butters, grind coffee (which would eliminate the need for #3), grind herbs and spices, and even beans and legumes, all with the crank of a handle. As long as it isn’t rusted through, cast iron is easy to restore so keep your eyes open for a steal. I think there’s a lot we can glean from looking at the tools they chose as essentials for their survival. You can cook anything in it that you would bake in an oven, including corn on the cob, whole chickens and bread. Sometimes you just need it ground, like for tacos, burritos, meatloaf, spaghetti, and chili.
This is what I use to make tomato juice, tomato sauce and paste, applesauce and jelly, pear sauce and peach sauce. My favorite style is a French Rolling Pin, because of its weighted center and tapered ends.
We have a Black Walnut tree on our property, and I’m telling you from experience those are the hardest shells to crack. This is coming from somebody who has had to process hundreds of pounds of vegetables for canning. Canning recipes almost always measure ingredients by the pound instead of by the cup, so you’ll need a way of weighing your produce. I use them for collecting eggs, gathering garden produce, storing food in the pantry, and for foraging in the woods and fields. Use them to strain juice from fruits and berries, to hold loose herbs for teas or broths, straining nut milks, filtering fresh dairy, straining pulp from a juicer, making syrups and jellies, etc. If you don’t have the room or money to build a walk-in greenhouse, you would still benefit from building cold frames or installing row covers in the garden to keep your food protected from frost. Include plenty of cheese cloth, cheese wax, and rennet, along with a cheese press for making hard cheeses. As you go about your week, think about how you would prepare the meals you make if you didn’t have electricity.
It’s not suitable though for chopping through bones and other such heavy-duty uses reserved for the cleaver. It did fine job, and the shape kept my hand clean so I didn’t have to stop and clean my hand and the handle at all.
This is how we keep our site free for you and other readers, so we greatly appreciate when you do purchase through our links! What better to stir with than a wooden spoon — one of the most basic kitchen tools there is! Most peelers are ergonomically designed to fit your hand better, too, so you won’t walk away with cramped hands, either. You can get the normal peeler like this one, which is the style I have always used, or you can go for the Y-peeler. Whether to open a bag of frozen veggies, snip the bones in a chicken, or trim some fresh herbs, they’re a handy device for any kitchen. While adding ingredients to main dishes and casseroles can be eyeballed, baking is more of an exact science. Then we have a set of metal mixing bowls that we use for anything we need the hand mixer for so we don’t risk chipping the bowl. They make the best cornbread, fry the most delicious chicken, and give your kitchen that old-world feel when you see them in use. Once you season a cast iron skillet with oil or fat, they eventually take on qualities similar to non-stick without the harmful coating. How else do you plan to cut up all the meats and veggies to make the awesome dinners you’ll be making for your family? He and his wife live as frugally as possible and try daily to live as God intends them to live. You might already have an alternative energy source in place, but you definitely don’t want to depend on it to run essential kitchen tools. If you know nothing about butchering, a well-written book on the subject would be handy to have as well. When you’re working with a dull blade you tend to apply more pressure, which makes it easier to slip and cut yourself. A good ceramic burr coffee grinder will grind spices as well, though you might not want to use the same grinder for coffee beans and stronger spices. If you don’t have some coffee beans in your food storage, get a little and a little more. With it we can boil enough water for several loads of laundry or a decent bath, or we could use it to feed a small army of people.
Be sure to purchase the additional drying racks and an enamel pot to make the most of your solar cooker.
They’ll burn any kind of biomass (sticks, dried dung, leaves, dried grass, pine cones, corn cobs, charcoal, etc), they put off very little smoke, and are way more efficient than a campfire. If you buy one new, you’ll need to break it in by grinding rice in the bowl until the surface is smooth (which, believe me, takes forever).
If you can find a good quality dual purpose grinder, you’ll get more bang for your buck.

It takes nothing short of a hammer to break them apart, but then the meat goes flying and the effort is pretty much in vain.
It’s a good idea to invest in a set of enamelware, melamine, wood, or some other type of BPA-free unbreakable plates, bowls, and cups.
For people like me who live in an area where citrus come only from the grocery store, a juicer probably won’t do much good in a survival situation. Large baskets, baskets with handles, small baskets that can be attached to your belt… all of these are incredibly handy to have.
People like Alton Brown, Bobby Flay and Rachael Ray taught me to take boring food to the next level and how certain ingredients went together. They are easy on non-stick coatings, they don’t react with acidic foods (and therefore will not leave a metallic taste in your food), and thankfully, they do not conduct heat. But when it comes to peeling mass quantities of potatoes or carrots, that can get old quick!
Usually made of metal or plastic, they are designed to be easy to level off the dry ingredient at the top of the cup to ensure the precise amount of what you’re measuring (like flour or sugar). You will most likely need multiple bowls in differing sizes to help you mix up an entire dinner without making a super huge mess — or without having to wash the same bowl over and over and over again! Obviously this list in for a bugging-in scenario, to keep wherever you plan on hunkering down for the long haul, if possible. Don’t assume YouTube will always be available to walk you through the process in a SHTF scenario. Currently, we’ve ditched our plug-in coffee maker and are using a percolator to brew our coffee on the electric stove top. However, I’ve found that a manual food processor has been a huge help in the kitchen.
I would suggest that you at least have a 12″ skillet, and a 4 quart camp dutch oven (the kind with legs on the bottom and a flat lid). Whatever route you choose, you definitely want a way to purify water for drinking and cooking.
When our survival depends on the food we collect and preserve, it’ll be vital that you get it all put up before it spoils.
Especially when measuring out ingredients to make hearty soups and stews, which will likely become staple survival meals.
Buckets would also work well for collecting food, however they don’t allow air circulation like baskets do which can lead to food spoiling if left to sit for too long. As an alternative, you can also use sheer curtain fabric or scraps of thin bed sheets for the same purpose.
I paid close attention to the terminology they used, the ingredients they combined, and the kitchen tools they used.
Also, unless you are very adept with a knife, you could end up cutting more than just the peeling — like too much of the food, or worse — your finger! Anytime we have salads, the whisk is used to combine the oil and vinegar to make our salad dressings. Liquid measuring cups are typically plastic or glass, and are larger, coming in 1-2 cup sizes. When our wood cook stove is installed, that’ll be where the coffee making magic is gonna happen. You want a camp dutch oven so that you can place it over coals, and heap coals on the lid for even cooking. Not only did they use these pots for stoups and stews, but they also rendered fats in them, made soap, scalded carcasses, and boiled water for laundry and baths.
Having extra brushes on hand for others to help with will be a blessing when the crops are coming in. Regardless, scrubbing the carrots before peeling them will ensure clean scraps that can later be used for other meals. Plus, we’re learning wild edibles in case we have to survive simply on what we can find growing around us. I line one of the smaller ones with a paper towel and put it into my Pyrex measuring cup to strain bacon grease through before pouring it into my bacon grease jar I keep in the fridge. In fact, if you’re the kind of cook that likes to grill or smoke meats (especially in the winter), you can even get a thermometer with a wireless pager.
The cup has markings on the side (or inside) so you know how much you’re measuring, and are usually larger than their “max capacity” to allow you to measure enough liquid without spilling.
I always recommend that you buy the best quality affordable so that it lasts you a long, long time. You can set it at the source (the grill, smoker, or whatever), and carry the pager part with you — it will alert you when the desired temperature has been reached, so you can relax while you cook.
Once you have these two essential pieces, you might also want to get a few more skillets, a loaf pan, and a pizza pan for baking breads, cookies, pizzas, etc.
How will you keep your neighbors from knowing that you’re cooking… or do you want to invite them to join you? It’s nice to be able to chop fruits and vegetables finely with a few stokes of the hand. Even if you just cut up some old cotton t-shirts, have a few stacks of cloth handy for quick kitchen clean-ups. If an electric food processor or a blender is something you use often, a manual food processor is a must-have for you. Do you know what wild edibles grow in your area, how to identify them and how to prepare them?

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