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The kit includes 10 essential survival items which you can take anywhere and you’ll have everything to survive what nature throws at you if you get into that situation.
For purifying water which has containments and bacteria in which would otherwise be unsafe to drink.
Can be used as cordage for making shelters or rafts, the 7 inner strands can be used as snares, more cordage or for making animal traps. The metal box has a shiny lid for using as a signal mirror and the box can be used as a container, cooking pot or for making char-cloth.
One of the greatest things about summer break is taking off with the kids to go places near and far. According to The Home Safety Guru, author of How to Childproof Your Home, there are ways to be prepared. It’s definitely a lot cheaper to hold your under-age-two baby in your lap when flying, but that is not recommended as anything can happen in the air with turbulence. If you insist upon keeping your baby in your lap, you should check out these new FAA approved infant flight travel vests from Baby B’air. For children weighing between 22-44 lbs there is the CARES Airplane Safety Harness recommended by The National Transportation Safety Board.
Other tips include; flying non-stop, choose pre-assigned seating (car seats should be used in the window or middle seat), board early and pack extra snacks and water. Pack a fully stocked first-aid kit and be sure to check it prior to your camping trip EVERY time.
Teach children basic first aid skills and consider adding “kid-friendly” items to your first-aid kit. Practice common-sense fire safety and keep a bucket of water nearby campfires at all times. Portable camping heaters and lanterns can be a source of carbon monoxide poisoning, never use these devices inside a small-enclosed space.
Get down on your child’s level and inspect outlets, window pull cords, whether there are any sharp protruding objects.
Susan lives with her husband, two young sons, and a new super-cute puppy near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado. PREPARED SURVIVAL is being ready for almost any type of outdoor survival situation by packing & carrying a survival kit or at least a handful of useful items that will help keep you alive until you are rescued or find your way back home or to civilization. UNPREPARED SURVIVAL is not carrying any survival gear before venturing off into the boonies, desert, jungle or the mountains.
PIONEER KITS - are tools and items needed to build a homestead or to help to get your vehicle out of some trouble while in a remote and isolated environment. CAMPING KITS - are products designed for one purpose, to provide you "max comfort" while in the outdoors. SURVIVAL KITS - are tools and items needed in the event you find yourself in an unexpected outdoor survival situation.
Jungle guides who lead people on safaris know the importance of not only packing & carrying a gun but a machete, snake bite kit, mosquito netting and lots of insect repellent too. In the US military, Army Rangers, Special Forces and Navy SEALS have to be ready to deploy anywhere in the world at a moments notice. And another type of military survival kit is this one on the right except it's a British Special Air Service (SAS) survival kit. Though there are many types of commercial survival kits on the market, some are pretty good, some are fair, some are so-so and some I wouldn't call them survival kits at all but instead worthless junk. Remember, most survival kit manufacturers & sellers are only marketing their kits with one thing in mind - to make $$$$. Now I gotta admit, this other Coghlan 5-in-1 Survival Kit is a lot better than their Survival-Kit-In-A-Can. And so if you're one of those who can't cope very well with the heat, cold, rain, wind, snow and ice, then you'll need to pack & carry a lot more survival gear than what you can fit inside a pocket size survival kit. No matter what type of survival kit you decide to buy or assemble yourself, you need to make sure it contains the basic essential items needed in all survival situations. How many other sellers & manufacturers do you think would put their survival kits through these same tests and release the results either on their website or someone elses website? PLASTIC CONTAINERS may be lighter in weight than tin containers, but in extreme cold weather tempertures they can become stiff, fragile and crack. TIN CONTAINERS may look rugged and sturdy but should you accidentially drop'em, step on or sit on them they will dent and become a bit difficult to open and close. But should you ever need to open up and use just a few of the items, well good luck in trying to get everything back inside and closing the cover. READERS BEWARE: Don't believe everything you read, it's just some seller's marketing gimmick to get you to buy their kit. Now here's a couple of survival kit containers you can use to cook and boil water in and you can use'em over and over and over again too.
Now there's only one or two plastic containers that are worth buying and carrying your survival gear inside of them and one of them is called a "CanKeeper." It's a little bit smaller than most other types of survival kit containers, but all the items that come with my SOS Survival Kits will fit nicely inside of it. And here's a fishing vest that I modified and converted into a survival vest, ain't it neat?
Building your own pocket survival kit from scratch is one most satisfying, yet intimidating projects you’ll ever attempt. If fact, I have revised and updated my kit since Joe and I shot the video.  You should, too. Emergency Blanket – Shelter top, ground tarp, emergency signal, heat reflector, blanket. Pro Knot Cards – Knots are important, and using the proper knot can help you keep safe and make cool stuff in an emergency.
Survival Saw – Shelter building, improvised tools, trap wire, cutting firewood, weapon.

Orange Flagging Tape – Marking trail, binding wounds, shelter building, general lashing.
Water Purification Straw – Filters nasty stuff from water without boiling or tablets.
These are some great diy survival kit ideas which is perfect for me because I’m the type of person that likes to build my own survival kit and have it customized to my personal preferences! You can select what you want to copy and then paste it into a Word document or whatever word processor you use. Just FYI I picked up a Sawyer filter kit from your water article and these are great items to have in a kit.
Inside the box there is a solid hexamine tablet for using as fuel, flammable bees wax and cotton wool which easily takes a spark.
Here are a few things you can do to make travel safer for the kids and less stressful for you. The harness is super-light (less than a pound) and easy to use; simply attach it to the seat and buckle your child in.
Water, bug spray, sunscreen, extra food and if you’re car camping you’ll already have the items listed in your vehicle survival kit.
You can use it to create barriers, block windows, and drawers, add it to the corner of pokey end tables and more.
When she’s not chasing her boys on the ski slopes or watching them on the sidelines of the soccer fields, she helps start-ups with social media and online marketing. We're your online destination for all things fashionable and fun for moms, babies and kids. And should something happen you'll either have to learn some really quick primative survival skills the hard way or you will most likely die of thirst, hunger, hypothermia or some type of injury or all four. It's learning how to adapt to a strange and remote environment by living off the land like a caveman, indian or tribesman with nothing but the clothes on your back and nothing else. Which usually consist of a cozy tent for a shelter, a nice sleeping bag for warmth, a sharp axe for cutting firewood, pots & pans for cooking, a lantern for night time use, etc. And some of the most common and useful items found in most survival kits are compasses, fire starters, signal mirrors, flashlights, wire saws, knives, parachute cord, fishing hooks & line, wire, water purification tablets and some condoms. And so whichever one you decide to buy or assemble you need to make sure it contains the right tools and items needed for the type of terrain & environment that you will be operating in. Therefore they must pack and carry a multi-terrain and envionment survival kit like this one in the photo on the left.
Provide you add a few more survival items to it like some matches, a knife, flashlight, condom, water purification tablets, fishing line & hooks, etc.
No I'm not talking about ET the damn movie but your EDURANCE and TOLERANCE level when it comes to dealing with the weather and temperture.
Like a butt pack or rucksack size survival kit so you'll be able to carry a lot more gear to help you to ENDURE the temperture and TOLERATE the weather.
And that's a compass, knife, fire starter, signal mirror, whistle, flashlight, water container and something you can use to build a shelter, trap game and catch fish like good ol'550 parachute cord. And before I purchased these items in large quantities I first ran them through a series of tests to make sure they were durable and of good quality material.
And in extreme hot dry places like in deserts they can become soft and deformed, sometimes even melting. Not to mention, if you think you can use a tin survival kit container to cook or boil water in, you had better take a good close look at this photo here on the right. It's a packaging puzzle that only the manufacturer or seller knows how to get everything neatly back inside of it.
So should you need to open up your survival kit and remove some items and you can't get it all back inside, you can place the items inside the zip lock plastic bag and then in your pocket.
Ritter's kit is that as experienced and knowledgeable as he is in knowing the difference between a good and bad survival kit.
Ritter, anyone who's been to your website and read all your survival kit articles, reviews and evaluations know you're just using your name to promote this badly equipped survival kit to make $$$$ and not for it's survival usefulness.
Try this over an open camp fire and see what happens, these containers won't look as pretty as this. Well after reviewing dozens of survival handbooks, almost all these books have a chapter on what you should pack & carry in a survival kit. Heck, you’re putting together a kit that could save your life, and the lives of those with you, if the poop hits the fan.
Joe (a Black Belt, Biologist, Medical Doctor and Former Army Captain) and I broke out our pocket survival kits and turned the cameras on. Will keep food clean, give you a firm surface to cut on and prevent your knife from getting dull while preparing food.
Much louder than your voice and uses very little energy to produce a sound that travels far. Being able to see through it is very helpful when you need to find something quick and don’t want to dump your whole kit out. Here in South Africa, I pack more or less the same, but emphasis is also on fire, water and medical. Please Consider Partnering with Us to Keep Our FAMILY FRIENDLY Videos (and Website Content) Coming YOUR Way. Aside from purchasing an additional seat to secure baby in a car seat to, this is your best choice for the highest safety during a flight.
You should also include an emergency number of someone who is not camping with you since cell phones don’t always work in remote areas.
BUT, I think a little preparation up front will go a long way when we’re a long way from home this summer!
Susan is social media junkie and you can often find her live tweeting from just about everywhere she goes.

Not easy, in fact almost impossible to do without studying, practicing and or taking a few lessons from some primative survival instructors. Or if you're one of those weekend "Davy Crockett" hikers or campers, your kit might consist of some booze, snacks, a cd player, slingshot, an MRE meal and a big ol'Rambo knife you probably never used but looks really cool. And if all these items are used correctly and wisely, you will definitely increase your ET survivability level.
And so if you order any of my SOS Survival Kits remember this, Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back! While most of the items may be useful, some of it ain't so useful and just plain dead weight. After all, once you find yourself needing to use your survival kit you are going carrying the items in your pocket anyway. Your pocket survival kit container will only hold a small amount of water and by the time it's safe to drink most of the water will have already evaporated. But what most of them don't tell ya is the difference between the "must have" and the "nice-to-have" survival items.
However being prepared is the art and science of of anticipating what you may be up against and preparing for the WCS (worst case scenario) and that situation that you never imagined you would be in. We will sleep in fancy beach resort hotel rooms, in a tent in the Utah dessert, and in houses reserved using the HomeAway website.
I, personally, like to keep many of these items in my car at all times anyway… you never know when you’ll need them!
And so that's why it's best to "be prepared" than to be "unprepared" before venturing off somewhere remote and isolated. Well of course these tests were a bit extreme and some of the items took a bit of beating but believe it or not only one of the three compasses was broken and didn't work, the rest of the items continued to work just fine. And the only reason why some sellers and manufacturers over-pack their survival kits with so much useless stuff is to make you to think "Wow! For example there's no flashlight, no knife, no water container or water purification tablets.
And the more you use and re-use the container over and over again for cooking & boiling water, the more filty and unsanitary it will become. They say it was originally designed at the request of our US Special Operation Forces to help keep their "chewing tobacca" fresh and dry. There are several types, military aircrew, tactical assault, jungle safari and fishing vests. Which can make a difference between "just barely getting by" and "living quite comfortably" in a survival situation.
Snare wire, fishing gear and a few other items are very hard to improvise in a pinch, so I have included them. Or I should say it's amazing how many idiots have been purchasing this kit and that's the real reason why it's still on the market. But instead he chose a surgerical blade over a knife and some aluminum foil for boiling water instead of a condom & water purification tablets. Ritter should be ashame of himself for choosing aluminum foil over some condoms & water purification tablets, he could have at least packed both. Though you can use it for almost anything, I like it because it's made of a durable hard plastic, comes with a belt loop clip and can be used as a drinking cup too. Forget about buying one of those jungle safari and tactical assault vests, they're too damn expensive.
And so after going through all these survival manuels, here are the BASIC ESSENTIAL ITEMS they all agree you should have in your kit. If you forget which pocket you put something in all you gotta do is "pat & feel" for it instead of opening the pockets and dumping everything out. To be totally honest with you, the best survival kit is the one you feel most comfortable with based on your survival skills, experience, and ET level. Now there's only one survival kit that I know of that comes in a plastic bag and it's called a Pocket Survival PakT. And because it's air tight, should you drop it in the water it will not only keep your items dry but it'll float too. Believe me when I say, that I cannot have a well-planned-totally-excited-for trip ruined because of a preventable injury.
And if a survival kit does not contain all these eight elements of survival, then it's NOT a true survival kit.
But watch out, make sure you read carefully the seller's description and you look closely at the photo(s) too. Two years in development, this kit will fit comfortably in your pocket and contains only the very best high quality survival gear. Ritter is one of those sellers who is more interested in making money than in making sure someone has all the basic essential items needed in a survival situation. If the military pilot survival vest doesn't have at least five (5) pouches on the outside of it, DON'T BUY IT! If it's brand new and still in the plastic wrapper, that means the pouches have NOT yet been sewn on the vest. You're gonna have to take it to a tailor shop and it's gonna cost about $30.00 or more to sew in all the pockets.

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