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The emergency, security, and safety issue raises some very interesting questions.  What kind of emergency might we face? TIE KNOTS THE FUN AND EASY WAYBetter to know a knot and not need it, than need a knot and not know it. These animated knots are primarily used for fishing, but some are useful in other applications. The selection of knots is based on feedback and advice from many expert fishing contributors to this website. Fishing knots are designed to be tied in monofilament or braided fishing line and to run through the eyes and rings of a fishing rod or rig. Therefore, in any knot where the line passes round itself, performance figures in excess of the 50 - 70 % range are best treated with critical skepticism. The only well-documented method of tying knots in monofilament and maintaining its strength involves threading the monofilament inside a dacron braid.

When it comes to choosing a first aid kit for backcountry outings you have basically one of two options; make up your own kit or buy one ready-made off the shelf. I have been fine tuning this first aid list some for years now and hopefully those ‘live saving’ items lie within! Elite Survival Systems is a US based company manufacturing premium quality tactical nylon equipment for military, law enforcement and the shooting enthusiast.
While there are advantages to both, personally I prefer the build your variety which can be better tailored to your individual needs and preferences. What follows below are 23 essential items that I will take along for both day trips and longer multiday rambles. Elite Survival Systems products are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, and their world renowned Assault Systems products have proven to be the toughest in the industry since the 1970s. Elite Survival Systems uses premium quality, heavy-duty materials and hardware to ensure that the end user gets the most of their gear.The Elite Survival Systems Mission Pack is your perfect 3 day pack.

The result is the new Vanguard Pro 3 day backpack, a new generation of pack that is intended for long mountain hikes and front-line marches. It has one large main compartment with divided zippered comparment and a hydration compartment. On the front is a flat zippered pocket with MOLLE loops for attaching modular accessory pouches. Between the front zippered pouch and main compartment is a flat zippered compartment for tucking a jacket, etc. The pack has upper and lower compression straps to keep the cargo secure, and a vented back panel with s-shaped backpack straps.

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