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I didn't want another Zombie, Crafting, Survival game, however, I saw this game, Stranded Deep and took a look at it. It also was something more realistic: Your jet crashed in the Pacific ocean, and you've made it to a set of islands. The game runs on the Unity engine, and while I'm a bigger fan of the Unreal engine, I have to admit, the game looks beautiful. The game map is random, so each time you start a new game, the islands and where they are will be different each time.
Of course you do need to know those things, so the Devs put it all into a wrist watch that you have to call up to look at.
Wrecks: there are many, many wrecks you can dive to, or are washed up so you can explore them.
Weather changes: Nice a sunny, to sudden down pours where you can't see very well, or fogs roll in. You get sick: It's possible for your player to get sick from exposure and develop a nasty cough. So if you don't have enough trees, you have to island hop around to get more wood to craft stuff. In the video, turns out there is a reason my health was not going back up: I was still bleeding.

Still love this game, as with the limitations right now, makes it very challenging in some ways. Anyway, your issue just sort of reminded me of something that's happening to my computer, but it could be completely unrelated.
Lastly, it would be awesome if there was a hardcore mode which did things like make the player stats affect the players abilities. Something I'd like to see is random debris washing up ashore, as this really happens too in real life. I think the coolest experience I had was running into a whale while traveling between islands. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC.
An amazing discovery in an abandoned house in Austin, Texas: A lost book of amazing survival knowledge, believed to have been long vanished to history, has been found in a dusty drawer in the house which belonged to a guy named Claude Davis. Instead, it simply saves over the same spot, so it's not possible to have several game saves. No music constantly playing in the back ground, just the sound of the wind and ocean most times. Just keep in mind it was just released as an Alpha and there will be updates and changes down the road.

They added more sea creatures in the last patch so I'm guessing they plan to add more in the future.
The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. We found a great a short guide (link at the end of our commentary) packed with information to help you prepare your own kit to carry with you. A basic survival kit can be tailored to suit the environment you’re exploring with a few additional items.
Taking your cell phone with you is a good start but to go out with no other means of survival is really putting all of your eggs in one basket. Some of these exceptional skills are hundreds of years of old and they were learned the hard way by the early pioneers. If the phone is lost or damaged, the battery runs out or the signal disappears, you’ll need other ways to ensure your safety. These are the most important considerations when packing for your trip: shelter, warmth, communication, navigation and sustenance.

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