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Everyday items and unusual ways they can be used for survival:None of these items are on this list!
Nails - never know when you need to use it as an awl, fasterner, improvised weapon, plumb bob, etc. Jenn - Thank you, we are also developing a new survival tool we call a "Survival tinder maker" which includes a unique way to easily create wood shavings combined with a charcloth making container.
Alfonzo - Provided you are in a rich shallow stream, fishing with inchers can be successful with fish as large as a modest catfish. You can remove radiation from any water source with this patented solar desalination product that uses no electricity. They are also creating an affiliate program where customers or anyone with a web presence can make and save money.You can leave them a message at their site.
I would add in some chicken bouillon cubes, we had them included in a tiny survival kit at the Air Force Survival School, when they took us out to use our skills in the woods, our group of 7 only caught 3 small fish & used the bouillon cubes to make a fish stew. We know survival does not begin or end with the gear and tools you have at hand, but the knowledge you have in mind. Putting together a survival bag can appear to be a daunting task at first and if you buy all the recommended survival items, the dollars add up quickly.
The average curtain off the shelf is at least 72 inches long by 60 inches wide and even wider in some cases.
Cordage can be threaded through the grommets and you can add holes where the suction cups are to keep the liner from tearing when securing with rope (remember the area is reinforced). Use a shower curtain as a raincoat by placing it over your shoulders and then pull a section up over your head and then bring it around the head and secure under the chin using the hooks from the curtain allowing the rest of the curtain to drape over your body. Once the painted surface is scraped away, the wood, which is typically cedar, can be shaved for fire starter material. Starting a fire using a pencil should only be used in an emergency however because it requires a car, boat, motorcycle or lawnmower battery along with jumper cables. Expose the graphite on both ends of the pencil and then connect the red cable to one end of the pencil on the exposed lead and the black cable to the other end. The mirror inside can be used for signaling rescue personnel and fire starting and once the makeup pad is removed you can also store small items to help keep them dry.
A sheet of paper towel can be used as an emergency water filter by fitting it over a container and pouring water slowly through it. The bigger the better if you plan to use them for rain gear and for storing items to protect them from the elements. Garbage bags can also be used as a water collection vessel by digging a small depression and lining it with the bag to collect rain runoff or morning dew. The above-mentioned items are just a few of the literally dozens of items found in a typical home that can be used in any emergency. Survival is all about utilizing items found in your environment, and very few items you would have on hand, have just a single purpose when you take the time to think about it. An emergency plan is easy to create and if practiced, will make facing a difficult situation methodical and less stressful.  It is very important for you and family members to know what to do, how to react, how to contact, where to go and what to bring. Whether putting together an emergency kit for your car or a 72 hour disaster emergency kit, each has its purpose.  Assessing personal and family needs when piecing together any kit is essential. Brother David Sunshine (pretty sure that’s his given name) posted on the Surly Bikes blog an article about his survival kit. Most of the items talked about in this post we won’t be stocking in the Bike Touring News store, but we have an affiliate relationship with Campmor.
There is a good local source for knives and other useful items, and they sell flashlights, too.
I have a few friends who carry a snack sized bag of Doritos or Fritos in their emergency kits. However, even the most experienced mountaineers in the world can run into problems at times, and if they do, then odds are pretty damn high that you will make a mistake or two at some point. If things start going wrong in the backcountry, the situation can get very dangerous and out of hand very quickly.
Odds are that you will not need all of the things you pack in your survival kit, but should you find yourself in a life and death struggle, you will be incredibly glad you took the time to pack it.
As some of these are items that you will use sparingly, if ever, you don’t want to spend too much money on the items you can get for cheap. Here are five essential survival items that will cost you very little, and will pay off in an enormous way if you ever find yourself struggling to survive in the backcountry.

A machete is one of the most versatile, useful items you can possibly have with you in a demanding survival situation.
The Gerber Gator Machete weighs just over one pound and is 18 inches in length, making it an easy item to bring along on your next backpacking or camping trip. This is why any experienced outdoorsman should be prepared with water purification tablets. These tablets come in packs of 30, with each tablet able to treat one liter of water in just 30 minutes. For just under $5, you should absolutely have an emergency space blanket in case you should ever need one.
If you find yourself in a survival situation, hypothermia is one of the issues that will quickly become a serious concern in many regions of the world.
Emergency blankets such as this one reflect over 90% of your body heat back to you, conserving valuable heat in even the most extreme conditions.
The ACR WW-3 Survival Whistle is the loudest whistle you have ever heard, and its sound can travel loud and clear through canyons, over rivers, and into the ears of passersby that can mean your only hope for survival. If you happen to sustain an injury and need urgent help, or get lost and need to be found, this whistle will be much more effective in getting assistance than screaming until your throat hurts. Coghlan’s Signal Mirror measures just 2 inches by 3 inches, and weighs only 2 ounces, making it easy to slip into any survival kit or backpack. This list is by no means exhaustive, and if you’re preparing a survival kit, you will need more than just these five items. Whether you are completely new to prepping or you just get caught off guard, there are household items we use everyday that can become survival items. All items are packed securely in our Red Duffle Bag with Wheels which contains extra space available for your personal items. Keep reading to find some strange survival uses for regular items.The air force taught us a few tricks, as well as years of experience and being forced to survive with the limited tools available. We did think of the cotton balls but left them out because they are somewhat common already to use as a survival tool. There's no filters to replace, can be taken anywhere and extracts pure water from any contaminated water source. It does not have to be an economic burden however because there are many things in your home that can be used, repurposed if you will, for virtually any survival situation. The plastic is heavy gauge and along the top, you will see grommets for inserting hooks or inserting cordage (carry the hooks with you). The curtain can be used as a sleeping bag cover by folding the curtain in two and sliding the bag  inside and then securing it together with rope or simply lay it on the ground as a moisture barrier. The lead inside, usually made from graphite and clay, is impervious to chemicals, weather, and temperature changes, and it will create a fire when an electrical current is introduced in any environment.
Before tossing an item in the trash, think about other ways of using that item especially in a survival situation. You will realize that with a little imagination you can practically put together a survival kit without even leaving the home. Look around you right now without even getting up from your chair and you will likely see numerous items that can be used to help save your life someday.
And it has a metal clip to secure it to the pocket of a bike bag for quick access, or to attach it to the brim of a baseball cap so I can use it as a headlamp. If you click on the banner you will go to their site and if you buy something from them we will make a few pennies which will all go towards keeping Bike Touring News afloat!
They are in a waterproof, airproof sack and are extremely flammable and work great for tinder in an emergency situation. Hopefully, on all of your backpacking and camping trips, you come well-prepared and equipped to take on all possible elements you may encounter.
That is why every serious outdoorsman needs to put together a survival kit – items that you have on hand should anything go wrong.
These tablets, the MSR Aquatabs, are one of the best products on the market, as they will make nearly any water drinkable and safe in just 30 minutes. They could very well be the difference between life and death in a dire situation in the outdoors, and all for just $12.95.
The Heatsheets Emergency Blanket from Adventure Medical is the industry leader and comes highly recommended.
Instead of lugging around a sleeping bag at all times, why not just have a space blanket in your pack when you leave camp, just in case?

The Heatsheets blankets are also fully wind and waterproof, giving you extra protection in the elements.
This whistle is used by NASA and the US Navy, so it is definitely good enough for you to use as a $2.75 insurance measure. This mirror is designed with high-quality glass and built to reflect as much sunlight as possible. If you are not ready for any situation, you can get into a lot of trouble if things start to go wrong.
But if the day comes when you need any of these survival items, you will be very glad to have them. Our elite 4 Person 3 day Survival Kit supplies the most effective emergency supplies for emergency preparedness including emergency food, water, water purification, lighting, sanitation, first aid and shelter supplies to prepare for disasters.
You'd be surprised what innovative ways you can use almost anything to give yourself an edge in an emergency situation, or even accomplishing daily tasks for that matter.Pencil Sharpener - No, not for note taking. It removes radiation, fluoride, salt, pesticides, bacteria, dirt and other contaminants from any water. The sides typically have suction cups for attaching to a tile surface, and the area around the cups is reinforced as well, so if you need to put additional holes in the curtain you would use this reinforced area.
Some compacts have battery-operated lights that activate once the lid is opened, giving you an emergency light source as well. This method keeps the opening facing down to prevent rain running in, use one to cover the item from the bottom if needed, but always make sure the bag over the top overlaps the bottom one so it sheds water and does not allow it to run inside the bag.
And the specifics will change for each person depending on where they are going; a trip around the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound is different than riding the length of the Baja. Outside of visitor contributions, he writes every single article based off of his unique experiences and knowledge of Glacier.
In an emergency you will need to be self-sufficient with your own survival gear and emergency supplies. The curtains’ uses are numerous, but as a survival shelter, they are as good as a nylon tarp in an emergency. OK, I admit that if faced with the situation, I’m not sure I would have the wits or the skill to use the flashlight to temporarily blind and disorient an assailant long enough for me to get away or to punch him out. And it is a piece of equipment that could easily mean the difference between being rescued from a hopeless situation or dying in the wilderness.
It follows guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations. If you couldn’t start a fire with only one match and without paper, it could be embarrassing. Instead of a pencil sharpener, let's call it a "Survival Fire Tinder Maker."Inchers (Firecrackers) - These loud miniature explosives can be a useful signaling device by obviously making loud noises, but less obvious are the ability to cauterize wounds, help start fires, and catch fish. That's right, go fishing with fire crackers!Plastic Wrap (Saran) - This is primarily for an advanced first aid technique, particularly for chest wounds that puncture the lung. What I did not know until I read this is that inner tubes will light on fire pretty easily. Some type of plastic wrap or similar material can save your life by sealing a 'sucking chest wound'. See our first aid for more details about this procedure.Contractor Bag - Multiple uses here. The 2 main uses include a water container or small shelter, either in the form of a jacket, poncho, overhead rain fly or ground tarp. Also, if you know cody Lundin, he'll tell you this is a good way to store a carcass.Bandana - You can use a bandana for lots of different things, in fact I could probably write a whole other article entitled "30 Survival Uses for a Bandana". Can also hold water, use it to make char cloth, construct a hat, repair or create electrical circuits, and use as signaling device by reflecting sunlight.Other strange items that are already well known:Condoms - Dental Floss - Ziploc BagsDo you have more ideas?! If you have a great idea and we add it to the list, maybe we'll give you a special coupon code that you can redeem for a free product!

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