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Cody Lundin is a premier survival expert whose expertise is exemplified anywhere BUT his hit show "Dual Survival". Read about other people's personal experiences and opinions about the gear you want before making the decision of putting your life on the line with a particular item. If you have a vehicle, we recommend you prepare an emergency kit specifically for your vehicle. The panel also features sets of elastic webbing loops in 3 locations that are useful for securing items like flashlights or chem-lights.
The versatile webbing set up lets you attach things like these Multitasker Tools in variety of ways. I found that the MVP was great for carrying small pieces of survival gear – especially vehicle specific gear like a belt cutter or glass breaker. The slot pockets on the MVP are the perfect place to store relatively flat items like maps or other documents.
If you have gear that you keep in your vehicle for convenience or emergencies, the MOLLE Visor Panel from Zulu Nylon Gear will help you keep it organized. Disclosure: This product was provided to me for review, free of charge, by Zulu Nylon Gear. Putting together a survival bag can appear to be a daunting task at first and if you buy all the recommended survival items, the dollars add up quickly. The average curtain off the shelf is at least 72 inches long by 60 inches wide and even wider in some cases.
Cordage can be threaded through the grommets and you can add holes where the suction cups are to keep the liner from tearing when securing with rope (remember the area is reinforced). Use a shower curtain as a raincoat by placing it over your shoulders and then pull a section up over your head and then bring it around the head and secure under the chin using the hooks from the curtain allowing the rest of the curtain to drape over your body. Once the painted surface is scraped away, the wood, which is typically cedar, can be shaved for fire starter material. Starting a fire using a pencil should only be used in an emergency however because it requires a car, boat, motorcycle or lawnmower battery along with jumper cables. Expose the graphite on both ends of the pencil and then connect the red cable to one end of the pencil on the exposed lead and the black cable to the other end. The mirror inside can be used for signaling rescue personnel and fire starting and once the makeup pad is removed you can also store small items to help keep them dry. A sheet of paper towel can be used as an emergency water filter by fitting it over a container and pouring water slowly through it.
The bigger the better if you plan to use them for rain gear and for storing items to protect them from the elements. Garbage bags can also be used as a water collection vessel by digging a small depression and lining it with the bag to collect rain runoff or morning dew. The above-mentioned items are just a few of the literally dozens of items found in a typical home that can be used in any emergency. Survival is all about utilizing items found in your environment, and very few items you would have on hand, have just a single purpose when you take the time to think about it. Some medical experts recommend not attempting to suck venom from a bite due to other potential side effects and uncertainty of effectiveness. There are many tools that you can bring, but some are just more important than others, and weight is limited. This article features the real deal tools and gear that Cody himself recommends for a true survival situation. Everyone should understand map and compass reading basics, you never know when this skill can save your life, or help you win the next big orienteering competition! You just never know when disaster strikes so it’s important to have your supplies close by at all times.

The panel adjusts to fit the sun visor via 3 large hook and loop tabs that provide several inches worth of adjustment. There are a couple of surprises on this panel that make it far more versatile than any other panel on the market. There are 2 sets of 2 loops on each end of the MOLLE panel and a set of 3 loops on the leading edge of the slot pocket side. First, give some thought to how you will orient the MVP based on which way you want the slot pockets to face and the items that you place a priority on accessing. In that time, I have been rotating various pieces of gear and combinations of gear on and off the panel to try and learn what works best and what doesn’t work at all. The visors in my truck would hold quite a bit of weight and still stay up – at least when your vehicle is sitting still.
I found that I could figure out ways to attach nearly any AA, AAA, or CR123 powered flashlight I own to the MVP.
You could even transfer the whole panel to your EDC (every day carry) bag or use it to carry several items that would be cumbersome on their own in the event that you have to leave your vehicle on foot. This, like every other design that comes from ZNG, show Joel’s gift for innovating a stale design in a way that makes it more functional, more visually attractive, and more versatile.
The branding that you saw in the initial announcement was actually just the ZNG logo patch.
It does not have to be an economic burden however because there are many things in your home that can be used, repurposed if you will, for virtually any survival situation. The plastic is heavy gauge and along the top, you will see grommets for inserting hooks or inserting cordage (carry the hooks with you). The curtain can be used as a sleeping bag cover by folding the curtain in two and sliding the bagĀ  inside and then securing it together with rope or simply lay it on the ground as a moisture barrier. The lead inside, usually made from graphite and clay, is impervious to chemicals, weather, and temperature changes, and it will create a fire when an electrical current is introduced in any environment. Before tossing an item in the trash, think about other ways of using that item especially in a survival situation.
You will realize that with a little imagination you can practically put together a survival kit without even leaving the home. Look around you right now without even getting up from your chair and you will likely see numerous items that can be used to help save your life someday. I've personally filled many packs in my day trying to find the best fit with the most gear. We show you why Gerber Legendary Blades should be one of your top choices for your Survival Knife, Machete, Saw, Axe, and much more.
A knife and lighter as an example are perfect as together can be used to assist you in producing everything you would need in an urban survival situation. If all of that gear ends up piled into your glove box or center console, then it isn’t very useful to you.
One side of the panel features 2 deep slot pockets and the other side has 3 rows by 8 columns of MOLLE webbing. You will find loop material in between the MOLLE rows and the upper and lower MOLLE webbing rows are actually made from heavy duty elastic! The set of 3 loops are long enough to secure even longer lights like the 3xAA Maglights and they position the light so that it can be accessed, even if the visor is in the up position.
I ended up taking pictures for this post in three different sessions because I was constantly thinking of other things that the MVP could hold. Once the vehicle is moving, an over loaded visor will begin to sag into your line of sight. Several methods of fire making like Bic lighters and fire steels could easily slide under the elastic MOLLE webbing.

In my truck, I was able to get away with items that are slightly thicker like a small pre-packaged poncho, an emergency blanket, and a signal mirror.
I also found this useful for storing larger flat items that wouldn’t fit in the slot pockets like large maps.
There are other visor panels on the market but none with the amount of thoughtful design, innovation, and versatility that can be found in the MOLLE Visor Panel.
The sides typically have suction cups for attaching to a tile surface, and the area around the cups is reinforced as well, so if you need to put additional holes in the curtain you would use this reinforced area. Some compacts have battery-operated lights that activate once the lid is opened, giving you an emergency light source as well.
This method keeps the opening facing down to prevent rain running in, use one to cover the item from the bottom if needed, but always make sure the bag over the top overlaps the bottom one so it sheds water and does not allow it to run inside the bag. Gear is most useful when it is stored in a place that is easily accessed and well organized. Everything is reinforced where it should be and the materials themselves are all very durable. Wrap the MVP onto your visor with the loop tabs facing into the passenger compartment (not forward toward the engine compartment) and attach the tabs loosely. It is great for holding admin gear like pens and small pads but you will find yourself scheming about a million other things it can hold. You can stow a lot of stuff on your MVP, but only testing when the vehicle is actually moving will tell the whole story about how much weight you can really hold. The curtains’ uses are numerous, but as a survival shelter, they are as good as a nylon tarp in an emergency. Some gear, like seat belt cutters or glass breakers, are completely useless unless they are immediately accessible. Finally, tighten each hook and loop tab individually until the MVP fits tightly on your visor. The MVP is especially useful with these types of task lights since the red LED can be used to illuminate maps or documents without causing glare on your windshield at night. You could even stow a flat folding water bottle like those from Platypus and some water treatment tablets on board. The pockets are a bit too deep to store something like a business card or a parking garage ticket. Keeping your vital gear accessible and organized is the exact purpose of the MOLLE Visor Panel (MVP) from Zulu Nylon Gear (ZNG). A chem-light positioned in one of the sets of elastic loops could be used to illuminate the interior of the vehicle. It would be nice if there was a smaller business card sized pouch or a small slot in the side of the panel to quickly for smaller documents. The number of items that can be attached to this panel in one way or another will boggle your mind.
However, I was able to simply wedge a parking garage ticket under the panel itself where it was held relatively securely. I use them extensively and certainly would not recommend something I don’t use myself.

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