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Making a good map takes time and practice which you need because this map is shit and your welcome for the xp your a high lvl on a website want a cookie? Did you even read my first comment the one that started all of this i didnt say anything bad about the map and i did give feedback on what he could do to make it better. Either the member choose to remove the submission, a moderator removed it or this is an invalid URL. The landscape of the map is interesting enough to make the hide and seek required for survival fun. Though this is nothing spectacularly new, it is a solid survival map and those looking for a simple minecraft survival map (especially a survival island style map) will probably be quite pleased with this little offering.

Starting with no wood on the island you must find secrests in the ocean around to gather resources.
Stop bothering people, this guy has obviously tried to make a map someone else in the world could enjoy.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.
Unfortunatelly you will have to update this map as it is an older version and i have not updated it yet.
So what if you didn't like it, if you're going to comment on it don't waste your time saying it's horrible when you could give some feedback on what they could do to improve it.

If everyone that didn't like my map made comments like you have I'd have to constantly waste my time trying to please one eight year old after another.

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