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Het is simpel, je bent gestrand op een eiland met verder niks om je heen, je hebt maar een paar recourses om te overleven. Probeer uit het niks iets op te bouwen en ga terug naar wat de bedoeling is van minecraft verzamel bouw en overleef.
The 7th Generation exploded the worldwide buzz of collectors editions of video games… here’s the second half of 50 of the greatest! Following on from 25-ish editions of games I’d highly recommend to anyone with shelf space and a lonely bed, is the next 25-ish-ish editions of video games that have graced the PlayStation 3 entertainment system since its launch all those years ago. List number one can be found here… but if you’ve had enough browsing eBay for cheap boxes filled with highly flammable wonderment, then here’s some more. We quickly learned Deep Silver love over-doing their special editions… and whether we should praise them for giving such a large quantity and choice of different editions of their games, or curse them for making us spend more money from all corners of the globe to obtain their branded sticks is a point that you can argue with yourself over. Whilst there were indeed other fancy boxes you could choose to purchase, this edition came with everything you’d want, and everything you’d rather not have. Warhammer is a undoubtedly and unashamedly a nerd cash cow, sink and abyss all rolled into one.
We won’t even touch on the horrible ride Sonic has had through the last one or two generations of video games.
We have previously covered Assassins Creed, and Ubisofts approach to the editions of these so-so games.
They both contained Washingtons mock Notebook which was both underwhelming, and really  awesome at the same time and another meticulously crafted statue. It gave you your very own wub wub gun, which I am sad to say doesn’t actually work… completely. The fact that so much dub could be put into one overtly purple box meant I had to include it. Like Dead Island… (1) You were given some useful and again not so useful items if you were also too weak to resist the Czech collectors edition of Riptide. And of course a zombie pass for the War Z book, and if you were lucky enough a pass for War Z in a Polish cinema. Not forgetting a massive final shout-out to Deep Silver for going through with the Zombie Bait edition. Whilst the collectors edition didn’t include the inflatable omniblade… it did offer a artbook, a ravishing fabric patch and lithograph. It’s not always about making something amazing and unique, it’s sometimes about just offering general fineness in your physical goods.
I wouldn’t recommend throwing this edition down the stairs backwards though, it’s rather tasty.
A blow up doll, which I still find hilarious in it being blurred and pixelated out of promotion images from the publishers… plus a totally sterling artbook and towel… of some non-descript nature and you’ve got a dandy little package which whilst it didn’t have the booby mouse mat the original had, it still had unique incentives which were as cliche as they were brilliant. In both you got a sweet bobblehead (of which is my favourite out of all the bobbleheads) Another one of my favourite artbooks, a map, some stickers and a digital comic book (meh). Whilst the EU collectors edition of this somewhat entertaining, although nowhere near as good as The Third Age game was, the US edition, technically had less content… but where the artbook was magnificent, and the troll statue was gorgeous, and one of my favourites.
Plus quite a bit of musical additions… but that case and map combination is truly a thing of beauty for a video game.
Famitsu DX packs are springing up all over the place and are on the most part an absolute pain to get. In the original you were granted an actual fully graspable plush toy, I’m looking at you Lost Planet 2 Collectors Edition. In the sequel you were granted another nicely sized plush toy, of something distinguishable this time.
In Blops as I affectionately know it you were given a RC-XD surveillance vehicle and transmitter. Or a RC helicopter for those of us who are doctors of engineering.  You also get a neat little stand, plus a box to keep it in, about a billion times better than the standard cardboard that came with Blops 1.

Farcry 2 was almost in this position… because t-shirts are a major winner… but it didn’t offer much else, whereas Farcry 3 was a better game, and had a better edition. The Vaas bobblehead was a great start, and the reason I know I got it, and I’m sure like many others was for doing your own “definition of insanity” dialogue with his adorable little plastic face. A fan favourite in both video game terms, and in editions… and I’m more than inclined to agree on both cases. The Ultimate Songbird edition not only gave you a keychain of the murder of crows, teeny little resin handyman miniature (squee, I believe is the term) a lavish little artbook, a tasty lithograph and of course the songbird itself. The latex mask was awesome quality for the price, the soundtrack was great for the price, the $100 (I refuse to say bills) wallet was lush for the price and the gloves … were… well, good for washing up, bank robber style I guess. Well done for making a great sequel to a downloadable game, and having the courage to throw this edition into the wide world. Dead Rising is a series filled with the great and the terrible in video game decision making… one thing they certainly got right was the special editions, both this and the Zombrex edition were awesome…  One had a zombie, the other had a pen. The Outbreak edition came with the aforementioned zombie… of which you could dress to your hearts desire… as long as that desire was putting either a traffic cone or a Lego head… on its head.  I admit, there wasn’t much else except a making of DVD and a PlayStation shafted theme instead of a movie, but the zombie… toy I guess was a great size and of such a good calibre I couldn’t forget it… whether that’s because it’s the closest thing to my head every evening  or it’s just damn cool is irrelevant. Add to that the DVD bonuses and of course the more than pleasant artbook and you have two very enticing editions. As a special late entry to the list, Batman Arkham Origins is a step up from its predecessor in terms of special editions… but is still just as bad a game as the rest of them. This collectors edition gave us a really shiny artbook, some authentic looking dossier intel, and of course the figure. A tiny shout out to each and every Dead Island edition for being brilliantly priced at an average of ?70. Three people - a rich couple and a crew member - are shipwrecked on a tropical island, and their subsequent fight for survival becomes even tougher when they begin to turn on each other. Gebruik je recourses goed en vergeet ook niet snel voedsel bij elkaar te krijgen of je komt de nacht niet eens door. The Gore edition of the game itself, a leash, a door hanger, a skylight rescue, a multi-functional pocket knife, binoculars and a flashlight both fully functional. The artbook was gorgeous, more playing cards, and a powering soundtrack… but the seal was a really nice touch.
But as all fans know, having your own Sonic ring, and a polished statue of Sonic…(s) to show off is something you can’t afford to miss out on. And whilst I think all things considered, there could have been more in it… the collectors edition still offered us a really nice artbook, map and special content.
Whilst it may not be blatantly obvious it’s a Elder Scrolls reference, and not just a fantasy dragon plastic figure. The limited edition strayed and had another grand flag, and a belt buckle, whereas the Freedom edition granted you a lithograph and a really magnificent box. But I needed to fill space for 50 felt the need to praise Ubisoft again for their constant high quality delivery of Assassins Creed merchandise. This is the much more affordable, pretty much just a useful item nabbage as that… the wub wub edition.
On top of that you could upgrade to the Game Of The Generation edition which nets you all this plus a retro as nanny’s strudel light up rotating display case for the game.
The hula zombie girl ticks the bobble figurine box and the zombie hand bottle opener ticks the doubles up as a fridge magnet box.
Along with the all in one tool, you also got a poster, a lanyard, a t-shirt, 2 totally ludicrously different stickers, an axe bottle opener, a key ring, and a zombie ram stress doll.
The soundtrack and comic were fitting too.  It was a clean package, it gave you what you’d expect… no messing about. And whilst this offered something a little different in the patch, everything in the box was of purity. In retrospect the statue looks more like Michael from GTA5, it was a nice early spoiler from Rockstar.

They were well doe and bigger than I expected, throw in a dandy little bullet keychain, again more weighty than I had envisioned and the soundtrack and you’ve got a funky little collection.
And some have transferred brilliantly overseas (look at the Catherine deluxe editions for the more well known ones) But One of my favourite editions was the limited edition Record of Agarest War 2.
Tales of Xillia and its sequel ingeniously titles Tales Of Xillia 2 both were obtainable… and rather worth obtaining. Say what you like about them, they certainly put out the most unique collectors editions for their fans, who may or may not be too immature to know how to use any of their gifts. Add to that the survival guide of which I’m a fan, and a nice survival kit package, like that of The Last Of Us, except it actually gave you a case for the game. Tom Clancy’s latest offering, whilst not as good as Conviction was still a big step in the right direction for the franchise.
And probably best to keep it as just a model, as whilst flying it, is super fun… it’s not recommended.
Whilst there are many other obtainable editions available, and even more that you can only get through certain means (some of which are seriously to die for) there’s certainly something for everyone… if you like collecting these things that is. And to the PS4 and many more big boxes filling shelves, and more likely online retailers warehouses.
But the Polish Collectors Edition, entitled the Survivor Kit edition was quite the extravaganza.
I’m not even a fan of the series, but the box that it all came in, is such a beauty that having to pry it open revealing the heavy goods inside is a crime, as well as a justified reward. The statue itself was still rather rocking, despite its slightly faded colours and expression. I’m going to count both the Deluxe Vault Hunters Collectors Edition here as well as the Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition as they were both very deserving of appearing on this list. A mascot charm, which if you bought this edition 4 times you may have a chance at getting all 4 of them. Which is handy for storage… On the subject, Batman Arkham City, why did you have to have the artbook as the game case… terrible move. With this you also get a poster and a nice large graphic novel to complement the now broken plane.
The pen is actually a well made syringe… except without the syringe bit, and all of the pen bit. I can’t fault Arkham City for their Batman figure, as it was gorgeous, and this one only improves on it.
Not to mention an actual first aid kit… what first aid you’d do with a compass, magnifying glass and a whistle I do not know. And a mug, for the mug that likes to shop around dodgy Japanese import stores for this stuff. A very sleek and stylish collectors item for anyone interested in Batman… … or anyone with no other commitments other than giving more places for dust to settle. I do know, that as a package, it only helps push Dead Island into a bigger memory slot in my brain for years to come. Not forgetting the pulchritudinous (Apparently that means really really good) all in one tool. And finally a micro-fibre cleaning cloth, something of genuine worth which I’m always looking for, but never have. All in all , both offered up an interesting array of goodies for their own interesting games.

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