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Although to be fair, other sites have moved links and removed downloads since the post was originally made. A volcanic island full of surprises, Monte Major is a minecraft survival island map with style. In addition to the wonderful terrain, there are two custom dungeons you can pit your skills against. Those daring to explore the deep reaches of the volcano will be handsomely rewarded, as with those who simply wander about the place poking their noses where they may or may not belong. One of most popular map and many people playing with this map, happy news for you that map has compatible with the latest minecraft 1.0.

So if you intend to use this seed for survival gameplay make sure not to cut it down too quickly. The volcano that dominates the center of the island is an impressive sight, especially when you step up to the crater and see the red hot lava bubbling far below. Much of the island is covered in thick jungle, though there are parts of it where sparse pine trees tower skywards and where streams flow and apple trees blossom. Players who play this map on anything other than peaceful are going to find the battle to subdue the hostile monsters of the island a hard fought one. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. This is somewhat naughty, because it can still be downloaded and it wasn’t all that hard to find the original files to play.

You guys, whose already playing on this map can share for your experiences, tips, trick or tutorial perhaps by comment below to complete the post.
At that point you might very well feel the call of the void, but do stash your valuables before you respond as the outcome is unlikely to be positive.

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