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Twenty-one high school juniors and seniors from New England and New York are learning the science of survival this week at Saint Joseph’s College. The second group was working with Nancy Cripe and Steve Engstrom, who are teaching skills in water purification, botany and foraging for food. A third group gathered at the edge of the woods, where a rope strung between two trees served as an outdoor classroom.
A steady squeaking sound came from the final group, located in the woods behind the campus, as students tried to start a fire with friction using a bow. Participant Brianna Russell from Falmouth, said she found out about the program from a pamphlet at school, and was drawn to the hands-on experience it offered.
The goal for the program is to have it grow, and continue to take place at Saint Joseph’s year after year. They are participants in the first Science Island Extreme summer program, which culminates in a mock shipwreck and rescue simulation on Little Chebeague Island in Casco Bay.

Joseph’s, heard about a course, Science Island, that high school teacher Russel Taylor was teaching.
On Friday, the participants will be taken by barge to Little Chebeague Island, split into two teams for a friendly competition, and put through a series of challenges which will force them to use the skills they have learned. The first day was spent learning what the students already knew about different plants, and then getting out and collecting edible plants, said Cripe.
The group was focused and engaged, adjusting the length of their bows or their technique after suggestions and encouragement from instructor Mike Mutchie. During the camp session, she is on hand to make sure students are safe, where they need to be, and entertained with some evening presentations, though they don’t want to add too much into the already full schedule. In order to do that well, they had to find a faculty which included experts in their fields, who could also teach.
They will attempt to get a message to the Coast Guard, who along with the Portland Fire Department, have agreed to conduct a rescue training exercise that day.

Jonathan Hare, a British physicist and television presenter, after watching Hare shoot his voice across an island on a light beam on an episode of the BBC’s Rough Science. Hare was leading the group through the light beam experiment that had first inspired Taylor to seek him out. Thursday, said Cripe, they will learn how to make water potable, and Thursday will be spent preparing them for their island adventure. When he couldn’t replicate the experiment, Taylor emailed Hare to ask how he had done it. He will also work with students on skills such as Morse code and radio communications, among other things, throughout the week.

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